$150k in Total Profits

Hey guys. My name is Vishnu. I've been with Leo for the past two years, and we are actively trading with Leo's suggestions. I read a lot of charts and patterns course from Leo and some other useful courses from him. So I've been doing good consistently from past two years, and I made a good amount of money around 125 to 150K in the last two years. There are a lot of up days and down days, and we don't always go in the profit. Some of the days we have the down days. Leo taught us how to minimize the losses. In that way we predict the losses, and when we get the profits, we long way and we get more profits.

Today I'm showing you I started with $2,000 here and I took four trades. One is AAPL calls on Google calls. Here I entered 30 contracts calls, I bought them for 67 cents.

Let me show you. I bought them for 67 cents and I sold them for 85 cents. It's going up and down. The market is not consistent, so I took some profit at 85 cents selling them, almost 18 cents for 30 contracts $40. Then I used that profit and bought the Google contracts, and it is one of the average prices of selling contracts, it's pretty much consistent. I sold them at 3.8 to make some profit of 2.8 into seven, almost $2,000, $1,900 roughly. And then Leo gave us a call for Zoom. I bought Zoom on 60 for one, $1,70, I sold it for $4. Actually I thought of removing the order, unfortunately they got executed.

Then I thought, I would use that profit and I thought we have a little bit juice on Zoom. I ordered 10 a batch, like 30 on different prices, average 0.8 cents. And I sold it for 1.2 around 03:57pm. That's all the chart history today, I took these trades. If you see all my buy price and selling price here in this screen, you know how much I made. I made a $5,400 from $2,000 today. So I ended up with the $7,400 here. That's all for today. Thank you Leo for your guidance, I appreciate your help. I know you've been a help for a lot of guys like me. Keep rocking. Thank you. Bye.