15K with Only $120 Trading Options in One Day

What's going on guys, I kind of made this a little complicated. My phone is connected to the TV, but I'm recording through my Microsoft Pro. So the reflection, it's not very good, but hope you guys are able to see what I'm doing. And I just want to do a quick review, oh no, not Stocktwits, oh there it is, about a play that I made today. And actually, I want you guys to see some of the action that happened today in this one. I'm going to go to more menu, replay. So this is a replay of a small recap about what happened.

This is obviously the chart that's moving right over here at the left, probably on your right of the charts. So I started noticing in this particular stock, a lot of movement, as you can see over here on you're right. Offsite, you can see the bid and the ask. You see all that green going, that means that people are buying. As you can see, the stock went up, it's going up, it's going up, it's going up, it's going up, then down. So it was going to continue to do that throughout the day.

So what was very interest about this stock is that actually Trump was going to talk about the health insurance and that's basically what pumped this stock. Now, I want to say, I bought the stock right around this time, right before the dip. Because if I go back in this right over here at the top of the peak of the stock, I'm going to lose money. So I waited for the dip. I needed to see that it was going to, wait for support right over here. So that was too high already to buy in. So I was waiting for a pullback. I'm waiting for a pullback, I'm waiting for a pullback. As the moment the pullback happens, I'm going to trigger. That's just my, I want to at least 50%, because I don't want the stock to lose everything of its gain, but at least 50%. That's about 50% right there.

So I kind of bought into the consolidation of the stock right here. And waiting for the 50% right around here. Sorry about that. Waiting, waiting for it to trigger. I don't want to make this video long and boring, but. Okay, it continues to consolidate for a while, as you can see. It's making higher highs. At this moment right here, the stock supported it, it's 50% down. That means it starts consolidating, as you can see right here in the half. I don't know why this mouse sucks.

Right here it starts to consolidate one, two, and it's 50% of the movement that it made towards the up side. So I probably bought around right here on this time that it was consolidating and they continued to go up, that went up. You can see the time over here around 12, that's the time I bought the stock I saw. And then it started ricocheting right before. Man, look at that, look at that. Let's go, baby, let's get it. So at this point I'm not saying I bought the dip, but right at around this corner is when I bought the stock.

And it started going up over time. You can see the price over here. So you might be saying, "Well, it's not moving a lot, 256,257, 258." You might be thinking it's just a movement of $2. But when you get leveraged as an option trader, you actually buy a hundred contracts of this particular stock. So it's not only a couple, its not only one or two shares. You got to understand how the 100 shares of the 258 stock of the 258 price. So I'm holding a lot of it. I have a 100 shares of a contract at two, I bought it at 256, around 256. Its up $2, 258. So you make the math, huh? So options gives you a lot of leverage and boom, ricocheting, ricochet to the top.

Let's go, baby. Let's go. Let's go, baby. So I don't want to make this video long. Point is, it starts going up, up, up, but look at that. And right here, right there. Cause it made, I sold right here. I sold right there. Boom, I was happy with that gain. But look at the stock, it kept going up, up, up, and then down and then it just consolidated towards the end. So it kind of it, I ended up, it was a good call. I wish I could have sold this high, but I didn't, to be honest, I probably sold it on 69, right there. Not much upside after that, it actually starts going down. So it was a good time. Now, I made 14, almost $15,000 guys, $15,000, not 1,500, $15,000. And I just want to show you the proof of it that I'm not here trolling anyone and this particular. Facebook. Oh, no, oh yeah it's fine.

Okay. So right here, as you can see, come on, right here, I took a trade on Boeing. I lost $45, but the gain is $14,000 right here. 14, so $1,400 almost $1,500. That was the gain. So yeah guys, you can make money. I made this amount of money with only $120, guys. And I'm actually going to show you the field that I got field at. That way it's also approved. You see right here, I mean 97.70%, almost a 100% accuracy on this. I took a loss right here, MBAs so, top positions. So there again, it tells you my balance. And let me show you real quick where I got field. Orders, right here, field. So right here, I got a 100 contracts. I mean, 27 contracts. Every contract was worth a 100 shares. So you make the math.

That's about, I don't know, that's a lot of money right there. So I bought it at 0.11 per contract and I sold it for 5.35 per contract. Every contract that I had was worth 5.25. And I bought it for 0.11 cents. So that's how I got my $14,000 from this one. I took a loss here, as you can see, I bought Boeing at BA. But that doesn't matter, my point is that I made $120, no, almost $15,000 with $120, which is good.

All right guys, thank you for watching. If you have any questions, send me an email, I mean, send me a message. But don't troll around, I'm not here to troll. You want to learn how to make money? Let's do it, baby. Let's do it.