New 13MarketMoves Student Doubles Account in 2 Trades +$3194


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My name is Abi and I am recording this video on October 2nd, 2020 at a little past 3:00 PM Pacific Standard Time.

I would like to talk about the two trades that I took. The first one was Peloton and the second was Boeing.

Peloton was for call options and Boeing was for puts.

But before I talk about my trades, I want to thank my mentor and my guide, Chris.

Chris, from the 13 Markets Move Team has been helping me become a better trader. He's been coaching me and guiding me. And he's making sure that I don't make mistakes.

One of the things that I was doing wrong early on when I started trading was I was not able to hold onto my trades. I was getting impatient.

But Chris has been talking to me and he is making sure that I don't become impatient and I hold onto my trades and I stair step in and I stair step out and I am seeing the results.

And of course the 13 Markets Move Formula is really helping me identify charts and patterns, and also in identifying what kind of moves to expect and what moves to follow after certain patterns.

So let me quickly talk about the trades that I took. As I said, the first three that I took was for Peloton, and Chris had started helping me build my position from the 29th of September, which is early this week.

And again, I don't trade very heavy, I have a small account and Chris is very well aware of that and he acknowledges it and he helps me with trades where I don't really have to put in a lot of money, but where I can reap really good benefits.

So again, I started working on this trade on the 29th of September, and I initially I bought five call options. And again, I sold the five call options the very same day, at a slight profit. And then I started building the position for swinging because one of the videos posted early this week on the 13 Markets Move YouTube channel, it clearly said that Peloton would skyrocket once it touches a hundred dollars, it had potential to go all the way up to 110 to $115.

And that's exactly what it did today.

And so I started building this position for Peloton and these were 105 calls that I bought. And then when I sold these calls, eventually today, I made a good profit.

And then I also bought some 106 calls that I took some more profit from. So this was the Peloton trade that I took.

The next trade that I took was for Boeing.

Again, it wasn't a very huge trade for me, but it did turn out to be decently profitable.

And one thing that Chris always tells me is that profit is profit. It doesn't matter if it's big or small.

And as a new trader, I appreciate any kind of profit that comes my way. So the second trade, as I said, that I took was for Boeing.

And again, this was for puts, and I bought a 162.5 strike puts on 10/1, which is yesterday. And I was swinging these options today.

And again, in this trade also, I made a slight profit. I mean, it was almost $500, a little over $500.

And in Peloton, my overall profit was about $2,600.

So I'll take you to the trade details. So far for Peloton, I had bought a total of five contracts initially, and then I added three, and then another five, and then one, plus two.

And I made a total profit of $2656. And for Boeing, I had bought a total of two contracts and I added one, then another two, and then one, and then three. And what all my profit was $534.

And with both the trades put together, I made a total profit of $3190.

Once again, this wouldn't have been possible without the help and guidance from Chris and the 13 Markets Move Formula.

Ever since I subscribed to the Charts and Divergence course, I can certainly say that I read charts better, I identify divergences, and it's certainly helping me become a better trader every day.

So once again, thank you for watching this video, and thanks for all the support and encouragement that I'm getting from Chris.

Have a good weekend.