13 Market Moves Trading Training: Student Makes +$7759 in 1 Swing Trade


Thank you, Chris.

Special shout out to Chris from 13 Market Moves helping me make today 210% on.

We've been stepping in buying different strike price contracts at different prices.

All in all within few days we made 210%.

Not only Chris helped me educate, helped me learn the trade, at one point we were down about $2,000, but with his encouragement, his support, not only were we able to recover, but made 210%.

Here is all my buys at different prices. You can see total, and here is what I sold at the bottom in the red at different price today on October 2nd, 2020.

Happy Friday to everyone.

Again, 210%.

Thanks to Chris, making it a very successful day for me today.

Thank you.