Another 13 Market Moves Student Shows Details on How He Made +$8461 in 3 Days Trading options

How's everybody doing?

My name is Dennis.

It is a pleasure to be back. We'll do another trade with a part of the team 13 Market Moves formula. Chris.

I got to give 100% to Chris. He helped me out with wonderful trade, with wonderful execution. So let's go ahead and jump right into it.

September 30th, early in the morning, by 11 o'clock we started accumulating the position here.

Every time it would go down, we would add more contracts. We would add more contracts on a call side.

We'll swing it through the October 1st, which was Thursday. And all the emotions that I've had as the stock was dropping.

I was worried.

I wanted to get out as many times.

And Chris kept me in line and advised me to start stepping in into the positions, keep adding one by one contracts.

The next day it gapped up. I had some smile on my face. We started to accumulate more contracts. And then we did the Friday swing.

Was worried in the morning, obviously, as you see, gap down after hours. So that one person kept me in line who always kept me disciplined.

You definitely, definitely a hundred percent kept me in line not to sell the positions and look at what happened.

One, it went up all the way up to 109. That's when I actually, I got out. It was excellent, excellent position.

Now let me show you.

That was the September 1st, the morning time as we actually were building our position.

We were down about three grand almost.

And then Thursday through Friday, we actually executed and we made a nice profit on this beautiful trade.

I want to say thank you to 13 Market Move Formula.

I want to say thank you to Chris, for whatever he has done.

It was amazing.

Looking forward for more trades like that for the future.

You guys like family, it's definitely a learning curve for a lot of those people who think they know how to trade, who think they know options.

It's not as easy as it looks, but when you study the 13 Market Moves, you will definitely learn.

And people who's behind like Chris walking you through the path with all the learning curve, that's when you actually become a better, successful trader. I want to wish luck for everybody.