Day Trading Student Gains 900% Using Simple 13 Market Moves Pattern

Hey guys, today I am talking about Peloton short calls, but this is actually from 13 Market Moves.

Chris helped me taking the calls and show the pattern. If we go to the chart, so then we can see a 9.30, so which was around 98-99 levels.

Then this is the next day, the stock price went up to 105.

I was a little tempted to sell the call, but still Chris told me to hold it, because 13 Market Moves have already found the pattern, which is eventually going to go high, even in the next day, so that is on Friday.

So I was surprised to see the jump, because there is news was going on. Trump impacted with Covid-19, so everything will go down, I was expecting.

But the market took Peloton much higher, so this is almost one $110 a year. So I sold three calls at this price.

I sold, three calls at this price.

So overall, if you look at the Peloton call, which is almost 10X or 9X profit, but clearly I will talk about one call, in which I see huge profit. One second. Yeah, you would see here. 103.0 Call, which is actually .70, but when I sold it, the same call price was around $5.95, which is around 9X profit.

So good call Midway Chris.

And thank you, Chris.

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