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13 Market Moves Review: Trading With A Coach Documentary - Student DayTrading $30k to $473k in 3 days

Mar 21, 2021

I had some trades that had an extreme upside, not go my way. And I came close. I blew up my account twice. It wasn't all of my money or liquid, but it was definitely an account that I had and I blew up an account twice. I'd had an account that was like 30 something. Uh, then I had another account that was at close to 70. So, and I put 40 into that one and I'm like, I got a couple more of these, but like, how long is this going to take before I can potentially hit? And, and even within the first account, uh, the first 30 grand that I lost, if I would have won, it would have been almost two 50. I mean, it would, it was, I was, I was going for some big gains based on the, these charts and patterns. And at some point I could've scalped and maybe done all right, but I would not have felt the, the force of the momentum of what the trade was.

The trade was meant to be a lot more and some go your way. Some don't don't get me wrong. A hundred percent gain is great, but you want to know what's better than a hundred percent gain 18 X gain, 15 X gain based on a stronger understanding of charts, patterns, and divergences, which is all Leo spends time doing. And the psychology of, uh, uh, pattern day trading, uh, being at 25 K uh, being stopped out on your limit, dealing with weekly op these highly volatile options, which can drop 20%, 30%, 50%, 60% within a directional trade before spiking the opposite and going into, I can show you 1500% your way. I mean, that compound 15 X on your money is what Leo has confidently clearly shown is possible. I was all in mentally and emotionally before I ever was financially. Uh, and it has everything to do with his vision and his ability to clearly his vision, his passion in his ability to teach what I've learned. So even though I blew up my account, I was learning, uh, and the culmination of that was a success

Of all the things I was trading. The one that hit the way I wanted it to hit, I can show you here, snow hit. I cashed out at over 250%. That was a really nice trade that day. If you look at any one of these like this right here, you start to see the fall in snow, uh, which is, um, I have a chart here. It shows I'm at 200 plus percent on snow, which was one of the excellent trades. I ended up cashing out, um, over half of my position on RCL at, uh, 1500% gain, which that one trade made $158,000 from two price points and two strikes, but I'm taking gains. I'm locking them in, uh, there's a three-sixty price. I bought these for $45 and I'm selling them for 385 to the tune of 120 of those contracts. And that's only a partial piece of my position.

Uh, so I'm walking in gains right now, as we speak, uh, an hour and 45 minutes in that's what's happening on the screen right now? This is a, this is a, this is the move that we had. Uh, this is a move for, it looks like a crash, but it's not. You typically have a bullish reversal move, uh, where the best time to buy calls is between 12 and three. Coincidentally, that's exactly what we did at one o'clock. We sold all of the positions that we had. I took a loss on some of the existing trades I was in, and I turned around and went all in on some costs. And based on what the charts look like specifically, these calls, we're calling for a magnitude of over almost 2% per the prediction that we had and a 2% within the, uh, stock price of that number is a massive, massive gate, 200, 300% gain.

Um, and that's precisely what it was. So, uh, in the middle of the day, I sold all of my puts, my RCL and my snow and everything else. And I bought Amazon and Tesla for calls to end throughout the day. And I had a hundred K in Amazon and 60 4k and Tesla and Tesla was trading as high as 180, no, 120, I'm sorry, uh, in the next hour and a half a percent, uh, and Amazon, uh, was as high as 350%. So when I went into Amazon at a, with a hundred K uh, my account quickly, uh, compounded to 350 K on one trade. What's crazy about this day, I'll tell you is because it is a classic move for, uh, the middle of the day. You sell all your puts and you buy calls. And that, uh, I sold everything I had and watched us take this V shape. Uh, the market kinda hit this V-shaped to where it was going from, bear into, uh, the bull and where real time getting out of trades and then getting into new trades, knowing what those strikes are, the real quick real-time version of all of this. Um, you know, having someone like Leo by my side, uh, really, really helped me in, in fearlessly confidently,
Pray, Read a blueprint, a financial blueprint, better than anyone I've ever seen. And I saw that early, uh, just in him and the way he could explain and narrate a simple snapshot and what I feel like, and where I'm at is I'm still very much in apprentice. It's like dealing with Santana, playing the guitar, and I'm sitting here a year in still plucking at some, some strings. Uh, Leo is the Santana, how he, uh, is mastered as a masterful musician or Ronaldo as an athlete, like the best of the best. He's really good at what he does day trading and all of the tangible and intangible things that go into that. It's amazing how he can convey that. Leo speaks to me, uh, and he does that through his online mentorship and his coaching, the execution. Again, it's like playing baseball with a pro it's like playing basketball with Michael Jordan. You want to get good at foul shots. You better take a hell of a lot of foul shots, right? But if you got Michael Jordan showing you how to take that foul shot, uh, there's a chance that you're going to hit, hit it. That 1%, 2%, 10% better. The more you take It's trading with it

And then edge, there's a theoretical edge that's taught. And then there's an actual edge when you're at a casino like environment with hundreds and millions of people literally betting on a direction and a magnitude within that. And actually feeling like you're the house trading with a coach is like being in a casino, but the differences is the odds are in your favor. I can tell you probably, I think between 1130 and 12, I saw a $240,000 swing in the Italian real time go from 500, 600. Uh, or I think at that time, it didn't even reach those peak levels yet, but it was at 400,000 and it went down to 200, $180,000, um, to think that ride could potentially end. And all of those games wouldn't be realized is a psychological mind. And, uh, trusting in the trade in the direction of the trade. And what pattern is showing detaching yourself emotionally from it. It's almost a meditative, uh, practice.

Uh, when I cashed out at three 57 and I went to my trading account and I saw zero margin, zero positions, 473,000 plus dollars sitting in cash in my account that I was pretty phenomenal. I don't think this is for everybody. I don't think everybody should do it. I think there's plenty of free information and free content that is put out there. It's not going to cost you a dime to watch 200 of Leo's videos on YouTube over the next three weeks, month, two months, it's not going to cost you a dime to buy into what these guys are doing. It's like a professional athlete. It's like a musician. It's like an artist. This is not something you learn in six hours. It's not, I believe people that don't know anything that are sitting on the fence that are overwhelmed with information, that if they focus on free content, go back to the market.

I literally, this is what I do. I listen to Leo when I'm trading, he's talking to me, I'm watching one of his videos. That's talking about how to trade fearlessly, how to deal with the psychology of day trading accounts of how to look at, uh, overbought or oversold or momentum and death crosses and all of this that he just talks about nonstop. Right? I literally go into the market and I listened to him and I watched the. And then I take my notes and my patterns and all of the, all of that. I become a student and I let this very, very successful, very humble, uh, really coolest guy who presents, who talks to me? He's not going to talk to everybody. I got a good friend of mine. He has a finance degree. And he looks at me and says, this is a scam.

Let's do this. There's just trying to take your money selling you. Of course. All right. Yeah, maybe you're right. He's speaking to a certain kind of trader a certain kind of person. Someone that's got a certain alpha MIS to them has some balls, right? He's not talking to everybody. Not, everybody's not, everyone's got liquid, not everyone's able to trade. And uh, most people aren't willing to do the work. Uh, I put in a lot of work. I've got tons of faith and, uh, I trust and admire and respect all the free. This guy has to offer, let alone behind the pay wall, which he deserves every penny up, because all he does is drop dimes, diamonds, gems of how to teach you a new skill, how to become a professional trailer. There's a lot on the line when you put money in the market, understanding volatility and risk, and ultimately these trend reversal opportunities. It's fascinating, man. I mean, it's, it's, it's pretty awesome to win big and it's life changing, man. I mean, it's life changing. I mean, making a half a million dollars in a week is even me who I feel like I've been successful with a six-figure salary for a decade. Um, this is still life changing, man. This is life changing.


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