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13 market moves students Angela up +$7,159

Dec 06, 2021

Hi, my name is Angela and I just traded with 13 market moves. Uh, on Wednesday I met my coach, Chris, and he got me started with, uh, my first trade and they were on despite hoods. Uh, we got like five contracts, I believe.

And, um, when I first started, I started with the balance of, uh, $11,410 and 82 sentences. You can see here on day two. Um, we opened swing positions on the spy and on Tesla, we did close out day one, as you can see from the previous, um, you know, days profit of 1349, but on day two, everything was red. Uh, but I remember that my, during the consultation, um, he just said do everything that the coach says, I was saying, you know, okay, I'll do that. And I just felt confident in his abilities. On day three, everything went from red to green and it was good to see green again, the end, the results was as follows.

I started with the balances listed above my aunt in balance was $18,570 and 64 cents. So I had a gain of $7,159 and 82 cents. And this was even after there are many hiccups during the, uh, during this process, I, um, accidentally closed out some contracts early, made several mistakes, but Chris was very gracious and walk me through the entire process.

And he still, um, was able because of his expertise to help me get a gain of almost 65%. So I'm very appreciative. And I thank you, Chris, coach Chris for working with me and thank you, mark movers forum for this opportunity.

Thank you. 13 market moves.

Uh, this really does work so I would encourage anyone who's thinking about it and wondering if it's legit, if it works, if you're serious, pick up the phone, schedule a consultation, it really wants.


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