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1ST DAY - Day Trading with 13MARKETMOVES

Jan 09, 2021

I want to show you this, my first day of trading with 13 Market Moves. Good membership. And on that, the mentorship of coach Chris in us over yet. And he helped me grew my account from the initial 24,500 to $38,607. I want to thank coach Chris for helping me understanding the principles of the 13 market move formula, and guiding me in making this awesome trades.

So today we started with three trades. We started with call and put on Baba. You can see it over here. We had babble and we have calls on FSR and we had a put on shop over yet Shopify and you can see right now I'm in the money. Let me go to the money section, um, in the money. Look, I bought it at this price. Currently, I'm sitting at 15K over year.

These are 17, not 19 over yet, but one time when we started this trade, I was negative $19,000. Now you can see as a bit today, look back, we Ruben around touching K over your, on the profit. Haven't closed some trades already. I wouldn't take him some 5k on this side. As a close on the strip, you can see that catch available for tomorrow straight. What am I saying? You need to know how to trade options correctly.

Stop listening to YouTube gurus date don't know a you need to get a hold of the Ted teen market move formula. I started three weeks ago, starting the material. I paid $8,500. Plus for the cost of material, I took the whole bundle, the tin market move formula, the chat and Devon Jones causes the 203, uh, traded, secret and trading. Lucky rock star folks. All you need is knowledge.

It makes no different. If you have money without knowledge, knowledge is the principle thing. That's what the Bible says. You need to get it with all your understanding. So I'm encouraging you. You need to join the tech market move club. It will change your life out of thank God for coach Chris. I thank God for Leo, for manic and absent, Brendan. But I tell you, coach. Chris is the profit of money. Coach. Chris took my hand, calls me three, five times a day telling me what to do, how to place the trade communicated with me, kept me focused. Um, folks, I kid you not the, the first time I'm on a trip. Um, so much money was being made. And I was like, Oh my God. Oh man, hold up, hold up. That's the beauty of being mentored. All right. So understand I've don't trades in the past.

I've lost money, money, thousands of dollars over 60 to 80,000 hours. I've wasted last year for nothing. But when the trades we put the trade initially in the morning, let me tell you this. Listen, when Chris called me and send me this test in the money, I'm going to shoot a message. I have artists on WhatsApp on my other computer. So you understand what was going on. All right. So we increase.

Yes, my WhatsApp. Now let me share my WhatsApp concern with Chris. This will help you. You can see Chris over here that the market moved Chris over here. And so Chris started the chat this morning and Chris said to me, Hey, was your account. I told him my account says, all right, I want to buy Shopify and look at it. Look at that. Let me show you that. Start getting went on Tesla to get something in that years shot it FA um, FSR hundred or 105 goals.

I want to get this straight. Now I, to Alibaba, I hope you guys got in shop at the bounds. Send me your update picks. I sent him a picture. Chris called me and said, Hey, are you on bye-bye? I said, yes, I'm on Baba. Folks on Baba was losing money. Those are the time on Baba. Look at that. Those times when Baba I was losing money, I was screaming. I said, Chris, hold my God. I was losing money on Baba red. Everyone was dread.

And Chris on encouraging me. Look at our preset at the shop. Now I'd FSR caught. I'd have one red stick still with the trade. Those are time. It was going negative. So Nick met in thousand dollars. Negative. You say, stay with the trade, go have some coffee and relax, update your pigs. So look at me. Look at this. I sent Chris a pics of my trade, right?

Just to do that. I was down $4,000 down one time. Look, I was down. He said, okay, add a hundred. Oh my God. I said, what is going on? The treasury losing money one time. But Chris told me to stay my ground. You need a good coach, a good coach that will help you make money. It was a move six. I think it was a move 11, but it was a move seats. And I stood the ground. I stood my ground and the trees that Chris was given. And before, you know it, Baba started making us money from $90,000 down. BABA became a success story. What am I saying? You need a good coach, like coach Chris to call you to keep you on focus, to help you discover how you can make money. See, let me tell you this. I've seen loose video with all those naked girls running around and being a pastor and a Christian.

It turns me off. I said, why is he showing naked girls and all this punk stuff? Just to promote the video, but listen, folks don't let the presenter or the metal printers.

Actually, Leo is a genius.

Real is a high priest of the market. He knows how to get young men attention to be focused and all those videos, trade aside, listen to what the man is saying.

That guy knows what he's saying about and is honest. And he wants to help you make money. And all the Timmy has coach Chris, Michael, and all this coach, Chris cos, and colleges and powers and comforts and make sure he makes sure you have coffee dates to trade. For some I'm telling you for this is your way out of the plantation, mine of 97. This is the end of slavery for every black man over there.

Every African in America, every African in Europe, every African that you can turn in the U S market come over to the market moves. Stop. Turn your mind to folks who want to use you and give you so many things to study. I know some of you saying, Oh, it hasn't, the loss is too much. How much do you pay for your school fees? If you come to America and you get a job, you're a nurse. You're a doctor, you're a lawyer. Do you know how much it costs you to go to school? And you're paying $8,000. And in one day you're making $16,000 piece of your student loan right there. Let me talk to you with texts and talk. Y'all that pays off your student loan right there. So folks, thank God. I want to thank God for this opportunity that he has given to me. And I want to thank God for meeting little on YouTube and connecting with Mike and Mike connected me with coach Chris and coach. Chris has been a great help. He's been a mentor or a great guy, and I appreciate too. I'm proud to be members of his club. God bless you. Listen. This attempt to make money, trade like a roster, and you're going to recover all you've lost. I guarantee you that have a blessed day bye-bye.


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