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Trading $200k+ Profit ($16k to $231k in 10 days): 99% of traders lack this options trading secret!!

Mar 14, 2021

In the last 10 videos guys, we're showing you a ton of 13 market moves students turn 10 K to 27 K five K to 38 K bunch of them did some incredible stuff of percentage points. But this trader right here, guys, just when you thought that you've seen it, all this trader is about to do something 99% of traders will never do ever in their trading career. Watch this three minute video. And, you know, specifically what makes me especially happy for this particular trader is I love to see a guy that just doesn't take no for an answer in life and just keeps working, goes for difficulties. And after all pretty mails and wings, it takes stamina. It takes scared to it takes guts, no guts, no glory. Watch this man, share his story and do something absolutely incredible. That will show you exactly the missing ingredient to solve your trading puzzle in order for you to absolutely stay profitable through your trading career. What's this, and at the end of this sleep, I'll show you exactly how important that missing ingredient is.

Hello, my name is. Today's a good, good, good day is Friday. And I don't have words to explain my feeling right now, but I'm very happy. I don't know if you can hear it in my voice, but I'm very happy. I'm talking about a 13 market moves. Shout out to Chris again. He's the man, you know, I'm heading the, the days today with $230,000. So screw it off to like $200,000 for the, for the week. I ended yesterday with $95,000. And today I'm in, in the day with over $200,000 with everything in my account started off with 16 K last week. No, I'm up to $230,000. All right. Um, this is my P and L right now, but I did a withdraw. I'm going to get to that. I made $90,000 yesterday and today my P and L is 130 something dollars, 130 something thousand dollars. All right. Um, I made $47,000 off Baidu and 50 something thousand off RCL. And then Tesla, I made $31,000 off it. Um, today's a good day, man. Let me go to my withdraw. Last week, I did live down the bottom there. My first week trading with these guys, I withdraw $25,000 on my account today. This is my withdraw, $136,000, 900 and some change.

I never seen those money in my life. To be honest, this is a game changer. Shout out to Chris again. This game trading game is not easy. It's a lot of emotion. And if you don't control the emotion you screw up. I've been screwing up. My I make silly mistakes right through the week. Even though I said I was going to change, I could have made at least $250,000 this week, but I got panic. And I said, Hey, I'm calling it. And I came out, what is the learning process? But I would say to anybody, if these guys are called man Skeletor, a 15 minute call, they'll put you on the right track, right track to the future. You know, not going out, working like crazy, trying to make a little book and still can survive. But surviving, taking care of your family, you know, feeling confident in yourself, you know, it's a, it's, it's a, it's a, it's a change in your life and a change in your belief. Just give these guys a call, man. Scattered it. It will change your life. Shout out to Chris again. I love you, man. 13 market moves, man. Let's go,

Hey guys, please show your support for Conair live in my positive comment. The guy definitely made it happen. Despite of all odds and his trading career being against him. He finally makes it happen. Congratulations, get there now guys, he shows you the top secret ingredient. Do you consistently stay profitable as a trader? Watch what he does? What, what did you hear at 13 market moves is not just how to make the money trading, but also the most missing ingredient about all traders. They never made that transfer from their trading account to their regular account. And this man takes action. He makes money. Last week, he transfers 25,000 from his trading account to his regular checking account. He drinks was 136,000 this week from his trading account to his regular checking account. Let me ask you a question. What was the last time you transferred as least tan Kennedy from your trading account to your regular camp guys?

99% of traders never get to actually experience this. Most of the money always goes from your checking account, from your credit card account, from all your regular accounts, the money goes into the trading account. And when you finally make some money, you never transfer the money from your trading account to your regular account. I've talked to thousands of traders guys in the last 10 years, and I'm telling you, 99% of the traders, simply because of some of the losses that go for when they start making the money, they always feel like I gotta, I gotta make some more before I transferred some money, I gotta make some more. I gotta make some more and they never make that transfer. This transfer is key. If you run your trading as a business, if you run your trading as a business, basically paying yourself every time you make the money, you will be able to stay in this game forever. But ignore this one most crucial missing ingredient right here. And you're going to be at the mercy of the markets. So get in control of your trading, click the link below. So you can put yourself in a position where you transfer the money from your trading account to your checking account. Let's draw. I'll get you guys on the next video soon. Oh, you ain't going to believe the next video. You thought you've seen everything. These guys just transferred 151 K that he's trading account. Guys. Watch the next video.


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