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2021 DayTrading Weekly Options $50k to $148k in 4 days - my 1st week trading with 13marketmoves

Jan 19, 2021

All right, Chris man, we are live and a little bit by myself. I've been trading actively for approximately six years and full-time for one year, and I've been consistent about a thousand dollars a day with my trading style. And I knew I wanted something more. I want something more for my family, more for my children. And in order to do that, you need specialized knowledge. And that's why I hired 13 market moves and coach Chris to help provide me a specialized knowledge. Should take me to the next level Harper. Come on, sweetie. Hey baby. I want you to get a closer to the account right there. Word one 43, one 44. We're going up.

Hey, check this out. Check this out. All right. So Tesla, we've been Tesla for two days now.

I'm to hold Tesla for like a day.

Yes. Yeah. All right. So, all right here, I'm going to help you scale out and stuff like that. First thing we're going to do in the next few minutes, in the next few minutes, we're going to be scaling out a black rock. All right. What did you originally, you had, how many contracts of black rock did you have?

I got 70 contracts at one strike and 60 contracts on other.

Okay, good deal. Good deal. All right. So our exit is coming up soon. So what we'll do is, uh, kind of help you cause I gotta get my orders put in and stuff and just let, uh, because we don't want to sell all at one time, like 25, 25, 20, 20, 20, you know, until we get out of it. Okay. Awesome. So just hang tight with me, my friend. You got it. All right, buddy. So, Hey, you're teaching your kids how to trade.

Hey Harper, you want to be a trader Harper? Give me some enthusiasm, sweetheart. Give me some enthusiasm with it. But remember what we said about the 13 market moves. This is coach Chris with the 13 market moves.

Hey man. Just make sure you buy your daughters something nice. Okay.

She's got it. She has got to come and trust me,

Tell your daddy to buy you something nice as a weekend. He can afford it. All right. You get any kind of toy you want tomorrow. All right. So let me ask you this. Honestly. How many times did you freak out today?

Probably freaked out about four times just as I had goals. And when I saw the counts shoot up to 170 K, I was like, man, let's take it. You know, like, wait, we got bigger goals. This is a move three, keep a strong hand, keep your composure. Just wait. So I get man, we're practicing some serious patients. We're practice on being tough, being coming up big time. Trader not little scalp trades. We're getting some major moves.

Yes, yes, yes, yes. What it's all about? Uh, let's see, like we're gonna, this is the one beautiful, beautiful. So I want to gather about man, look up

Chris rock. We're at 170 K right now. Why don't you, uh, Start selling some,

I'm putting a order out myself. 30 at night. I just started eight 30 black rock flat right now. Okay. All right. I got to put in my orders too, man. I'm helping you. And then also I got to call my, I got a minute. Hold on one sec. I gotta message my guys. Okay. Um, hold on. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I know. All right. So I just gotta make sure I'm set to, uh, give my guys the targets and stuff like that on everything. Hey, by the way, let's go over some of our traits. Hey, you know, like of course all the traits worked out except the Google. We're probably still a little bit down here, right? Yeah. But the big key of G BLK, uh, and James Stark is dropping as we speak and stuff like that. We're short counted right now. It's a lot of money doing this, right?

Oh man. This is incredible. Yeah. I mean, seriously, the most important thing is with you, coach Chris is overcoming the fear, the wiggles of the market. I mean, we show up with a plan, okay. This is a market move three. This is what's going to happen. We're going to bottom out. We're going to, to close the gap and we're going to, we're going to relaunch downward. That's exactly what happened. So yeah. Very excited trading with you. Incredible. You know, all I can say is, I mean, anybody that's considering a professional coach to maximize a trading skill, become a real master of the market. 13 market moves is certainly the way to go and having professional guidance all along the way.

We're going to sell Tesla. Okay. By the way, sell all Tesla. Okay. All right. Uh, Seminole right now, our target got yet. That was actually our second target, by the way. So where are we going to sell it? The second target? It's a little more, probably leaving a few dollars on the table, but Hey, all right. What are we going to do first? We're going to sell the seven 30 strikes first. Okay. I am trying to get out. So we, I mean, we have the, uh, we have the seven 37 or we got the seven fifties yesterday. Right? So we'll sell those last. Let's sell our seven 31st and then we're going to sell our seven 40 fives and then we're going to sell our seven fifties. Okay. That is the plan. And then our black rock will be hitting our second target shortly and we'll be able to get out of there. I get ready to be selling some stuff. Okay. We're gonna start selling. Okay. I need to hear that noise more often. Okay.

Try to get out all this Tesla.

And you're still holding a hundred tests, Amazon. I'm sorry. All right. Good deal. All right.

I'm flying. I'm flying on Tesla. I still got BlackRock. So I got Amazon BlackRock, GME, Google.

All right. So you still have to be okay, right? Yes. All right. All right. So give me just a second. I'm gonna call you right back in three minutes. I got call my other trainers, stuff like that

Right here with you, Chris. Thank you.

Hi, my name's Jason. This is January 15th, 2021. I want to talk about my first week's experience with 13 market moves. Uh, first and foremost, I had very deaf consultation with coach Chris. He's been absolutely incredible as far as helping me as a student, uh, understanding the market moves and how they apply on a daily basis on a swing trade basis to make a long story short, not every trade works, but in the end, the formula works. And as you can see, my account value today is $148,189 21 cents. I started with 50 K and that was Tuesday. I started 50 K it's already basically, uh, uh, went up three X since, uh, beginning with coach Chris. And I can't think of enough. He's been absolutely incredible. As far as today, having a steep, sell off, pulling back and not getting out of the trade, recognizing it's a move three, and we're gonna have another steep sell off into the close and actually selling contracts after hours on the spy for even more profit.

But we took some trades, like I said, they weren't all winners. I actually lost on Google. I lost on Amazon. I lost on game stop, but we made up for it tremendously on black rock, which was about $60,000 profit. And we made up for it on spy. So incredibly good experience wherever you are in your training journey. A little bit by myself. I've been trading actively for approximately six years and full-time for one year, and I've been consistent about a thousand dollars a day with my trading style. And I knew I want something more. I want something more, more for my family, more for my children. And in order to do that, you need specialized knowledge. And that's why I hired 13 market moves and coach Chris to help provide me a specialized knowledge to take me to the next level. So I would encourage you, give them a call, have a consultation. I think they're a great choice as far as taking your trading and market skills to the next level.

Thank you.


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