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3 Signs Of A MARKET BUBBLE THIS WEEK! | GME, BTC, BA charts point to a Market BUBBLE TOP

Mar 21, 2021

Hey guys, what's going on? Uh, March 16th, 2021 in this video, I'm going to show you the secrets. Yes. I have a ton of traders asking me all the time. Like Leo can't you just share exactly. What are you watching? Aftermarket pre-market to get ready for the day. And then this particular gaze guys, I'm going to show you exactly what I am watching right now in order to nail a ton of trades, which by the way, based on the information I'm going to present, you already got a gun, a bunch of guys making trades on this very simple facts and patterns. I'm about to present you with in just three slides. So you may be wondering, Whoa, what's up with the title here. Watch the drop woke. And D did you just say that it sounds a little offensive guys. I didn't come up with that stuff.

Okay. If you go to a TD Ameritrade, the Bitcoin futures sticker right now for the month of March is actually Ford slash BT C H 21. So when I say, watch the drop, I'm actually referring to the Bitcoin futures. right. So no offense, ladies BTC H 21. That's exactly what we're watching this morning. And over the course of the next 72 hours, let me show you the reason why now you may be relatively new to trade in. If that's the case, you don't remember, uh, the type of crashes that Bitcoin has had in the past. And there's a high probability. We're actually going into one of these type off drop-offs shortly here. If you've been paying close string to Bitcoin, okay. It just topped out yesterday, uh, 61 to 55. And depending on exactly what futures you're paying attention to, it could have been slightly highest, like a little bottom line.

It got above 60,000 for the very first time. Now, as soon as it did that, it didn't stay there. If you zoom in on this picture just a little bit, it actually created a double top pre-market and then it drops substantially. Actually the drop was really fast. It's not the substantial drops that we're concerned about if the gradual, but we're concerned about sudden moves. And of course, bit one is a volatile thing, but even for a Bitcoin to move from, you know, 61 and change area, all the way down to 53, that's almost a 10,000 point move that happened over a very short amount of time. And it is those type of moves. When you combine them with a particular pattern that you couldn't be observant. As you know, it was suggest, uh, here at 13 market moves to make sure that you're not just looking at one chart pattern.

I am only using this three day, three minute chart right here with the examples we're going for guys. But if you look at other charts, they also point to a multi-car information or some serious Trent reversal opportunities develop it. Now, this is a clear head and shoulder type situation. This would be your shoulder one. This would be the head formation. This would be your other shoulder. Now, generally speaking. Okay. When you see this type of formation, it often will resolve into a sharp move lower, not necessarily right at this, sometimes not, not right at this point right here. Sometimes we can go sideways for a little bit, but that drop will come. And just a second, I'm going to give you a really good illustration of how that works, or if you're looking for this head and shoulder formation guys for the first time, you're not sure.

Or maybe you're like, Hey, sometimes I don't know if it's a head and shoulder or not. So how does this actually work? I'm going to give you a really, really good illustration. That's actually very material relative to the markets overall right now. So beat DCH 21 on a three day, three minute chart showing you a head and shoulder, uh, with a clear what we would call a move 11 formation with an hour 13 market moves, um, curriculum. Okay. Now fast forward to the next chart. Okay. Here, if you take a look at Bitcoin, you actually have a scenario of a double top, and this is what we would call a fail breakout. Notice the top was about 57 58 K in Bitcoin, not this is, this is a 20 day chart right here, 20 days, one hour chart on Bitcoin. And so on one end, I just showed you a head and shoulder pattern, which is bearish on this chart.

I'm showing you a double top formation and generally double tops. Uh, they could resolve into a triple top, a quadrant top at some point, but considering that this, this was a moment yesterday where Bitcoin could have broken out above 60 and state 60 is it stayed above 60 by the end of the day. But instead it had a huge, huge really lightning fast stock sell off. As we've seen Bitcoin do on many occasions in the past, the question is, where does it lead us next? And a simple answer here is that watch Bitcoin futures for the main reason, even if you're not trading Bitcoin in any shape or form, okay, if you are trading Bitcoin, clearly you'll have a great opportunity to buy it at a much cheaper price. And just based off this 20 a day chart, Bitcoin can easily revisit the level of 40 4k.

So that's another $11,000 drop from current levels. Now it definitely will catch the rest of the market's attention of the stock market, the futures market, and they were financed people trade out there. If it breaks that level of 44,000 and considering how everybody's so bullish on Bitcoin, the biggest moves in Bitcoin to the downside. They actually did take place in the past within a very short amount of time when everybody was extremely, extremely bullish. And this is the condition for Bitcoin right now. So currently Bitcoin meets a ton of conditions for this drop to happen. Now I'm not saying it's going to happen today. It could very well begin today or tomorrow, but over the course of the next 10 days, there is a high probability that if Bitcoin does not reclaim this level of 60,000, there's going to be a much larger move to the downside.

Now, how do you actually use this information guys? Well, let me show you, uh, and let me just make this final point about Bitcoin back in, uh, in the climax point of Bitcoin in December of 2017, it had a similar formation after which Bitcoin literally collapsed, uh, within, uh, 12 months, uh, to the magnitude of about, uh, 80 plus percent and went from 20,000 all the way to 3000. We've actually predicted this move. We don't think the move is going to be to that magnitude over the course of the next 12 months to downside, but we definitely think the short-term move in Bitcoin. If you watch Bitcoin futures will help you nail a lot of moves in the market overall. So if you're trading the SNP, if you're trading NASDAQ, if you would trade in any type of stocks, this Bitcoin move lower, generally precedes the move in the market itself.

So if you take a look at some of the history of Bitcoin, it generally would run ahead and show you exactly what the rest of the market is about to do. So with me, explaining any of this Bitcoin chart right here, um, if you trade stocks or stock options or indexes, it tells you that when we see this drop in Bitcoin, get ready for the market to roll over as well. So if this Bitcoin move happens over the next 72 hours, be ready for the markets to also drop substantially, uh, shortly after that, or simultaneously along as Bitcoin drops and britches some key levels. Now, as far as the educational part of this video, instead of the predictional part of this video, take a look at GME. So we're getting a bunch of guys in Jimmy boots last week. It didn't quite stage to the drop, but we didn't nail the drop yesterday.

Guys, based off the same chart pattern, the head and shoulders chart parents. So this is a three-day three-minute chart for bid for GME. And as you can see, same type of formation. So you got GME shoulder one here's you got GME top, uh, or ahead formation of the pattern here. You've got the out of the shoulder now notice what happens next. Okay. It drops from low, roughly when it finishes out the shoulder at about two 70, uh, this morning, that trades at one 94. Now we're getting in, in the trade right here at about two 60, because warden for the break and his shoulder pattern. And so, so far with cash in about a $70 move to the downside. And we think that move is also going to continue now, clearly stocks that have been, uh, the center of attention in the media would say stocks like AMC, okay.

EMC, GME, K O S S they're all highly correlated. So needless to say, they're all going to go down as well with GMAS so you can trade those stocks. You know, I mean, they're, they're cheaper. A lot of guys like to trade them. If you trade stocks, it makes sense. Now, if you trade options definitely makes sense to trade something like, uh, a GME instead. So there's still more momentum to the downside on GME. We predicted the last GMA crash. We've just nailed this move guys. So you could have easily been with us. So if you're not a part of the trading group, um, you can, uh, get some more information about that by clicking the link below and visit in 13 market moves.com. Now the most interesting part of this video is run here, actually. So Boeing is crate in the same type of pattern that GME has just created. And Bitcoin futures just graded. Now, Bowen is in no shape or form correlated to GameStop or Bitcoin futures in any shape or form,

But it does tell us that the momentum Is running out. As you know, if you're a part of the membership with us here at 13 market moves, we've been highly, highly bullish on Boeing with caught the entire move from the low to twenties. Last week, I've been sending a ton of, uh, alerts about buying Boeing calls, Boeing calls, Boeing calls. I've shown you guys in Charlotte. Exactly why, uh, it was going to break out. But yeah,

Yesterday, uh, bone hit two 78. So the party is over. You don't want it to be The law's got to leave the party. So the best probability now would go sideways to a downside. So the momentum is out in Bowen as a reasonable size move lower is a Jew in the stock, and there's going to be some profit taken likely today, March 16th, tomorrow, March 17th. So with that said, why are these non-correlated charts from different sectors creating an identical pattern? So if we notice more stocks from other sectors making this sort of pattern over the next 72 hours, it would actually coincide with the federal reserve meeting that you know, will take place tomorrow. And that actually tells you exactly what the market could be doing. So if S and P 500 fails to break out by Thursday morning, above 3,400, we're going to get another major leg lower, because if you put the information together in this video that I've shared with you, one of the key ingredients to trading directional options that I've given you in this video guys is the fact that Bitcoin precedes the market.

I've just shown you how Bitcoin made a double top formation and a head and shoulder. So the top of the market in S and P 500, which is most of the traders follow that, right? It could coincide the top of the pattern could coincide with their federal reserve meeting announcement, or it could with the top of the market today, tomorrow before the federal reserve meeting announcement, most of the trend reversal opportunities, they're not going to come on the day of the announcement. They're going to come within 48 hours after the announcement. So Bitcoin futures will give you the answer, what will actually happen at the federal reserve meeting. So if you pay attention to the, you will nail this market guys. And if this information is not making enough sense to you, to where you can go right now and say, Hey, I know exactly how to put this trade on.

And by the way, I'm not talking about the bone trade, because I don't want to take the bone trade. There's easy trades that you're going to be taken right now based off Boeing charts. So if you don't know what they are, you're either new or you just lack certain information, but you want to get access to this information and the easiest way to get started guys, to take a trade into the next level and make sure that you go to 13 market moves.com, schedule it free absolutely three 20 minute coaching call with a senior trader here. So you would know exactly what strike to choose, what ticker symbol to trade. Okay? What expired ration to get all these crucial details and making sure your trade is highly profitable and successful. So with that said, I invite you to do that right now. Hey guys, and make sure don't forget to watch the drop. I'll get you on the next straight soon. Let's roll.

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