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$300 to $3800 trading with 13 market moves coach

Aug 08, 2021

Hello everybody. Uh, my name is pat I'm from Chicago. I drive Uber for living. I'm trying to learn day trading and option trading, all this good stuff, but, uh, uh, doing it by myself. It was very difficult still in the learning process.

Um, with the help of a coach Leo and his crew 13 market move, I made 3,800 out of 300. Oh, I've been watching his video last six, seven months now. Uh, I always wondered, you know, if it is real or not, but, uh, about a month ago there was a opportunity knocks. It says, uh, if you want to try this program for a dollar, I took that vintage right away. You know, I wanted to try to try it.

So as soon as I got in this Monday, uh, my account was only $300. Um, it was very easy step, you know, on Monday he texted by five puts expired, uh, same day.


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