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$9k into $39k: which daytrade did the new 13marketmoves student trade this Friday?

Nov 02, 2020

Hi, everyone.

Happy Friday.

I hope everyone's doing all right. Um, again, one of the great Friday, um, again today on October 30th, um, if you want to grow your account from small accounts to Lara's account, this is how you do it.

I started my account this Monday, this week with about less than $10,000. And with this few single trades, I was able to bring it up by almost $40,000 one on the successful trade that Chris from 13 market move helped me make today was the ticker symbol P T O N.

As you can see, we started couple of days ago yesterday and was able to sold it today, um, with the rocking profit. Um, here's all my quotes that I bought bought for expiring today was actually 165 car and tracks. Um, sold it for about one 83 average per contract.

Here, you can see in my graph when I started building stair-stepping in contracts and when I was able to solve it. So in and out was all precise based on what Chris helped me set up. Um, so with Chris guidance, PO's able to bring in my account again from $9,040,000. So, um, cannot say enough.

Thank you to Chris for helping me out, uh, making my Friday very successful. Again, if you have not taken your time to set up a 20 minute call at 13 Mark and move wish you all success trade for next week.


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