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TSLA tesla buys 1.5 billion of bitcoin: DON"T BUY CALLS! HERE'S WHY

Feb 09, 2021

So this is an average trader open in his new screen this morning and said, Oh, Holy, Tesla buys 1.5 billion in Bitcoin. So the question is, how do trade this kind of information? So an average trader goes out there and says, Oh my God, I got to buy some Tesla calls today. And in this video, we're going to show you why doing exactly the opposite is what's going to get you paid on Tesla within the next 30 days. So let's glance at the chart of Tesla right here, guys. Uh, Tesla is ready for a substantial drop between 20 to 30 per shampoo. And the fact that Tesla shares a trading smallest value, pre-market based off a catalyst that should be pursued by all the market participants as highly positive. The drop could begin in the form of reversal as early as today, which is February the eighth, 2021.

Now it could still out a little bit today and the reversal could come in throughout this week, but the bottom line, the next move in Tesla is not higher, but lower basically Charles, which is better ignition course, guys, which you can study on your own by clicking the link below. Getting more information about that. What we've got going on here is a nice hand shoulder formation. We'll got a solid Def cross formation on the magazine. And the craziest part is everybody that could have bought the shares of Tesla has already done. So which means once the reversal begins, there is a lot of people that will be doing the same at the same time, which is can the out of Tesla. So very simple chart with a lot of divergences, simple diversities, like the RSI diversity diversions versus the price action got diminished and volume continuation going on as the stock moves high, nobody really wants to buy large volumes of, of stock at these price levels.

And basically, uh, we keep track of moves of certain stocks without with search and market moves formula and Tesla is one of them and had an incredibly bullish sequence over the last week, which was preceded by a highly bearish sequence. When we look at these 13 market moves sequences, we also pay attention to the volume components and the Vicks, and some other criteria based off the bullish sequence. It is actually D list bullish sequence that Tesla has had, even though it did go up pretty much every day for out last week. And this pop on low volume represents the greatest opportunity to actually short Tesla at the top. Now, you know, recently about a week ago, we've specified two short GME when it was trading at a level of 400 plus, you know where the stock is now at 61, we're not saying the desktop of drop in desolate is going to be a replica of the GME.

But what I am trying to tell you that we've nailed the top in GME and we're nailing the top and Tesla. So don't be paying attention to the news, but rather as a trader focus on the charts guys, that's it for the short, quick video. I don't want you to miss out on short in the Tesla at the top, the catalyst is here. So when things are looking so bullish, well, every analyst on wall street has upgraded. The stock are in two or three times, switch. The price started two or three times higher and higher and higher, and that strategy has worked. But at some point, things change within the mechanism of the market or a particular stock. And this day is today on February the eighth, it seems to be the climax point for Tesla shares, not to say that Tesla shares will never trade above 870 level ever again, but the next 30 day move in desolate is lower rather than higher. So buckle up your seatbelt. Let's roll on the blood side, right? This baby all the way potentially to six 5,700 level, it's about a easy 15, 20% drop in the shares. If it goes down through all the way to 600, which is a possibility because of what we're going to reveal in the next video, guys, we're going to give you 13 reasons, okay? 13 reasons why the market is actually at the mother of all tops. So click the link below. If you're new subscribe to the channel, let's Raul Tesla books. Let's go.

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