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13 signs of a Market TOP explained by 13 market moves February 2021 best short trades for 2021

Feb 09, 2021

Hey guys, what's going on in this video, we're going to show you exactly how the market is going to fold down in 13 moves. So here's the report by 13 market moves.com. Guys, I hope you pay close attention because we're going to talk about this psychology of trading. We're going to talk about how the domino effect works. We're going to talk exactly why the market is about to go through a major correction. And if you use some of the information in this video, you're destined to make a ton of money guys. So stay tuned. Greg Ben and Baker let's roll. So what we got is pay attention. January 29th, 2021, Andrew left has left the building officially. That is the domino number one, the guy who has been guys, I liked this guy. He's done some phenomenal short calls over the last 20 years, but the guy quit on January 29th.

Now the importance of that is his, the guy who shorted game stop too early, because sometimes you will be too early. I've called him. I said, Andrew, what the is going on? He said, look, man, I just can't take this no more. This market's been bitten me up. I keep shorting this. This just keeps going higher. Okay guys, maybe you're assured seller out there and you probably feel the same way, but guess what? It's not about one tray that you get an early on the determines how great or the trader you are. You have to follow your process. You have to follow your strategy. And if you do more often than not, okay, you will nail the market. Now, coincidentally, the reason why I am bringing this up because being too early, but being right on the trade does not necessarily get you paid.

Now you probably watched that one video on 13 market moves this very day. When Andrew left quit, why do you think I posted the video? I said short G M E. It's the psychological impact of a trader, one of the top traders out there giving up on short selling stocks. Guess what that communicates to you? It's the top. So that's what I posted the video, suggesting two short GME shares and around 400 bucks on the bop. And you know what happens next? So here's the Jimmy chart real quick. This is when you see this black handle right here. I posted the video on January 29th. Now I didn't know what the announcement that Andrew left was going to make that he was going to leave short-selling forever. And he was going to turn into this all of a sudden, crazy Boulevard times. But you know, I posted the video right here that coincides with this black candle.

Now I've also shown you a chart of TLR. Why from 2018, which explained why GameStop was going to make a consecutive series of drops, not a one day drop and the importance of that guys. When I say not a one day drop, they close at the engine. That means you don't want to just get into a trade and get the out. You want to stay with the trade because what's going to get you paid is what is the bigger move in the stock? That's what gets you paid. So for all of you out there that watching this video is, Oh, make a hundred dollars a day. They trade make $500 a day traded, you. This is not a way to make money. As a day trader all of these guys are lying to you. You will not make a living, making a hundred dollars a day, $500 a day.

Okay? I don't care what these guys are telling you. They are wrong. I've done this for a long amount of time, and that's not a way to make a living. You want to capture the bigger move. And in order to capture the big a move, you have to know the ways to identify the top. And now our Charleston diversity scores. We show you guys how to nail these black candles. In this case, I've shown you in the video posted on January 29th. I specifically said short GME in the full hundreds and wait til it drops to 81. Now at hand, the level of 73. Now, if you are now alert group, you know, we've sent multiple letters to cash out at 81. So we're within like eight bucks. It's not a big deal, right? And now the majority of the people, what do they want to do?

Well, they want a short game stop now. Well, the major move is gone. So can you make money short and game stop now? Absolutely. If you catch like the intro date bounces and stuff bit, now the major move has gone. So you can make a little bit of money. It does not necessarily mean you go to make a crazy amount of money. Now be coincidental part here, or it's not. Coincidental is one of the best guys in the short sell end game gives up when, when the stock sets the top. And I think this is a very key psychological point because most of the traders give in, give up on their trade. Just about the time when the trade is going to reverse and start making the money. Now, the problem with Andrew left on this particular trade, again, he's nailed a ton of great trades, but on this particular trade, he was too early.

He was short in it right here. The reasons he has given for short and GME was because of the valuation. Now the valuation short does not work in this marketplace. Okay? You have to follow the charts. The reason why we weren't short in GME here. As a matter of fact, if you were subscribing, you would have known when GME shot up to like 30, 35 levels said, Hey, this stock could go way, way higher. And so the idea here is to make sure you understand how to read the chart. So if Andrew left Duke, I would charge diverged. This course you would have known better not to quit and short the out of this thing right on the second black candle run here. Now, if you don't believe me, let me show you a very recent example of an identical chart pattern. So for those of you that are studying like, Oh, you know, it's going to the moon because of this, this, none of this matters, guys, if you're a self-sufficient trader, you shouldn't be listening to what anybody out there says, okay, without doing your homework so dumb, not CNBC, not Bloomberg.

These guys, they don't know because they only report after the fact of what happened. That's how they stay in business. Now, many companies are not able to stay in business that are reporting on the stuff that's about to happen because you can get a lot of stuff wrong. But in this particular case, guys, if you understand this chart pattern, let me show you Q S right here. So QS would have predicted this drop right here. As you can see, it's got black candle, one black candle, two, one, two, three consecutive days, get down lower. Okay. It's it's an identical pattern, right? Quantum scape corporation. Okay. This is what you got here. You got a mentor or a Christ fits the criteria for our timeframe within the, uh, loss of momentum pattern. Now chose diversity scores. And then you would have known to short, shorter right here, guys.

So it's an identical chart with GameStop and the pattern is identical. The reason I'm talking about QS is because this is the most recent example of an identical loss of my mental chart pattern that fits the criteria for GameStop. But now to make the story, uh, to conclude the story on Andrew left and GameStop, you've got one of the most prominent, short sellers quits when he quits, when GameStop is at its all time high. And I promise you, this will never trade to this level ever again, this show is over, okay. And you should short any pop in game stop. Cause it will pop. Cause there's still people out there. It'd be like, Oh yeah, yeah, let's stick it to the men guys. This is not a story about sticking it to the man and driving the hedge funds out of business. There's like one hedge fund that had a big loss.

That's it? But they're trying to blow up the story into something that it is not, I just shown you like QS chart. Like why is nobody talking about that? Where was Reddit here? QS, where was Reddit here? Did Reddit drive this? No, this happens all the time in the marketplace. And now they choose to pick on, you know, game stop because it's just such a well-known name, I guess, because it just was like a blockbuster back in the days, guys, this stuff happens all the time in the marketplace. There are short squeezes. Okay. It's not about individual and masters squeezing the hedge funds. As a matter of fact, a lot of hedge funds were long game stop in the expectation of the short squeeze. So it's not a story about, you know, David versus Goliath. Okay. It's a story about what the do you do with this information?

And my point is don't be a follower. Get your own moves, get your own vision on the markets. Okay? And don't give up, even with some of the best guys in the game, give up at the top. This guy gives up at the very top. So this is domino number one. This is how you know, when one of the top Cheryl tshirt sells a bolt-on gives up. This is how you know this is a market top. And with 13 market loose, we know better because we don't base our calls on valuations. Valuations suck. If you're a trader, you should not trade based off valuations. You should be trading based off chart patterns. Okay? So if you want to nail your next trade, you better click the link below and study the out out of our charts and beverage discourse. That's it.

That's a simple as I can put it. So that's domino number one, Andrew left lives the building at the top. Okay. Number two, when everybody's screams GME to the top, Jimmy crashes and would nail that drop. Now that's domino number two. And you could see, you could see like how significant could this should be. Well, it is very significant because that signifies all the crazy stories in the market. The craziest stories, which take me to the next name that will crash. And you're going to meet, leave a lot of dislikes, leave a lot of comments because guys, I don't give a about that. I don't give a what anybody else talks about. Otherwise I would have been buying calls on GME when everybody's saying to the month, but we bought boots and congrats to our subscribers. Now with that said, you're thinking, well, what is this next crazy idea you got?

I'll tell you it's short in Tesla. Oh no. Leonardo. You're dead Viking go. They're not sure to desolate Jesus Christ. Whoa, Whoa. I'm clicking off this video right now. you. Okay. Tesla will crash. Okay. Just like GameStop did not, maybe not to the same magnitude because all the whole bull bull straight wall street is bullish on this thing. Okay. But that does not mean that they are right now. As you've noticed, as the stock moves all the way from here, by the way we did nail this substantial drop, which doesn't look like much of a drop. When a stock goes to five 50, all the way to three 50, that's about a 30% drop. And look at the timeframe where it happens. See a lot of people, they overlook circumstances when the trade options and the most crucial aspect of trading options is the valuation of timing.

It's not how big of the move something makes. It's not the words. It's not how big of a move Tesla makes from September all the way for February who gives a. Okay? Unless you're just holding stock and you try to make a little bit of money, like double your money or something in five months. That's not a big deal when it comes to 13 market moves from formula because we nail trades four or 500% pretty much on a weekly basis. So what gets you paid is this move right here. That's a 30% move lower, right? And the idea is very simple. When you trade weekly options, we can nail a move like this. That gets you paid thousand percent. Okay? So you can be long stock of Tesla overall, but you can catch this moments where it creates incredible opportunities, okay. To double down and your loan positions.

Okay. By putting the nice short position. So you can be at this level. I mean, you can believe the ultimately goes to the moon, even higher. I mean, I highly disagree with that short term in the next 12 months, this stock will not trade nowhere close to this level, uh, where it's straight in now about eight 5,900. Uh, okay. This is the top in Tesla. Okay. And it's not for any reasons that anybody's discussing. They it's simply because we follow the charts. There's too many reasons that point to a top in Tesla here. And I could be off on timing by a little bit. Okay. But overall Tesla stock will move a lower from here. Aro. Now, overall in the next 30 days, Tesla can easily trade all the way down to 600. And you're going to be thinking, well, how the you coming up with that number?

What's very easy. It's 30 percent of 900. It's about 300 bucks. Okay. That's exactly what Tesla did here. Okay. So it's not a surprise. It won't even break the uptrend if it drops 30%. So considering all the other things that I'm about to show you, that makes us four super nice, easy domino to play as a domino. Number three. So domino one, Andrew left lives the building at the top domino number two, GME crashes. As we predicted domino, number three, everybody leaves the building on Tesla because the last stop, great tests like God, I started with this idea of how desk that has grown from here in September, all the way to here. It's by analysts upgrades. Ah, this wakes up decides it's worth 800. Well, and now the guy looks up the ship next morning says, no, I'm upgrading the ship to 900.

Wow. There's was one idiot who woke up yesterday and he said, Oh, I think it's going to 1200. And I'm putting my target price at 1200. Okay. great. Now the question is where the were. All these guys, when the stock was trading at $150 was not so long ago, considering that now adjusted for the stocks bleep, the stock is almost like $5,000. Okay? So we're trading the $5,000. You tell me this is better than Amazon. This is better than Apple. Even when we just Apple for stock splits on everything. I mean, come on, get serious. This is better than that. This ship is this ship basically. Okay. So since this is the, what I want to do is I want to short the. Okay. Bottom line right here. Okay. Today, tomorrow, we're going to put in the sizeable short position on Tesla guys.

And it's not again because what everybody's thinking it's because off the death cross ride here, it's because of the subside and by volume it's because of the divergence on the RSI is because of everything that we talk about with charts and diverged scores. That is why we want to be short Tesla because Rodney now it's an eight 5,900 bucks. This is going to 700 easy possibly to the 600 handle shortly. It's the timeframe that gets you paid expect a move lower in Tesla in the next 30 days. There's no doubt about it. Now, let me take you to the domino. Number four. Now the domino number four is highly significant. Okay. And that's Amazon, Amazon reported earnings. We all know that first we're playing the call side. Then we're reversed to the put side in the alert group. Okay. The put side made a lot more than the call side. And the bottom line is this. There is a huge problem with Amazon chart. Again, it's not based off the news. It's not because they change in the CEO. It's not because they're doing this, this, so that's the issue here. This is the chart. It's that simple. Okay. So every time it pops to this level, it fails and it fails on major volumes. So it hits close to 3,500 level right here, back in September. And it fails on huge in a relation

To the price by volume, the same scenario right here, the same setup right here. Okay. And the same setup, it fails on super strong volume. That is not a characteristic of the bull. Now the most important thing is not just the Amazon chart itself, but how does it relate to the chart of all the retailers, which would be the XRT. So we're to take a look at this. Okay. While the XRT index was moving the recently all the way, thanks to GME, almost a hundred. Okay. And now it's setting up a death cross. Now, for those of you not familiar with the deaf cross, right? Deaf cross is a, when your short term moving average crosses the longer-term moving average in a downward spiral, such as in this case with magazine. Now, oftentimes they're referred to this deaf crosses when they look at the moving average is here, but you will find the same as true when you analyze and make D and some of the other indicators.

So in this particular case, a lot of these big moves, lower will be preceding, uh, when the deaf hook is actually happening. In other words, before this actual cross, between in this case, a black line and orange line will they actually take place? So XRT okay. Was moving close to a hundred while Amazon was doing absolutely nothing. And in other words, while the all the small retail stocks were moving higher in a speculative move, the best retailer in the world was doing absolutely nothing. So this is what you call is a case of a divergence. So while XRT was making this blow off top run here, Amazon was not moving anywhere. As you can see what's trading here. Now you would expect the Amazon and maybe shoot do like 4,000 at that point, because you can see wasn't doing anything. And the fact that after such a huge quarter, technically the greatest quarter Amazon has, I would have, okay, this stock is actually not moving higher.

Okay. That is a problem. The bigger problem is the fact that it's selling off on strong volume. So you would want to short Amazon and any sort of pop from here on guys. Bottom line is Amazon is staging a failed breakout. And this is significant because this is a domino number four, domino. Number four tells you that the market is running out of steam, that this is the top that you want to short in the market. Now I'm not saying this is the all old Dom top, because we're going for a correction about a 10, 20% correction here, likely in fast in the month of February, 2021, it will take place. And when it does take place, guess what everybody's going to do. They're going to buy the DMD. Okay? Just don't buy the dip too early. That is not a profitable strategy at this point.

So domino number five, the financial. So everybody's talking about the financials. So if you will, let's take a look at the financials and see what the heck is going on. So the question is, if we're going into this bullish recover and never finished, so great why the financials are dropping like a rock here's bank of America, okay. Here's JP Morgan and the stage and the little pop right here, which is highly, highly shorted. If these financials bounced to this prior level, this would be an awesome short right here guys, because the truth is okay. The whole world is going to negative. Interest rates is just a matter of time before United States is going to go to negative interest. It's probably going to happen sooner than what most of the people think right now, the story is, Oh, it's inflation, it's inflation. But guess what? The way the fed manipulates the inflation numbers in order to keep the interest rates low in order for the whole country to be able to be operational guys, it doesn't matter whether inflation is going to be tamper Shan, the fed will manipulate the numbers and they will calculate them in a way where inflation's going to look like 1%.

And then you're going to be wondering why my milk has cost them $3. Why my car costs and instead of 20,000, it's now 60,000. And the fed is going to tell you, Oh, the inflation is in check. It's a two per sham. It's on our target. Okay. It's a bunch of lies. It's a bunch of. They have no choice, but to keep the interest rates low and you will see negative rates, why do you think gold is not moving higher? Okay. Because the buyers of gold, okay. They're selling the out of it right now because the rates are not moving the higher anytime soon. So with that said, the question is, why is, why is this chart looking so bad? If things are so bullish for the banks? I mean, the first, uh, big drop happened on BLK. Alright, so BLK right here.

Brandon predicted this magnificent drop from this area to this area. This stock can barely maintain its 50 day. It's definitely going way lower under this in the next 30 days. So that's your domino number five, the domino number four, I use the analogy of Amazon, which represents the technologist sector. BLK would be the analogy for representing the banking sector. When you have technology and bank stocks, having a difficulty moving higher. And ideally in this top of set-up on the charts, they will move lower. Okay. And you want to catch the bounce to short them. Okay. What do you got? The bank sector and technology sector, unable to move higher and ultimately moving lower. The entire market is not going to move higher. That's just the simple formula. Okay. And now a while back. Okay. Exactly. 33 days ago, we've posted a video on the travel stocks and we've said, look, why the hell are these travel stocks trading at old time highs?

Well, now they have a lot more debt. They make a lot less money. They all have losses. And why these stocks are trading an all time high and our best favorite short was the domino. Okay. Number, number six was, uh, the travel stocks basically are not going to, able to rally as it is predicted by everybody. This was a beautiful trade from 2300 all the way down to 1850. And so if you missed that trade guys, you probably watched that video 33 days ago. And I pointed out, like I said, look, if you want to know the ideal time to short these stocks, I said set up a 20 minute consultation call without senior traders because you guys would have been able to catch this magnificent short trade while everybody's just sold bullish on this travel stocks. Like they can't see straight, Oh, we're going to open the economy.

And all of a sudden, all these companies, they're going to make a load of money and everything's going to be good. Well, that's not the case. I wish everything was as simple as that. But you want to focus on the charts, not the news. So the travel sectors, you domino number shakes really presented you. The facts about what's truly going on. And this right here tells you that the myth of a faster recovery, the myth of this vaccines that are effective 50, 60%, maybe in some instances, 20, 30%, maybe they're not effective at all, but we approved them anyway, just to pacify the world. Okay? Maybe things are just not as they seem to be, or at least they're not as what they're portraying them to be in the news. So with that said, there is a huge trade within the travel sector.

And again, if you want to know the specific, which stocks, which strike prices, which timeframe you want to use with the options on this, click the link below this video and schedule a 20 minute coaching call and get these questions answered. Now, the next thing I want to talk about is oil and oil is your dominant number seven. Now everybody's highly bullish on oil, highly bullish on oil. Now we think from here, oil is going to reverse the hail out and it's going to drop. And it's not just going to drop to the levels where, you know, you would expect like a general Tran to sort of pause. Like it would be dropped to like maybe 52 level oil is not only going to drop the 52, but it's going to go way below that it's going to break. This blue line is going to go all the way to 44 bucks.

Now that's a substantial drop. And if that drop happens within a short amount of time, men in like 30 days, the market is definitely going to start paying attention. So expect a huge reversal in oil Tran while the rest of the world is talking about how oil and energy stocks they're going higher guys, they're full of. Okay. Domino number eight is of course the Vicks guys, the Vicks. So the VIX itself. Okay. When it makes this crazy moves, all right, the VIX itself is given us a story that just think about it. There has never been a market trade in an old time. I mean, all time highs with the Vicks in the twenties that has never happened. So what does that mean? I'll tell you when within a couple of days, WIC, VIX can go from 22 to 38 back down to, uh, 23 Vicks, a way bigger move.

And the killer part here is not the VIX itself. But if we take a look at V V I X, which is the volatility off the volatility, it shows us an insane picture from the standpoint of the crash last year, which we accurately predicted. Uh, so as you can see, VVI X goes all the way to, to can, uh, in March, April last year, and now recently for no apparent reason while the market is at all-time highs, it shoots up to one 70. So there's your greatest divergence within the market. It tells you that is about to hit the fan. It's not going to be pretty. And I'm not saying Armageddon, Hare, and total collapse. I'm saying there's going to be a major correction coming. And we're going to see another spike in the VIX, just like this one in the next 30 days, it's going to happen.

Because if you take a look at the VVI X chart, it's actually staging a bullish crossover, opposed to all of these other charts where I've been showing you right now, they actually staging a bearish crossover. So there's your domino number eight VIX versus VVI X. This chart makes absolutely no sense. It's pure divergence. The markets are at all-time highs and you got Bix and VVI X at these levels. Good luck with that. This market is head into a huge correction. And now the domino number nine guys is out. Proprietarily 13 market moves formula. It's shown a sequence of that is not a joke. That is a deadly sequence that can bring its market. This market to its knees is earliest tomorrow. 13 market moves sequence, highly buried. Domino's number 10 when took a look at the world markets. I mean, it's not a coincidence that the world markets are hitting the top here's stock.

Yo okay. Topping out major cell bar all by major, a big move right here, but this is a top or top out. And what we've got here on the Maggie's development that we call the death hook. So in other words, yeah, we could stole out here for maybe another few days, but overall, we're going to move lower from here and it's not just here, right? I mean, if we take a look at, uh, let's say, uh, Germany, right? It's identical. We're hitting some major levels that have not been broken. We're staging Def crosses on the Mac D all over the place guys. And this typically in majority of the cases will resolve in the move lower rather than higher. So we're taking a look at all of these global indexes. Okay. It's not looking pretty. So it's not just the us. It's China, it's Asia, it's Europe.

It's every major index is stopping out. So when we have is what they call the synchronized global recovery, uh, they're basing this on this strong uptrend right here and the comps from last year to this year, while the comps last year were so horrible. Okay. You basically, all you have to do with sprint money and the numbers were destined to look better this year, but trust me, it's no global recovery by no means, okay. It's a bunch of that you hear on TV. So with that, I'm going to give you the shocking next chart. So the global markets as the domino number 10, but here's the chart that you will definitely click off this video. If you hear it down the dollar chart. So everybody now, besides Peter Schiff, Peter Schiff has been Barry Shawn dollar for the last 30 years. Uh, as a cool guy in AgriFood has got some good points, but overall Peter shifts short-term always get wrong.

And that's why you need 13 market moves and charts understanding during don't understand where is really going. So while 99% of the world is bearish on the dollar, we're actually bullish. And there's a reason why we're bullish because of this reverse had, and shoulder formation. Dollar is actually going higher, not lower. Yeah. The rest of the world, every analyst out there will tell you all, dollar's going to drop the print and money. That's another myth that you should not take for granted when you listen to the news, because these guys they're brainwashed, just like the people that were buying GMA stock, they were brainwashed. So what I'm trying to feel you here based off this chart pattern, not based up the news dollar is moving higher. Not let me show you one instance where dollar had a substantial move higher and you should see what happened to the rest of the market. Okay. And that case would pull up the chart of SPX on weekly. And you're going to be able to see exactly what's going on here. Okay. So March, April of 2021, look where the market was S and P was at 2200 pay. Very close attention here. Look, what's look. What was happening to the chart of the Dollar

March, April dollar goes from 94 93 handle all the way to one Oh four, this sharp move in the dollar coincides with this sharp drop right here in the S and P 500. So what I'm saying is if dollar moves from current level of 91 to 92 or 93, it's not a big deal, but if the dollar actually stages a killer rally, because everybody on wall street is short, the dollar. If dollar moves higher, two 99, a hundred in a similar fashion, as it did back here in the April, March during the crash that we've predicted in the market dollar did this. So it's the huge move in the particular asset or stock or commodity that causes some wild moves in the market. In this particular case, everybody was cashing out at the stocks, where were the money going when everybody's sketching out of the stocks?

Well, to get in dollars for it, right? So the dollar, uh, all of a sudden demand for dollar spikes. And therefore, if we go for a 10, 20% correction, if it happens within a short amount of time, you can expect a huge move higher in the dollar, despite of what bitter shift for stock and despite of what anybody else is stocking. Now, longterm Peter Schiff is ride, but short term, he always gets wrong. Therefore learn how to read charts. Now, the next crazy idea, all the domino that's going to kill this market is the price of copper. Now everybody's talking about how Chon is able to keep the virus under control, how China is doing so good. They're recovering fast while that's a bunch of because the price of copper is telling us exactly the opposite. It's got a major crossover going on here, and it's got exactly the reverse of the pattern.

I have just shown you guys on the dollar. In this case on copper, we've got a head and shoulder formation was highly bearish. So expect copper in the next 30 days to take a nosedive from these three 57, three 60 level, which basically copper is an indication of how good the Chinese economy's doing. And apparently based on these charts, formation, things are about to get up. Yeah, China numbers. They're not real numbers guys. This chart of copper is a real storyteller right here. So guys, the most important thing is domino. Number 13, domino number 13 is fed. Cannot do. The only thing they can do is low with the rates while how much lower they going to make them they're going to go negative, which brings me back to the story of the analysis of the financial stocks. If we're going to go to negative interest rates, okay?

Where's the bull case for all these financial stocks. And again, if technology is financials dropped, the market drops guys, would that set? This were your 13 dominoes. The 13 market moves that are about to crash the market by 10, 20% guys. If you want to learn how to read the charts, click the link below. Schedule a 20 minute coaching call without senior traders. Just follow the links below this video, guys. Let's roll short the hell out of this market. I look forward to some of your success stories. I'll get you in the next trade soon. Let's go. Let's trade.


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