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Blueprint of a perfect trade - How To Find A Perfect Trade Setup | High Probability Trade Setups

Aug 31, 2022

Hey guys, what's going on in this video, we're gonna talk about something of incredible importance. And that is how can you identify as a trader some of those 90% type trades where you can be one almost 100% confident, 90% confident that your trade is going to be successful. There's certain characteristics that goes into such a trade. They do not like every trade is not the same. So when you get into the trade, it's good for you to understand. When should you stick with the trade? When should you bail out on the trade? Uh, and what are some of the factors to pay attention to? So in this, uh, video, I'm gonna basically lay out a blueprint of what we look at in a high probability trade. And again, to help you understand which you should already know that be watching most of our videos here in the channel, uh, 13 market moves, stop trade is not a trade where you jump in at nine 30 in the morning and you get out at 9 34, hopefully with a couple hundred dollars profit, that is not the type of trade.

And that we do here at 13 market moves. We chase home runs. We identify these opportunities where you can stick with the trade hold with the trade. That's gonna gain momentum at, at certain instance throughout the week, which could accelerate your returns to the magnitude to five X, 10 X, 20 X at times. So the blueprint and the factors that we're looking at, I'm gonna show you and we're gonna do it on the example of FSLR FSLR is a solar stock I've been watching for many, many years. For those of you that've been around for a little while. FSLR used to be a stock that used to trade between 40 and 60 bucks. And, uh, while the market kept rocketing higher, FSLR really, hasn't been doing a whole lot. It's been in the range between 60 and a hundred bucks in the last few years.

So while all these stocks get rocket in and rocket in higher, FSLR really has been a huge under performer. And what we're noticing right now is, Hey, a huge TRO in FSLR beginning with, uh, RSI, beginning with a lot of other things. And I'm gonna point out some things to you that you could be paying attention when you're trying to identify trades like this, but we believe FSR can easily hit a level of 200 bucks guys, not tomorrow, but in the next, uh, few months, uh, in the next four to six months, I wouldn't be shocked if flar actually hits 200 bucks, definitely in the next 12 months. So if you have a longer term outlook, um, and you're looking for some opportunities where you can just, uh, buy calls and stick with them for a longer amount of time, maybe you're working or running a few businesses and you just don't have time to be glued to your computer.

100% of the time. This is it. And I'm gonna show you how you can identify more trades like this one. So the five simple facts you wish you knew yesterday, guys, which you would've known. If you it with a 13 market moves coach, uh, give us a call here at 13 market moves. If you are trying to advance your trade and career. So here's the blueprint. Okay? I'm gonna give you an illustration note that even though I'm gonna reveal this entire blueprint, it really depends on the trader of psychology or whether you're gonna be able to take advantage of this crazy material that I'm about to reveal to you. And I'm gonna show you a quick illustration. So I trade with many traders. So here's trader one on August 25th, as you can see, we've been bullish on FSLR during this whole market downturn. Uh, we started in the last 10 days, as you can see, August 25th, I'm sending the alert to this, uh, trader saying, Hey, Fs, SLR calls calls by 124 strike calls by 130 strike calls.

What does the trader do? He tries to get filled. He's like, Hey, I didn't get filled at the mid, the next day, the trade opens up six points higher. It was an easy, easy four X, five X trade missed it, missed it. Y because sometimes guys, you know, trying to save a few pennies on getting filled. And I get this question a lot leader. Should I put a market order? Should I put a limit order, guys? It depends on what instrument you're trading. If the spread is too high, clearly you don't wanna be using the market order. But when you are getting an alert from me or one of the coaches here, uh, guys, you, your goal is to execute the trade. So you don't wanna be in a situation where you're missing on a five X trade because you're trying to save 50 bucks on execution of the trade.

Um, so if this brand is low and we're expecting a big move in the stock in any particular moment throughout this week, you don't wanna be utilized in limit orders. You wanna just go ahead, go for the kill, do the market. If the spread is low. So don't be trader one who misses out on a five X trade, because he's trying to put an order at, at the mid now, August 25th, here's trader two guys trader two saying, Hey FSR, 126 train calls, okay. Buy today, exit tomorrow. Uh, he's like, whoa, it's dropping Leo. It is dropping. I say to him, it doesn't matter what the stock does. Every five minutes guys, we focus on where it will be tomorrow. Okay. You don't buy the stock based off. Oh my God. It, it is dropping. I'm gonna buy puts not, it doesn't work that way. Okay.

You have to have a certain time horizon on your trade. Now. Clearly, if you outlook on the trade is next three minutes and it's dropping now. Okay. That would make sense to see what the stock is currently doing. And Hey, could it possibly drop just a little bit more now that is not gonna make you a ton of money. So the way you get paid as a trader is exactly the opposite of what 99% of the people are gonna teach you out there. Most of these people that teach you how to make a hundred bucks guys, that's probably the limit of what they're able to show you in traded. And we've shown you many times how our traders that are taught our 13 market moves, uh, program. They're able to exceed a million dollar mark, not within 10 years, but within six to 12 months, uh, a lot, a lot of people guys got over 20 traders that have reached over million dollars.

Plus trading with 13 market moves in the last couple of years. So if you wanna, if you want to be that next trader, all right, don't focus on what the stock or whatever the underlying that you're trading is going to do in the next five minutes, focus on where it will go next, where it will be tomorrow, where it will be by the end of the week. So normally if we're bullishing a stock, like FSLR, if it's dropping, this actually means that this is where we would be buying calls. You don't wanna wait for something to keep exploding, high, exploding higher and, and buy it on a move higher. You wanna buy something that overall buy tomorrow is heading higher. You wanna buy it on the drop, therefore, and instead of just sitting there putting in the mid order, you would be timing. When a stock pull pulls back throughout the day, a couple of bucks to get in on the call site.

So this trader basically is dropping. He later messaged me like, Hey, Leon, I'm gonna wait till the drops do one 17 and I'm gonna get in. Well, guess what? The stock never drops to one 17. The stock pulls back to one 20. When I send him the message to buy it. Uh, he kept waiting to get in. When the stock was gonna give him even a better opportunity, he missed an end, try to trade guys. Five X trade gone right in front of these dude's eyes. Okay. Because he was focused on what look, he even sent me this chart right here. He's like, oh, Leo is dropping. See the truck here is at like 1 20, 1 43. It hits that level. It begins to drop to like one 20. He's like, no, man, it it's dropping. I can't do it. I'm gonna wait till the drop's more.

So sometimes this small differences guys trader want misses on a five X trade. Why he tries to put the order at the mid, uh, trader two misses out on a five X trade. Y because he's trying to wait till the stock is gonna give him even a better entry opportunity. Okay. Now here's uh, trader three trader three. Hey, add 20 K to FSL. 130 strike calls next week. Expiration. Okay. Done. There's no discussion. There's no picture sent there's no. Oh, I'm gonna wait until the drop, like trader three. Just does exactly. He's on point. He gets stuff done. Okay. Which one of those traders do you think is collecting the profits the next morning? Okay. And look, the trader is like you can't the size of your account. Doesn't matter, guys. Okay. Whether you trading with two K a 200 K I mean, this trader's loaded up with 400 SLR calls.

Okay. The day before it pops six points. I mean, you could see, you know, I mean, so we're ready to cash up next one, a hundred forty four K, basically guys, you cannot hesitate. You cannot think about it twice. You know, when we're talking, 13 market moves. It's time to take action. So when you're coming in here trying to enroll to trade with a coach, if you're selected to trade with a coach, then make sure you're ready to execute. Okay. We can chat later after 4:00 PM, you can ask questions. You can do all that stuff. But when you're getting a message,

It's time to get into a trade it's time to take action. So FSLR daily chart. Now we're gonna talk about the factors that contribute to this blueprint trade. And so this was before the Powell speech actually made the slides before the Powell speech and throughout the Powell speech, we kept staying bullish on FSLR calls because of some of the characteristics that I'm gonna reveal to you now. So the general misconception. Okay. So let's break down the myth. Um, I'm gonna be a myth Buster here for a second. Uh, the myth, uh, is this, that when RSI is over bought, when it gets to this level of like 80, 90 it's time for you to get out of the trade. Now that was something of just conventional, uh, statistics that an average trader would use. Okay. Now it is absolutely incorrect if you're trying to nail home runs, uh, in such cases, when you study the best stocks in the history of the stock market, such as Netflix and Tesla.

So on this RSI, once it gets to this level of 80 90, it does not give you necessarily signal to sell right there. And then, and by no means, should you be using only one indication to get in or get out of a trade? So oftentimes a typical trader, they disregard this very aspect that once the RSI gets to this level, it could stay there for months, such as in many historic examples with, uh, again, stocks like Netflix and apple. And so on this, this could stay here for three to four months before it could begin to drop off. So if you are a trader that typically looks at our side from a conventional normal perspective, while it's at 80 90, maybe I should go short. I mean, look at this thing, the whole market is moving higher. And this thing, the whole market is crashing, and this thing is going higher.

Maybe I should, maybe this is the time to short it. And this is how a trader gets skilled because he thinks while it's over bought sure enough, the market is dropping. This thing is gonna drop, okay? And they buy puts, instead of doing what we do here, we buy calls because we're not just focused on this. Now think about RSI. This, this is the conventional way of looking at the RSI, which I just told you, if you're trying to make home run trades, not just make a couple hundred bucks, that this is not the way you should be approaching the RSI indication. But also if we're to spell out RSI, it is relative strength index relative means you're measuring something in relation to something. Well, the way the RSI works is basically we're measuring here. How strong is the price action in the stock relates to the past action in the stock?

So in this case, when you see the RSI moving higher, all we're measuring is how does this particular stock measures up against its past performance? So in this case, clearly the I scientist keeps moving higher and higher, but there is a greater aspect when it comes to relative strength, which has never gets talked about is how does a stock actually behave in relation to its own sector in relation to the market itself? So when we're gonna look at FSLR LAR relative strength, not only should we pay attention to this stuff right here, but we shall also be considering how does this stock is and, and price action in stock relates to the rest of the market. So if we're to dig deeper just a little bit and focus on this thing. So this was before the power speech, you can see that the market was dropping here slightly.

We actually nailed that point right here. 43 10. I remember sending out a bunch of alerts. Hey guys, anything about 4,300. We short, we short, we short. So you guys made a ton of money. If you, uh, partake in the trade, if you missed it, guys, you should join the alert group. The message was loud and clear, short, short, anything over 4,300. But notice when the market is dropping, when we are identifying this perfect entry on the put side, okay, what was FSLR doing? Well, it wasn't doing like, look, it was just going sideways. So when a market was dropping FSLR was moving sideways. So just looking at this, how would you rate FSLR relative strength in relation to the rest of the market? Well, majority of the stocks were dropping, right? That's why the index was dropping, but FSLR was not dropping. Could have dropped a lot more, right?

It could have dropped a lot more like some of these other stocks, right? If we measure relative strength of FSLR, for example, in, in comparison to a giant stock, like Google investment, bank's favorite one of the top favorite stocks over, over the last couple of years. Right? Well, Google, as you can see, pretty strong move lower. Our side is dropping off. Okay. While FSLR is doing what well FSLR is moving higher and its relative strength in relation to killer stocks like Google is actually increasing. So FSLR strength in relation to some of the heavyweight champs of all times is actually increasing. Uh, FSLR relative strengths in relation to the entire market is increasing. So apparently somebody is buying. Okay. Cuz you have to understand for these other stocks to drop the market to drop. I mean the number of sellers have basically has to outnumber the number of buyers.

Well, that's not the case, right? That's not the case despite of market weakness, the number of buyers in FSLR is actually exceeding the number of sellers. Now, this is interesting because this is a simple case of divergence. You, you hear me talking about divergence all the time as a, as a great way to identify some of the trades, uh, right before some of the big moves happen in this, in this killer trading opportunities. And so this is a simple form of a divergence. You look at the relative strength of F FSLR in relation to its own strength. Second thing you do, you look at the relative strength of FSLR in relation to the market. And then you combine some stocks from various sectors, right? We compared it to the one of the bank stocks and compared it to all of them. I just didn't have time to ensure all the slides, but you can also compare it to other sectors.

For example, you'd want to compare it to something like mRNA. Why? Well, because mRNA recently not so long ago had some strong moves, right? From 120 to 195, almost 200 bucks. So really strong performance in, in Moderna in the last couple of months, right before the market start showing some weakness Moderna sold off. Right? So again, some stocks that recently has be perform better in such stocks like mRNA. The I relative strengths is dropping. So not only the relative strength, OFR, uh, is exceeding some of the greatest stocks. It's also exceeding some of the momentum stocks that recently had some strong runs that almost doubled, right? And it's important to basically take the stock that you're looking to trade that you're looking to plan your trade on and compare it to various sectors. We can actually go even further and compare FSLR to some of its peers in the solar sector, which it has also outperformed.

Uh, you can find that out on your own. There's only one stock, which is E NPH, which has outperformed FSLR. So the point is simple. Okay. The FSLR stock is exuberating some signs that the number of buyers is definitely exceeding the number of sellers and it, it is happening at the moment while the rest of the market is showing weakness. Now that's the first part of the puzzle. We clearly see diversions there. Now here's the second part of the puzzle FSLR keeps rocketing higher despite of ton of downgrades. So despite of ton of downgrades, uh, if you've been following the stock, you can see here, horrible earning report, but instead of the horrible earning report, what happens to the stock, it gets up right? And it never looks back with the exception a couple of days where it makes minor small, small pullbacks, which are buying opportunities. And basically what it's important to pay attention to not the news, but when an analyst is downgrade in the stock and it is a well respected analyst in the wall street community, and despite of observing what would normally happen, which the stock should drop instead of that, it keeps moving higher, especially on the day of the downgrade guys, that is something to pay attention to because that is


The rest of the market does not agree with that analyst. They're Like, P fuck you, Joe. Okay,
This shit ain't dropping. It's not gonna drop. You can downgrade this thing all you want. I'm gonna buy it despite of what you think.

So When you have an instance where the stock is getting hit with some bad news, and it's one thing, if you observe one downgrade, but it's another thing when you have two, three investment banks downgrade in the stock at the same time, right? And the stock price, the price action does not agree with it. Okay? It means two things that if it's gonna keep happening all these analysts that were downgrading the stock recently, and I'm just referring to here, guys, all of this stuff is happening from July 25th, right through

Now like August 30th. And basically this often will result at some point In a short squeeze because
All these analysts that are coming downgrading, the stock downgrading the stock. Well, it's easy to downgrade the stock when It's trading in close to Old time highs. And then they realize, oh shit, we
Were wrong.

Hey, it's busting out higher. And what happens is guys, you can easily get a massive short squeeze. Now the short Squeeze based With short Interest in Fs, SLR is only gonna last about two, three days,

But Hey, that's enough to Propel the stock In the near, in the near future guys in the next three to 10 days, this thing could shut up To 150 bucks easily.

Now, if you Observe some of the other, um, bullish components here in the chart, guys, look at this. You clearly Have a massive Bullish crossover and many videos. You often hear me talk about a bearish crossover downward, okay? But in this case, it's a bullish crossover And this is especially Important when it is a company by some strong volume. As you can see, if we compare the volume around here to the Volume on this side, look, these Breakouts and moves higher their Company in the significantly Higher volume, which later he could be repeated to where the stock exuberate similar volume characteristics, especially during the short squeeze, we could see Even Buying bars on those days, exceeding the buying volume bars that we have seen recently, uh, around August 1st. So we take a look further at some of the other things, um, Let's Glance.

Now what actually has happened after, uh, thousand point drop after the Powell speech. So after The Powell, Wyoming speech, basically what we've got is the market crashes thousand points. What does FSLR do? Absolutely nothing. It's actually moving higher, right? So the rest of the market was dropping

FSLR was in Top five stocks that day. It actually finished in the green. So what I've shown you on the prior few charts is confirmed again. So the trend here in this particular stock, despite of what the market is doing, the stock is not responding. The stock is not responding in the way that all the other stocks are responding, and this could be observed exactly prior to a stock making a huge, huge breakout. So basically if a LAR says, Hey, we don't give a shit what Paul says, Hey, we are gonna buy this thing anyway. All right. So now just for a quick comparison, what happens to Google since we've used it on the prior example? Well, clearly Google drops even more after the Powell speech, uh, S and P 500 huge move lower after the Powell speech. Okay. So again, we're noticing a huge confirmation on the relative strength of FSLR in relation to other market components, market sectors.

All right. So let's take a look at FSLR daily chart. Now this daily chart was, uh, taken a few days ago. So, uh, the, again, the general misconception on our side, we've addressed that, uh, we've talked about the volume characteristics. Sometimes Med's gonna give you a full signal where it looks like it's gonna move lower, but in reality, it's gonna straighten itself out and make another leg higher, which oftentimes will be accompanied with an increase in volume. So this golden cross is exactly the opposite of which guys heard me talk in many videos, referring to the Def cross. This is exactly the opposite of the Def cross and it's highly, highly bullish. Now, if we take a look at the weekly chart of a solar guys, oftentimes third time is the charm. Third time in is the charm in this case, it's definitely it. So record increase a number of contracts we're observing on August 25th in the hundred 25 strike, we had close to 15,000 contracts.

We've never observed this sort of volume in any given strike in NFS FSR in a long, long time. And we think there's gonna be a record number of contracts, traded trade in NFS, LR calls going forward, um, from now, which is the end of August, going into September, October, November, December, we're gonna see a record record volume in NFS LR calls. We could see similar. If we look back in the history, we had similar sort of circumstances, right before Tesla breaks out from, uh, 300, 350 level. I know some of you that are new, you may be confused while am I talking about 3, 3 50 on Tesla. I'm referring to the point a few years back when Tesla was trading in between three and three 50, and it had similar formation on what oftentimes could be referred as the triple top, but sometimes those tops will be broken.

And it's important to observe these bind behavior, which I'm pointing out to you in order to make this decision, whether something is gonna break out higher or lower. Once Tesla broke out about that three 50 level Tesla actually did it on the fourth time. The probability that FSLR is gonna do it on the fourth time is unlikely because we're seeing a lot of characteristics point into the fact that FSLR break is going to happen now, like today in the next seven days. And the next 14 days, we're gonna see a huge move in FSLR high. And the similarities to when Tesla broke out and I'm referring to that three 50 level was before any stock splits in Tesla. So that was before Tesla shut up all the way to 2000. And they did a seven for one stock split that was before Tesla just recently did another three for one stock split.

So basically we're looking at about 10 to one stock splits, which would've put Tesla after that breakout to a point of 3000 bucks, if Tesla never split the shares. So basically we're talking about a potential 10 X increase in the price of shares. Now I'm not saying that this is going to be the next Tesla, uh, price action wise. Uh, I'm not sure if we're gonna see a 10 X and FSLR, but we could see a mess. I mean, at some point this could be right here, a four, $500 stock. I'm not saying this year, I'm saying maybe looking at a five year horizon. This could be it. And the early inning of that next move to where the stock is gonna progress to the 200 level 2 5300. This is how it looks right here, guys. This is your blueprint. Okay? The whole market is weak.

The stock gets to this level and we send you a bunch of alerts. Hey, 1 21 69. And I'm getting messages from like a lot of traders. And they're like, who, what are we doing? Buying calls? This stock is at all time highs, damn right. We're buying calls at all time highs. We're not buying it at all time. Highs of the day, we bought a bunch of calls on the dip, uh, and we send you a bunch of alerts about it. But the, the point is there is a moment in time when the chart is gonna look like this and the behavior is gonna be highly bullish, um, which is gonna be portrayed in the buying behavior by institutional investors. They're selling some things and that's why overall the market is dropping, but they're buying some things. So this is one thing that they're absolutely buying despite of the weakness in the market.

So when you see an increased number of contracts in a particular stock, that if you follow a stock, normally you don't see before, uh, you see this huge increase, uh, without the increase in the put bind volume. So the, the one thing we've pointed out in, in the alert group for you guys is when the number of contracts in August 25th and the 1 25 strike, uh, went up like crazy. It was like 70 X, the average volume. We also noticed that the put volume did not increase at all. So we had a circumstance where, you know, the, the, the calls were outscoring the, the puts like tremendously, this sort of ratio we have not seen in the long, long time. So when the price action is also supported by the volume, that is highly bullish, uh, when the rest of the market is dropping and the price action, the stock you're looking to trade or be bullish on keeps moving higher, uh, it tells you that there's big money behind the stock.

Um, and so there's multiple multiple factors here. Uh, that point to that, not only the price action was backed by strong volume and increase in volume. And it was also accompanied by a huge increase in a number of contracts. So everything lines up here perfectly, and at some point, this multi top formations, they are destined to be broken. And in this case, um, that's exactly what we've got right when I'm referring to this is an option chain back from probably a week ago, when we're getting into this, we're buying these one 20 fives, uh, for like 20 to 30, 40 cents. The next morning there were worth, you know, uh, over 2 53 bucks. I mean, this is like overnight guys, five, six eights trade overnight, based on all the factors that I'm showing you right now. Now, um, notice that we were buying these calls when the stock was at 118.7, and we've pointed out major bull divergence number of calls, and 1 25 strike 70 X.

You would've had all these information, right. We basically pointed out if it clears 1 21 0.5 today, which was, uh, at that point, uh, I think August 24th, that can easily open around 1 27, 1 30 the next day, which was the 25th. We got a huge pre-market gap up in the stock. So easy, easy trade and opportunity. Now notice that at the same time that morning, uh, bank of America completely changes its stance. Now, early in the video, I have pointed out how over the course of the last 45 days, many analysts were downgrading the stock, but now we're seeing the first analyst actually upgrading the stock from neutral to buy. We believe that that moment, this, this could be just one of the few analysts to begin upgrading the stock. Now, in the last couple of days, guys, we've seen multiple, multiple upgrades. Like there's literally almost every day. Now that a new analyst on wall street is coming out and it's like, Hey, hell no, I'm not gonna be a bear in this thing. I'm changing my price target. I'm changing from sell to buy neutral, to buy.

I mean, everyone on wall street is just beginning to be bullish on the stock. Basically what I'm saying is there's huge, huge room for more analysts to turn bullish on this thing over the next two, three months. Um, and so the stock's got ton of energy, uh, solar energy, if you will, to run higher, uh, guys, I'm gonna summarize everything that I've showed you just on the chart. So basically the trade summary, the blueprint, right, is you wanna identify a stock that has been underperforming in relation to the market for quite some time, but now is showing some signs of strength or bullish divergences in relation to the rest of the market. So when we look at it's been trading between 40 bucks and a hundred bucks for the last 12 years, severely underperforming the market. But now it's pointed out in multiple charts. We're seeing major recent, recent, I mean this major bull diver in the stock are in the last 30 days guys.

And this market diverges are continuing despite of the weakness in the market. So despite of the downgrades, despite of the market weakness, the stock keeps rocket and higher. Those are factors two and three for you to consider. Uh, number four is the chart. Pattern is set for major breakout. Now I haven't included those slides in here, but if you were to pull up the chart of FSLR on multiple, multiple timeframe charts, you will see a pattern that could be resembling a cup without a handle. Now, sometimes the most common pattern known to bulls is cup with a handle, but there is a variation of that pattern that is known cup without a handle. And that is exactly what we're looking at here. Now, some timeframes, you could see a resemblance of couple with a handle, but you have to look at probably 20 different time variations to, to see that.

So 13 market moves sequence 7, 7, 7 guys. Once you get a 7, 7, 7 sequence, if you started the, the 13 market moves formula, guys, it basically gives you a 91% chance, uh, of the stock moving continuously higher, not just one day, not just two days, but multiple days. I mean, it can literally move higher five to 10 days in a row. Now, historically, this pattern is highly comparable to the one we've seen in Tesla before Tesla literally shot up from 300 to 3000. Now that move in Tesla didn't happen overnight. It took a few years, but we could be at the very early ins of a similar move in FSLR now elevated probability of a short squeeze could be the factor which could give the stocks certain days over the next few days to where these moves are like 10% a day move. So FSLR could be moving from a hundred twenty five, a hundred twenty seven boxes where it's straighted.

Now, as I'm recording this all the way to 135 bucks within a blink of an eye because of a short squeeze combination, uh, with all the other factors I've shown. So bullish catalyst of the local inflation reduction, uh, reform, uh, is the reason probably most of the banks are looking at buying the stock because of this very well positioned to outperform a lot of stocks. Hey, free money guys. They're jumping in on this thing. So we'll see more analyst turn from bear to bull in the near future. We think that trend is going to continue where the bears are gonna drop out. And not only are they gonna drop out and just turn neutral. We see a lot of bears that have maybe accelerating, actually turning entirely 180 degrees and turning bullish on this thing. So guys, if you wanna learn more about charts and diverses, so you can understand how to look at the trade, how to analyze the trade, how to identify these trades to where you don't have to worry about jumping in, jumping out.

How can you have full confidence where you look at a chart, you look at the market behavior, you look at the 13 market move sequence. How can you sleep well at night holding a $400,000 position? Okay, what can give you the confidence to ultimately do such thing? Well, we can help you learn a lot of things. Trading in with a coach.

Guys is the easiest and the fastest, uh, way to, you know, curb your learning curve when it comes to trading. So, and invite everybody to [email protected] enroll, at least in a free call. There's nothing to lose. It's a 20 minute coaching call with the senior trader. Um, you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain guys trade with the coach today, make your dreams come true. As a trader guys, I'll see you in the next video soon.

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