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Day Trading Options Live | $3k into $78k in 72 hours Trading Weekly Options Live! | 13marketmoves

Mar 13, 2021

First distract target, then block is blind jab cross to them and attempt wild haymaker employee elbow block. We can like draw the fracture traumatized.

Hey guys, what's going on March 3rd, 2021 in this video is sharing how to turn the 3,200 into 15 K plus in just a matter of a few trades. So here's trait number one. We interested in shorten. I do absolutely love RCL. So we aren't going to go ahead and just buy some RCL puts in the, uh, in the 90 strike. Yeah, we're going to buy about 30 of them. Uh, 0.3, three. Okay. Let's raise it to 0.3, five. Still don't want to sell. Okay. Moderate. Okay. So on 30 RCL contracts, the stock now is at 95, 78 expecting huge drop by the end of the week. So on 30 contracts, we still got $2,100 to invest here.

Alright. V can G would be a really good trade. So let's see when, just by one, can G put here so you can get this, uh, 2285, just one at 21. Okay. Done. So got two positions. One began G bud and 30 RCL foods began G actually, as you can see, I was short in it on the bounce. So begins you right now. It's up 42 bucks for the day. RCL is up $2 23 cents for the day. And basically that was my entry at the about 9:44 AM here on both stocks. So expecting both of them to reverse and move lower guys. And this is the simple strategy you want to buy books when stocks go higher, see most of the people they want to buy foots when they see what, when they see stocks drop. Well, oftentimes it's just too late to be buying foot.

By the time something dropped, you're paying too much premium, uh, you're at a disadvantage. And, you know, at that point, the stock could be too close to reversal or a bounce. And that's how a lot of traders that get kicked out of their position. So, uh, we got two solid positions here. All we have to do is wait as you can see RCL, basically, as soon as I got into it, it starts dropping. So, um, I mean at this point, this drop is minuscule, so it's not reflected. And then you sort of huge gain in or anything. Um, but nonetheless, this stock's got huge, huge potential for a drop. So considering, you know, a thousand dollar investment here making 135 bucks. Okay guys. So, uh, we'll review the trades shortly. Uh, let's see how far we can take this, uh, 3,200 bucks, uh, in the next 72 hours. Let's roll

Hey guys, what's going on? It is March 4th, 9:30 AM. And so you can see the account is at 6,700, mainly because of the BTN G drop. So yesterday we took two positions. We started with three K. So now begin, G's making 3,300 bucks and we actually, we want to sell it, not because we don't think that beacon G okay. Can not do a better for us, uh, but uh, actually sold it for 4,500. Okay. So we were probably making some money on the other position too, but not a good close out, uh, right here. It was bouncing nonetheless. Uh, now the account is up to, uh, 5,700 bucks. Um, and, um, we're looking to catch it back on the balance guys. So back on the balance would be a good time to get in here. Uh, we like a bunch of trades, so, uh, and G is definitely going to drop lower, but to show you how to trade smaller candle higher, you gotta take, you gotta make some decisions.

Um, so the decision had to be made as I thought it was recording, but the screen was not recorded. So what I've done is I just, um, showed you where, uh, our shell position is making 270 bucks there. We got in yesterday, like 35 cents. Now we're just starting to make money there. Uh, now the position would just do cause a crazy position on snow while snow was bouncing, we're actually buying puts. And so this position just barely started to make money as well. But now we've got 23 contracts right here expecting snow to drop 50 bucks. considering that, um, the stock is highly popular. Uh, I mean it did just announced pretty good earnings, uh, dropped to 27 yesterday, bounced here, revisited at the same level. Couldn't take that level and there's nowhere, but room lower here in snow. The question is why the hell Leonardo, would you be buying these out of the money puts?

Um, and in this particular case, considering our all, uh, conclusion on the market's going to crash and fold the out here by tomorrow, we think that's no can actually drop 50 bucks. Yeah, we can see it snow like 200 or it's right now it's two 51. So we're expecting a huge drop in snow. Uh, didn't get a very good field guys on these, uh, two 30 Bush at paid too much do 75 on these. Uh, but Hey, it could be worth 20 bucks by tomorrow and we can see the account actually, uh, above, uh, 25 K. So, um, let's rock and we'll review the straights shortly guys. So here's what going to happen to you. If you study and learn the third sheet market Moses, and you start to blind them, uh, the counters at DN five 30 a so basically with triple they count since yesterday morning, it's nine 54, uh, snow we're getting in right here on the balances, uh, dropping sharply. Um, of course we could have made, um, still made money on the beginning. G if we didn't sell it, first thing in the morning would have made more, but overall distrait now we're holding more contracts and we're pretty close to being in the money. We're winning 10 box on a $240 stock. So, Hey guys, what's going on? So, uh, this is exactly what we're going to do. We're going to actually train the, uh, RCL position. Okay. Uh, it's hidden the lows, 88 37. Uh, we want to, um, sell half of the position

At market. We're going to lock about an 800% gain right now. So I was buying them for 35 cents selling them at, uh, do 32 60 Solomon do 31, unfortunately. Okay. So got about $3,300. Okay. We're going to put a sale order, trying to sell some more of a, or she helped puts here an expectation of a bounce and a better entry on some of the other stocks here. So, uh, two 40 is not working out. We're going to place the order with, uh, two, uh, 21. That's fun. Still about seven acts is final. I just sell them at market. It is what it is. That's fine. Let's go one 97. That's still not bad. Still about 600% return on this. So we've cleared up about 6,400. We're going to wait for a better entry here. They got. So, uh, we're actually gonna, uh, buy some, uh, of RCL puts back here. Uh, what we're going to do is we're going, gonna invest in these, uh, we're gonna buy, um, bought a hundred of these 86 points at 29 cents. Right now, stock bounce to basically back to 91, we're buying 86 splits

So I can get an order filled here. Maybe Didn't want to feel it. So, uh, I may have to go with a market order. Yeah, Here 37. What the. All right. Well, it is what it is somehow I missed, uh, the, The just happened.

All right. Horrible feel here. I'm not sure why this is showing 29. I'm getting filled at 37. But that's what it is. Okay. And so we've got 2,700 bucks. I'll find out later what's going on here, but, uh, uh, 2,700 bucks Do want to short some other stuff. And just a moment here. And we're going to go and add to the unfortunate snow trade, uh, from this morning. So, uh, we're actually going to add, let's see. Only buy 10 more at 1.7 here so we can get it filled there. Oh, it should be able to con the ask is 1.9 bid is one, one, four. I'm trying to put 1.7 and there's no takers. Come on. People. What what's going on here?

Okay. Done. Okay.

All right. Now we've got a thousand bucks, so nobody thinks is going to drop to two 10 of course. And that's the beauty of it. So we think it's going to drop below two, 10 bucks tomorrow. So crazy Rob of 25%. So Fine Guys. We got a solid position, got snow boots. And we got, uh, RCL books. And Rodney now is, uh, 3:26 PM. And this is going to crash tomorrow. We're going to probably open at 25 K pretty close to it. So snow run here, but now we've got more contracts. Uh, we'll reset the limit order anyways. Uh, get ready to open at 25 K let's go. And not a day, not a beautiful setup here at 13 market moves March 5th, 9:36 AM. I'm still holding onto the two positions. We opened Dr. Snow Bush, uh, added to that position yesterday. Our is still holding those guys. The reason I say it's a beautiful setup because the market is going to do exactly what I've shown you in the video. Yes, but I said, when it moves 25 points, counter-clockwise what do you do? You short the bounce. And so maybe you couldn't take this again this morning.

If you're a short seller guys, it's not an easy game. You just got to know exactly how to deal with your emotions and recognize them and do exactly the opposite sometimes what you actually inside. Have you ever been screams to do so basically, hopefully you've wanted the mistake. That was the whole purpose of making the video. Yes. So they bought the counter clock movements in a downtrend white house, economic council. When the market bounces, what do you do? You short say Hill out of the boundary. It's as simple as that RCL can easily make another $8 drop. I mean, it could literally hit 80, 81. Um, at this point we're holding

The 86 strike crisis persists. Now let me break this down. So for those of you who maybe that a new you're thinking, Oh, the job number is great. Everything is good. You know, the economy. Yeah. It doesn't matter. You know why? Because as strong job number means higher interest rates and a stronger dollars, you can see dollar, that's been struggling in the chart for quite some time. It's actually moving higher this morning. And as the dollar makes the move higher, there's two things that are certain people going to start covering this dollar position. So you want to short the balances guys, that's as simple as I can put it. Okay. Strong job reports equates higher interest rate, higher yield. And that's been the fear that the market's been using to sell off. So the strong job report as crazy as it sounds is not the reason to be buying stocks.

This is actually the reason in the markets during the current behavioral patterns. That is actually the reason to be selling stocks. So the count is at 10, eight 91, we started with three 72 hours ago. And so we didn't open at 25 K, but we're going to get there by the end of the day. No problem. So all we got to do is just stay patient with some of these positions, all the stocks we've talked about in bunch of videos in that alerts guys, they're making a killing, and if you're not making a killing, there's something that you're doing wrong. There's probably some easy psychological mistake that you can correct when you're trading to help you avoid jumping out of your short positions when the market does this. So if you haven't some kind of struggle with those types of situations that make sure you give us a call, click the link below, schedule a 20 minute coaching call. We'll review the straight shortly guys.

Now whiskey And guys the gums at 21 seven 20, this Stan 12:00 AM. So what a difference 40 minutes, max, if you know how to use the 13 markets move format, guys, it's identical setup to the one I showed you yesterday. You anybody could have done this. So we're fixing to start taking some profits here and reposition. So on RCL guys, remember we're buying yesterday. I got snow pulled up. They kind of said 23 K. So snow is making about a 4,200 bucks. Remember this unfortunate trade yesterday, I had a bad entry. Then the stock bounced against me. And then I was able to add more on the bounce. And, uh, basically 23 contracts here, 23 contracts here. I'm still losing 122 bucks, but making $4,200 here. Now, the account official is at 25, three 40 by 10, 13:00 AM, 13 market moves guys. All right. So this is why, because yesterday I jumped on the out of the position on the drop on the RCL.

And if I reentered it on the bounce and I was able to switch the strike price, basically the market conditions, and I was able to, um, get a large number of contracts. And, uh, due to that, we got a pretty decent gain here of about 11,000, $12,000. So, uh, what we are going to do is we're just going to start selling, uh, we're going to start selling, like, for example, we're not going to sell like a pump, but I'm just going to sell like nine at market as it's dropping. And the account is 27 K. So we're buying them for 30 cents. We're selling them for a dollar 52. Um, I mean, roughly five X game can complain about that. We'll take that. And we'll reposition a little roll into some other traits. Um, now here's Snell. We're about to be in the money on snow, or got a limit order sitting there by do hidden two 48 that actual just hit the target in the alert group. I just sent the message to start selling by the closing, some of the buy to puts right here. Uh, guys, uh, if you're missing on all these crazy trades guys, the solution is simple. Click the link below. Take action today. Uh, don't let all these awesome trades happen without you. Okay. So Let's do this. Let's sell just a little bit of, uh, snow here, even though I think it can drop a lower, I want to sell this lower strike. I just want to say,

Uh, Just going to go and sell it at market. Oh, I'm selling the lowest track first guys. So Don I'm out of that position and we're going to go ahead and sell some, some of this right here. Uh, let's sell, uh, tan contracts that market right now.

Okay. Four Oh three. So making money there, let's see, what's going to make a sharper move lower here. I want to clear up some cash so I can jump into some better trades 13 at market. There it is. It's making a move lower. It's making a move lower. Come on, break below that two 30 so I can get a nice close out here. Cain does want to do it. I'm going to get out. All right. Four nine, nine, four 21. Okay. Done. So locked in five, gave two, 400 bucks on this trade right here, even if it was a losing trade yesterday guy. So knowing when it's time to stick to your positions is crucial. So clear it up about 11 eight, the account's at 25, 26 skate. We've done it in just three trades guys. It's not the number of trades, but knowing how to manage your trades, that really counts when you're trading weekly options.

13 market moves style. So, uh, let trawl about to take the next trade. So I believe this beat G puts a hugely onto price. So what I want to do is I want to go ahead and buy some beacons. You puts a way out of the money because right now the stock is only down like a dollar. I think I can finish down a hundred bucks by the end of the day. So I want to buy some of these. Um, I want to buy some, let's say 2200 here. Uh, let me see if I can buy five, uh, 10 bucks real quick. Okay. They don't want to sell that well. Oh, Hey, thanks. Solve it. Okay. Good five here at 10.

I, You will find, so I own these 2200 strike puts on the weekends AVG. Oh, great report. But nobody wants to buy the thing. So we'd probably want to short this spy some way out of the money puts can easily drop to these levels right here. So this level here looks interesting in there under priced right here and want to buy these, uh, uh, let me get out of the, my order to buy more. Uh Beaky and G I'm going to buy some, uh, AVG. Oh, uh, 2030. See if we can get a man at 75.

Currently the stock is at four 39. We can easily drop 20 bucks. Okay. So they don't want us rolling. Okay, good, good. Good. I'm buying them at 75. All right. Good. Good. Good. So bought 30 ABGs puts, um, the account is that, uh, 31 K and uh, basically, uh, RCL keeps dropping. Okay. All right guys. And it is 1127. Uh, B am March 5th, like somebody, one case. So fiction to close out some of these, uh, RCL positions, as you can see, I got a limit order set, got a hundred bullets. Uh, we're getting pretty close on the RCL here. Uh, so making 51 Candace trade. Remember I was buying these yesterday for 36 cents. They go on for five bucks right now and we've got to limit in order to sell some of them.

I put five down, 17%, $20 again, PLTR, Neo took her Nao. Also, we're going to hit it right down. Lowe's down near $32 down 17% in an IO.

There it is. And began G trade to starting to work it out our direction as well.

S and P 500 futures breaking below the 37 30 level down. Nearly a percent for the session. There it is guys. Yes.

Sure. The bounce. Remember what I've said on the video yesterday? You want to short the bounce select on the drop. So that's what we're doing right now. We're going to collect them, drop their is 5.5 out on our cl guys. That's a, I didn't do the math. 36 cents purchase sold at 5.5. Right. It looks like I just hit the low on this. Uh, should probably sell some more. Let's go ahead and sell more. Sell the other 50 contracts. Probably not going to see. I sold it at 5.5 and it will just slightly higher. Okay. Guys. So apparently we all were stayed out position, uh, in RCL. And so it's time to actually sell these right here, guys. It's time to sell them or place let's go and clear them at the market. It is what it is. Got to move on, got to move on. And, uh, we actually going to take a trade right now on the call side. So we've got 32 K uh, we're going to buy, uh, Amazon, Amazon calls here, a Baidu by Dubai, Dubai, dude. Let's see. You probably want to buy some of that first Baidu calls by, do I want to buy these a hundred of these three 65 calls and buy two?


Okay. Did I buy a hundred? No, only 45. Okay. I own by two calls right there. Okay. Going futures above

The $48,000 level here, seeing some volume in the last 10 minutes, down about a half a percent in the Bitcoin futures.

So I don't 130 calls and Baidu. Current prices is 53. What a market order.


Well, 148. Okay. So got some good size, uh, positions here. Okay. All right. So the whole day, surprisingly, uh, B Kanji is the stock that just held up extra, extra strong. So what I want to do is I want to buy some calls on this, um, highly contradictory, but so weird stuff was going on. I mean, I'm still holding a bunch of foots there. The point I'm going to take a loss. I'm just going to keep the splits hostage. But, uh, I've been trying to see if I can buy some of these, um, calls here. Okay. So I did buy 10 B Kanji calls, Hey,

By Tesla calls, 600 strike Tesla calls. What about the Tesla and Amazon calls just by, by two 29 90.

It got it. So I got 10 Amazon calls, so expecting a strong bounce higher here in the markets. All right, guys. So we entirely basically shifted the position from Butch to calls because of a certain timeframe in a day, which indicates there is a bullish reversal based off the fact that the volume is drying out and we're shifting into a move for formation guys, move four is a beautiful thing. If you, on the right side of the dam, move four guys. And so what that sets the Mark is about the rockets Spock much higher. Now that we need to this market is about to go to the moon. We had some key stocks hit key levels, such as Amazon, a 28 81, guys, that level Amazon couldn't break three months ago, watch Tesla go to the moon. By the end of the day, guys, we are bullish on Tesla.

Now I officially, we stayed bearish on Tesla from eight 77, all the way to five 30 today, and now we're bullish. So let's go with Tesla to the moon. It's time to roll on the call side, move forward. Let's go. Okay guys. So that's how important it is to actually acknowledge demoed, move in relation to the volume in relation to the spy in relation to the chart patterns. And so, as you can see, the account now is at 61 K afterward, just down to about 33, but the most important thing, not as where the account is right now, but where it's going. And so let me show you the positions. Okay. Uh, the positions we've got Baidu calls and we're not making much of those yet, but, uh, we've got 130. So that's a decent sized position. And considering the drop in Baidu and how crazy they were buying the stock before the drop began.

I mean, this thing can easily move it out of 12, $13 higher, which will put them both positions in a two 65 and two 60 strike calls for us. I will put us in the money. So right now the stock is still at two 57. And so currently making about a thousand bucks on these, all right, a CV and a got Carvana making about four grand. Remember I was just recently buying a hundred calls on this at 48 cents. Well, now they're gone for 94 cents. So therefore basically doubled, uh, this position here. And we've got the two 67 and a half strike on these. So a hundred calls and Carvana around here to 67 and a half. And the same thing as with Baidu, this stock has been hot, crazy hot before the sharp drop-off. And so now they're gonna use this moment to try to bite institutions.

They don't like necessarily to buy at the very, very bottom they like for stuff to bounce slightly. So we actually going to see a substantial move higher in the stock going into, uh, the last two hours of the trading session today and, uh, Amazon. Uh, so we got Amazon calls. Remember, uh, only bought 11 of them, but now we're making about 12 candies. Uh, we're buying them for three 57. Now they'd gone for about 15 bucks and, uh, V Kanji noticing that the stock was reluctant to drop, uh, in relation to the overall market. I switched the position from footstool calls. And so now we're making about 12 four in this position. Now that's after the 5k and losses on the foot side, and that didn't have to be a loss really, uh, because it did drop at one point, I expected the overall move at that point, uh, lower based at the prior calculations.

So, but bottom line is we're positive from the position. So they count as at 62 K um, waiting for a sharp, strong, close, higher based off the move formation here, guys. So the key was to short the bounce here acknowledged the, uh, change in the characteristic of the behavior right here. And even though we didn't nail the bottom at the bottom here, we're cashing out steel out of the RCL puts remember. Um, and we, we switched the direction right about here and the importance of this at this point, it's the reverse Hadden shoulder right here on the one day, one minute chart. And so that's why we switched the direction and tally right over here, guys, that focus on this sharp move higher right now is 1:37 PM, March 5th. And this move higher, it could be drastic. I mean, we could be going back to 38, 80 on the SNP, and of course Amazon would, that could actually, uh, stage another, you know, 50, 60, $70 move higher.

And we can G could possibly touch a level of, uh, you know, uh, 2300. So with that said, guys, I'm going for a run. I'll catch you on these trades. And in about an hour and guys what's going on March 5th, uh, 3:26 PM. So, uh, go into the final stretch here. Uh, just sold one Amazon, uh, call, uh, not Amazon actually began G so this sound begins, your position looks so I've got still nine left. Remember I was Bonnie's, uh, uh, strike right here on the call side. I had these, um, uh, 20 to 40, I was buying them for, uh, uh, 1360 actually. Wow. Okay then. So I just sold one for 59. So that's about four or five X on that as you can see, uh, uh, beacon G is making oral today about 45 40 K. Uh, I'm going to set a limit order on these other nine, uh, to someone about the

Sound About $10 higher, so that maybe instead of 59, about, uh, 65 bucks. I mean, we shouldn't be able to get the right around there on those.

Uh, Now the outer position is not doing as good. Um, actually Amazon has done pretty decent, um, 11 contracts. I bought them for three 57. They're not 15 bucks making 12 K here, uh, by do position is not doing good. Uh, it wasn't one point making some money, but now it's a $6,800 loss, uh, C uh, CV and a, uh, CV and a, uh, was doing good. I was making 4,600 to currently losing 2300 bucks on that. But, uh, we still got 32 minutes to go on the straight and session. So a lot of good things can happen in the last half an hour based with the formation of the move guys. Uh, so we could still see a nice shot higher right here in the last 30 minutes. So we're going to stay and wait till the close here. Um, March three 20, let's go, just saw my Amazon. So probably off it there. They're selling the rest of my Amazon. All right. So look, be ready if they sell it, they sell it. It

All right. So they sold my beat Kanji position. All right. So on B Kanji, 38, seven for the day could have been much better, but did the Ameritrade sold the out of it, but you got to take the good with the bad guys. It is what it is, but they cost me probably 20 grand. Cause this is going to rocket high right now. So by do we got, um, we got some that could actually close pretty decently. So, uh, these, uh, 60 strike two 60 calls, uh, Baidu is moving to the two 59 level right now. Last final push higher man. They did cost me easily 20, maybe 30 grand here easily goes in a more full formation, like the last 20 minutes on Fridays. That's where the market is a very solid move, very easy to profit from, but they sold me out too early. All right guys. So, uh, three minutes, 47 seconds to go. Uh, Baidu position has shown signs of life. So, um, it is in the money officially where two 61 on Baidu. So these sad two 61, uh, calls, uh, should be able to sell for a decent price. So, uh, they have to set a limit order, maybe a dollar 44 here.

See if we can get a fill there. Oh, it needs to move. So there it is. We should be able to done so soul, uh, made a little bit of money there, uh, or I'll still lost some money because, uh, the two 65 calls didn't do much. Uh, but they kind of said 78 Ks, basically the cost me about 12 grand on selling BKG earlier, actually more like 16 grand based off, uh, the price they sold it at. Uh, they've cost me about five grand. So altogether about 18 case short on what I could have closed these positions at. All right. So, um, March 5th, uh, in the last 72 hours, but two, three K into 78 K uh, 68, $78,610 guy. So that's the outcome of the last 72 hours. Uh, if you'd like to learn how to make substantial progress in your trading account, click the link below. Schedule a 20 minute coaching call guys, 13 market cloves. Let's roll. I'll catch you on the next trade soon.


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