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Daytrading $11k to $66k in 2hours: which market move did Mike trade? entries & exits explained

Nov 02, 2020

What's going on, everyone. It is Mike here and I am a gold club member with 13 market moves trading with Chris.

I am here to recap the Carvana tree that we took Friday, um, and where I made 590% taking $11,256 all the way up to $66,415.

So, I wanted to walk you through that trade, what we saw. So as you can see guys, clearly it is a move to, uh, you know, trending up from the prior day closed into, uh, uh, after hours in pre-market and then it, it shot up at the open and then completely reversed and crashed the rest of the day.

So yes, guys, this is a move to, this is a move to formation. So ideally you want to be able to identify that in, in, around, I guess, I guess you can say around 10 o'clock, nine 45, just start buying puts and then ride the wave all the way down.

And then, um, so we got in, I got in about 10, 15 around the 200 level. I was a little late to the party, but, uh, I ended up getting out of the levels of one 82 between one 82 and one 81.

So that's the Carvana trade guide guys.

It was a move 2, it was an excellent opportunity.

And I wouldn't have been able to identify this without the help of obviously Chris and understanding of the 13 market moves in the charts and divergence courses.

And most importantly, guys is this trade ever since I started working with her team market moves, I've been able to consistently withdraw money out of my trading account, into my bank account. Uh, you know, before joining,

I couldn't say I was consistently doing this, and this is one of the most important things to be a trader is to do.

You have to get in the habits of paying yourself withdrawing money from your trading account to your bank account, not the other way around and, you know, taking the courses, understanding the 13 market moves Warren Miller's in the charts and divergences trading like a rockstar and all those courses has helped me alongside, you know, doing the trading with Chris.

One of the coaches has, has made this possible man, this a reality. So I want to keep learning, keep growing as a trader and keep this up.

And, uh, thanks again, Chris. And thank you. Thanks 13 market moves. I look forward to, uh, next week


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