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DAYTRADING $2K TO $10K WHICH MARKET MOVE DID HE TRADE?! 13marketmoves student trades fearlessly!

Nov 30, 2020

Hey guys, uh, Julian here, uh, just showing you guys how I turned my $2,000 account into 10 K. The first trade I actually took was, MRNA. I was buying somewhere around here. I bought one 15 calls at 38 cents and, and the the stock decided to just keep going higher, you know, so this is, move one and Thursday, while market was closed on Thursday due to, Thanksgiving. but Friday, as you can see here Friday, it actually went up all the way up to one 30, but I was actually executing somewhere around here. Unfortunately, I didn't get to capture the whole move, you know, but there's always room for improvement, but, other than that, I still made a 670% return. as you can see here, I actually was selling some at $2, some at $3 and some at $7.

I mean, despite the fact that, you know, that's, I was buying them at 38 cents. So it wasn't, it's not a bad return at all. Um, reason I was buying MRNAs, as you can see here, you know, the strange, strength of stock still had some strain at room to go up so volume, as you can see there, it's actually increasing, you got your MACD in an uptrend, and same with your accumulation distribution. So I took a position on it and, thanks to the 13 market moves formula and, the courses they have, you know what I mean? That was the best decision I ever made. And I may, I was able to turn my accountant to, take my account from 2K to 10K literally overnight, because Thursday was Thanksgiving. So I would just want to say thanks to Leo and Mike, you know, for always helping me improve as well.


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