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DayTrading $6k into $17k in 8hours: new 13marketmoves student details his Friday DayTrading

Oct 26, 2020

Hey guys. Um, my name is Allah and, um, my story is not. Uh, my story is just like everyone else in the stock market. Um, you win some, you do some, uh, what, uh, I almost lost it all. And, um, I told myself enough is enough, um, and started looking for materials, um, online and how I can develop myself and become a better trader.

So in my search, I found Leonardo's, um, videos on YouTube that, uh, initially I didn't know what to make of it, but I gave it a shot, watched, um, many of his videos and I found great contents, um, in this videos. Um, I took a step. I decided to make that, uh, to schedule that, uh, 20 minutes phone call. And I think that was the beginning. Now they change the way I saw things as a trader trading in the stock market.

So on the phone call, uh, I spoke with Chris questions and he encouraged me and said, Hey, friends, you just have to, um, get the, uh, courses, the third to market courses.

Tracked divergence and patterns are recognition the trade, like a rockstar courses. And then I decided to take a bold step. And, um, I took money out of my credit card to make payments because I only had $6,000 with me and, um, that wasn't gonna be enough and I wanted to use that to treat.

So I took time off work and spent, um, about a week or two, um, studying the materials and I'd go back to Chris and I started my journey this week. So, um, as you can see on my sprain, um, this is today, um, sober 23rd at 8:52 AM this morning, 8:52 AM. My account was 6,326.

I had some traits in there and, um, this is my account right now. This is October 23rd at 3:17 PM. This is 15:17 PM. My accounts moved from $6,000 to $17,000. It took a couple of trades and Chris was very helpful instrumental in this, um, traits.

So happy I made that decision to schedule the phone call and here I am, I'm looking at 17,000 in my IRA account, um, which I started with the $6,000 contribution. And now I can pay off my course and still have some change left to trade next week. So I just want to use this opportunity to say thank you to learn how to, for this program and to Chris for guiding me through.

These guys are really, really helpful guys. God bless you and eager, still thinking about making schedule, scheduling that, uh, 20 minutes call. You just have to do that right away, right away. They're ready to help in any way they can. So I'm happy this week has been very great. 

I actually got out of the trades early. Um, this should be reading like a 45 K accounts. Of course I've been new trader. And you know, sometimes you get anxious, um, about the, the traits you make.

But Chris keeps telling me a, you just have to stick with a game plan, just have to stick with game plan. I'll translate a bit next week. But this is my story. This week

Trading wins and losses is just like everything else in life that is worth fighting for your marriage, man. It was beautiful when you were getting married, but you had no idea how ugly the losses of this divorce were actually going to be like opening the business, thinking you'd get Rachel one night, but in the midst of it, you ended up maxing all your credit cards just to sustain that business where new years, or you even realized a tiny bit of your first profits, like buying a house, thinking it would go up in value forever and ever just realizing how wrong you actually were.

When 2008, seven kids, it was such a great idea. At first, remember how excited you were terrified and scared at the same time, how much joy you actually had until your kids turn to the terrible twos.

You thought that was bad until they turned 13, 14, 15 shit, but you wouldn't change it for anything.

You love your kids, no matter what your emotional losses or wins are with them, no matter what your financial loss, uh, wins are, it really doesn't matter. Does it? You don't quit on your kids no matter how tough things actually get for some of us. It's the same thing with trading.

Just think how long are your kids going to be your kid? The answer is forever. How long do you see yourself trading the markets? If your answer is forever, then you owe it to yourself and your kids to invest in the 13 market moves formula so that your life journey of trading would be most rewarding and joyful both financially and emotionally, live to trade, Trade to Live conquered the world one trade at a time fearlessly using the 13 market moves formula today.


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