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DayTrading $6k to $31k in 2 trades: find out which trades and which 13maketmove did he use?

Nov 23, 2020

Hey, this is rev. It is November 18th, but an hour after the market closes, I just wanted to go ahead and show everybody that if you actually study what the, uh, 13 market moves guys are telling you, you really can make money doing this.

This is closed today, profit and loss for the day closed in the bank.

And it wasn't a large amount of money that was put to work. I had about $3,000 in each one. All right. So how did we get all that money in the, uh, why, why, why? Well, uh, as a paid member of the coaching from Chris, uh, he keeps me on my game and makes sure that I'm entering trades and not waffling around using the correct size because for years I would just do really small trades and never really get anywhere.

Fear of getting in fogy everybody's heard of fear of missing out. Fear of getting in is worse. You can't have days like this. All right.

So what told us to get into the spy was the confirmation of the move. 11, if you don't know what the move 11 is, uh, you gotta, you gotta get the course. I paid for the course gladly. Look at the returns. Okay. On. Why, why, why, why, why Chris kept telling me they have less than 36 hours before this thing goes to 78 bucks or whatever.

So we got in, um, at 9:46 AM and 9:43 AM and closed at two or 3:00 PM for $13,600.

And then the spy, uh, we waited for the confirmation of the move. 11 clear, clear move. 11, very clear. If you don't know what it is, uh, get in touch with, uh, with the guys over there, they've really helped me. Um, on the spy we got in at 2:18 PM on the spy, we had the three 59 and three 58 strikes expiring today. I had 130 of them. It was a thing of beauty. Chris nailed this one. So if you're wondering if the a 897 a month is worth it, look right here. That's today, baby. I had about $6,500 in risk on to make that right there.

All right. Get a hold of somebody. Get your trading straight. Otherwise you're just going to continue to make a couple of hundred lose a couple of hundred, make a couple hundred, lose a couple of hundred. You're never going to live your dreams. If you don't right now, after I do this video, I'm pulling out a check to pay off my fiance's car for one day's profits.

Okay. I hope this helps everybody. Uh, I hope you have to just trust the system. I hope everybody does well and I'll see you around. Thanks, Chris. Mike Leo, all the awesome videos of pictures of bounces. Thanks guys.


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