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DayTrading from $16k to $56k in 5 days: new 13marketmoves student shows details of his trading acct

Oct 26, 2020

Hello, uh, traders. Excited to share with you, my trading experience trading with the painting moves to all this land. Just want to thank God for connecting me with this amazing team and for what they are doing to change by trading life. And I have a quick testimony.

Yes. I want to share with you today.

What I'm showing you right now on the screen is my trading account. And at the beginning of the week on Monday morning, and I want to exchange exchange with please. So my journey started, that's the big journey. I've just, I just, I just joined the service and pieces, my mentor. So, so, so, so I barely been with them for a week things happened to my trading account. And now ticket look at how like trading your and Luke's as well can take the 10th of October. Wow. Why didn't I Daisy transformation here?

My account has jumped from 16K to 56K in just five trading days. And so I just want to think my mentor, that the employee, you shared some guidance meters each. And I asked him for an exit, um, already my hand. And so I was so thankful, and that was just one to show you and amazing to continue. Um, give us one of these, uh, these amazing, uh, gain or profit or my trading account. If you look at this premium at the bottom of the screen that I'm showing you now, you will be able to see, as I move closer, you'll be able to see the tread that I took, um, on, on snow, on snuff neck are, you will see that I took, um, just, uh, I took maybe, maybe, um, two trades, two different strikes to seven minutes.

And, and, and I was able to come up through the help and the guidance. I was able to come up and get a copy of Katie in the day. So, so it's an amazing experience to me. I've never been able to get anything close to me. So, so two traders were struggling to start off. Um, if you want to change your life, that keeps me up, you join 13 market moves and you will, and you will never regret. So I can thank you for these things. And, um, and I wish you off profitable trading and make it more

Trading wins. And losses is just like everything else in life that is worth fighting for your Emer, your marriage, man. It was beautiful when you were getting married, but you had no idea how ugly the losses of this divorce were actually going to be like opening the business, thinking you'd get Rachel at night, but in the midst of it, you ended up next and all of your credit cards, just to sustain that business. Where can you years before you even realized a tiny bit of your first profits, like buying a house, thinking it would go up in value forever and ever just realizing how wrong you actually were when 2008, it like having kids. It was such a great idea. At first, remember how excited you were terrified and scared at the same time, how much joy you actually had until your kids turned to man, the terrible twos you thought that was bad until they turned 13, 14, 15, shit, but you wouldn't change it for anything. You love your kids, no matter what your emotional losses or wins are with them, no matter what your financial losses or wins are, it really doesn't matter. It doesn't, you don't quit on your kids no matter how tough things actually get for some of us, it's the same thing. We've traded.

Just think how long are your kids going to be your kid? The answer is forever. How long do you see yourself trading the markets? If your answer is forever, then you owe it to yourself and your kids to invest in the 13 market moves formula so that your life journey of trading would be most rewarding and joyful both financially and emotionally, live to Trade, Trade to live conquered the world one trade at a time fearlessly using the 13 market moves formula today.


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