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DayTrading Live $4k into $60.5k in 7 trades in just 2 days: 13marketmoves daytrading options live

Nov 24, 2020

Hey guys, what's up. What's up in this video, we're going to show you how to, uh, turn 4,700. So that's the available cash right now? $4,700 into 25 K plus, in a matter of just a few trades, the trade we're interested in this morning is white. Why we have actually posted a video breaking down the trade, and now we're going to show you the execution of the trade. So let's go pull up bar the strike that we're interested in. Option chain run here. And we're interested in buying some days, uh, 95 strike currently the stock trades about a one Oh three. So I want to try to pull the trigger, get some of these right in here. So by then try to buy about 40 of them at, uh, let's see, uh, if you try to get out this work field at about a 45 cents, let's see if we can get this done right here, guys.

Okay. No lock, uh, 45 cents will go up to 50 cents. You can get this done partially filled. Okay. So we've got some, let's see how many do we get? Awesome. All right. Done. Okay, so we bought 40. Why, why puts, uh, basically, uh, still got about 2,500 remain, understand how the trade logs currently treat in, uh, uh, one or two 85. Okay. That makes sense. Um, all right. So 95 basically, nobody's buying them besides me apparently. Um, and let's see if we can maybe get six here or $8 98 strike $48. So let's go ahead and try to get some more of these. Why, why would I have to, um, most likely swing trade these guys, uh, that's going to pull up the strike that we want. So the nine, eight, uh, what's by about 10. Are these Silicon mine for about, uh, 90 cents. Awesome. Done. Okay. So not a good spot. More so, uh, we got about, uh, 50 contracts of why won. Let's see if we can add some more here. Okay. Done. So,

All right. So we've got, uh, altogether 56 contracts. Why, why so good? About 1,130 bucks for a man and guys, what were you the straight short, like expecting a full-blown move 11 or two formation on this? Uh, we'll find out shortly. Let's roll. All right guys. It's 1126. And on our Y Y position we're making, uh, 1700 bucks in the 95 strikes you wanna make in 2000 bucks in the 90 strike. Basically, this is how it looks on the chart. Let's take a quick look right here. As far as the chart concern, I had a nice little flush from the one Oh three level all the way to 98. Now the stock is stolen out, but it is happening at the right timing of the day, which pretty much gives us a 99.9 probability that we will hit 95 at some point by the end of the trading session today, as you can see right now is November 17th, 1120, so still got three hours, four hours and 33 minutes of Australian social.

We've got plenty of time probably going to go and do a little bit of a sideway action. And we're going to make another leg lower. Now the crucial aspect of this trade at that point, the move 11 will be completed. The question is we're going to get some extra cell volume on the cell side, and therefore, can we actually dip below? Yesterday's close. If that does take place, we're going to partake in a beautiful move to formation. And those are trades that get you paid like a rockstar. So if you're not sure how to identify the moves, maybe you understand some moves, but not all the moves. Maybe you've been able to identify some of the moves by watching this free YouTube videos here. But if you're really trying to take your trading guys to the next level, as you can see this trade, didn't take a whole lot of time and things were looking rather bullish because the earnings report was because a lot of things there, they collected 3.6 billion doubts by sailing a unit of the company.

That's not growing as fast as they want it to and allows them to focus on high growth. So all the news that have been released, how the positive that's, why the stock kept up substantially high, but within that, it created the greatest shorting opportunities that the stock has shown us in the last few months. So, uh, to learn, to be able to identify these things, guys, understanding that the moves is crucial, but also check out the upcoming course, which has 13 entries and exits guys. It's going to break down every single little detail of the intraday timeframes, and specifically what are the best timeframes of the date getting into some of these trades, either on the bull side or the beer side, guys. So click the link below, get more info, schedule a 20 minute coaching call guys. And we'll follow up on this straight shortly 1129, November 17th. Why, why is trading at 98? Let's roll. All right guys, show we're not getting a move to formation. So stamped apart with the trade as we hit our timeframe for the day for an exit. So it's time to actually get out run here right now.

Want to stop?

I guess. So could have been an amazing trade that could have gotten the account. Uh, twenty-five 30 K, but the move formation has not played out as a move to it. Played out as a move 11. So it's time to move on to the next trade. So we started with a 4k. The account is at 86 53. Let's move on less a rock and find the next skill of trading here.

Next train we're going to take? We can buy a 3,600 strike books, um, on, uh, actually 3,605. That's fine. Let's buy those. Awesome. Okay. 1275. Let's buy some more. All right. We'll see if we can add just a little bit more to the position on the balance here. Sure. The bouncers 13 market moves style. Okay. So we've got that order field gun show officially. Now we're holding 13 contracts, 3,605 track, and we're holding one contract at 3,600 strike the review. The Strait shortly right now is 2:02 PM on November 17th. Stuff's in 20. Can we finish this day with 25 K blocks or will we have to wait till tomorrow? Let's find out

We're making a little bit of money here. We actually are going to go ahead and collect some gains here so we can sell this one, uh, market, uh, 1125. That's fine. We'll go. Sally's uh, market as well. Get out of this position because we think gold is about to break, uh, substantially lower. So the account now is a 93 50 made a little bit of progress here, and we aren't going to go off to these gold trade run here. So we're going to buy, just buy one market. See what kind of feel we're going to get here real quick.

Right. Let's buy some more. Let's go on short of cold, real quick. So go 1883. We've been watching this level all freaking day. I do want to buy more. All right. So we've got 14 gold future splits right here. Uh, and I think we can sell them for 13 bucks. Okay. And all we need to do is just see the drop from here to about, uh, 1868 strong support in gold is at about 1850. So this actually makes it for an easy trade right here, guys, about 15 point drop. There it is. It's beginning to drop. Let me bring up the chart right here for you. So it's been holding this level the entire day. We've been watching it super closely. I jumped in earlier lost about 1200 bucks from this, but now we're going to get it all back plus a lot more. So shouldn't here for about eight, nine K gang within the next couple of hours you can see right now is, uh, three 42.

So we're likely to keep this position. And when I, um, but, uh, in the next step, maybe by six, seven o'clock at night, guys, we may be able to cash out some substantial gains here. So where we're viewing this trade shortly, let's go 13 market moves, catching an easy trade on gold on the flip side. Yes. I'm buying one more gold put here, uh, trying to get it for about 1.6. Let's see if we get a feel here now, way out of the money, but uh, 30 bucks out of the money. They don't want to sell it, which is a good sign. So let's go ahead and raise the price for about 1.7 on this 1850 strike on gold. We got it. A dollar 70. So with a total of 15 gold books, 32 bucks out of the money, but considering we're breaking for a key level, which, uh, gold has struggled with maintaining the last couple of days here. I think we can get a decent size move like million, like 10, 15 points. So you can see the ones we were buying a few minutes ago for like 6.5, 6.6. And now they're going for about seven, seven, six, seven, seven. Um, you can see that sharp is breaking lower. There is boom. I caught it done. So we may be able to cash out here, guys, shortly in the next 15 minutes. There it is. 1878, 13 market moves, baby. You got to know your moves guys. Otherwise you're going to miss some crazy traits.

So all about Andrews and exits.

There's about 13 of them intraday. And if you studied them and you know them, and you understand them, you have discipline

And the balls

To execute us. Sky's the limit guys.

Hey guys,

Good morning, November 18th, 5:57 AM. And we've been slowly scaling out of these gold position that we opened yesterday. It's got the last five contracts out of the 14 that we bought yesterday. So they're currently going for about 11 bucks, as you can see, we've been scaling out, sold some at 8.1 9.7. And, uh, what we're gonna do is we're just going to go ahead and see if we can sell this for just 11 bucks. It was, we think the move in gold, pretty much stalled out here. We want to end boom done sold, sold last five contracts with 11 bucks right here guys. And so the account is at 13 seven 89 yesterday. We started talking about 4k. So 4k two 13, seven, eight, nine so far. And what we're interested in doing at this point, we want to go ahead and short the S and P 500 futures, but one more time.

So we're going to go, how weather would this time? I'm going to go and look at this, um, 36, uh, 15 strike. That's what we want to do. 36 15 strike on S and P 500. And then we're going to break down the charts quickly. So, uh, November, 2020, we want to go with today's expired ration, which is, uh, the 18th of November. So boom, here it is. I want to buy puts, and we want to go with the 36 36 50 and strike. Okay. Uh, let's buy him right now and start buying five. See what kind of feel we can get around here.

Okay, Don, what did that? 10 75. Not bad. Let's go ahead and buy five more. I think we're going to get it pretty quick. Herschel bought four more. Okay. So altogether guys got 30 contracts of S and P 500 futures that expired today, calculating the market to actually get weak, right. Uh, right around this level. Guys has been kind of a tough level for the market. Um, right around here, it's been stalling out. They were diamond hits, uh, 36, 1836 20. I missed a perfect answer just a few minutes ago, uh, because I was still trading gold around here. Uh, but now we're entirely out of the gold position. We're expecting the relationship to reverse based off the 13 markets move formula thing. Gold is going to start moving higher and S and P 500 is going to drop off. Now, it doesn't mean that goal by the end of the week is not going to visit this 1850 level that we mentioned yesterday. We think that's actually going to happen. But in the meantime, just for the purpose of trading, 6:00 AM, November 18th, 6:02 AM. Uh, we think we're going to get a revisit of these 3,600 level. I'm going to read this straight shortly guys. Let's rock 13 market moves. Let's do this

Guys. What's up. We're actually going to have to sound this position and SMP for now and just close it out. So we'll sell it.

Tom is that those solutions reports issuance of first Australian patents protecting use of ionized hydrogen peroxide technology

Sold them at six 50 minus like 5.5 overall, still holding 20 of these contracts right here. So we're going to go ahead and sell these guys. It's 9:33 AM. So, uh, S and P 500 did drop, but not quite as much as, um, we, uh, wanted to opened up at about the same levels of closed yesterday. So, uh, not a whole lot going on slow moving market. Uh, but, uh, I think we got some really crazy opportunities in golden all today. So we're going to focus on that. It's 9:33 AM, November 18th. So locking it, um, locking some games here. Let's go ahead and sell these two and get some market, uh, orders right here. And we'll just go ahead and get out right now while it's dropping a little bit lock in some gains 13, three, five were bonded. The average cost was 10 85. So just tiny gains, tiny gains, but, uh, the account is moving, uh, slightly higher. So basically what's go ahead and lock it in. Let's just close this out. Move on, move on to new trades. Guys. Let's go. Not a great field, but still made a little bit of money, extra close to three grand here. So the account now is at 65 89, and here we are looking at the next trade. 9:34 AM, 1975, 1880 puts. That's what we're going to do, guys. We're going to get in these gold ports right here.


Futures, uh, November, 2020, like the 1880 strike right here, 1880 on gold hoods. Um, they are expiring on the 20th, which is two days from today.

Uh, let's rock. Uh, I want to go ahead and buy, uh, let's see. Five of them. Let's see.

Yeah. Average costs. 10.5. Let's go. They didn't want to sell it. 10.5. Let's increase this to 10.7. Okay. 10.7. We've got some right here. So bought five golden, 10, seven be done. Okay. 10, eight. So we've got 15 gold books would bother the 2.7. Okay. So 1850 fives. We own two of the ELs, the bottom of 2.7. And so we're going to go ahead and set some limit orders here. Cool, little trade here on the gold. I'm going to follow up on this shortly. Move three slash Lebanon goal. Get your moves [email protected] click the link below let's roll. We'll review the trade shortly. So now we're making 60, 174 bucks on gold, not a huge deal, but, uh, we're noticing a trait that will kind of like want to take right now. So, uh, we're actually going to sell back five gold books right here. I'm sure I'm getting this and feel so since we've gotten there and it popped, it dropped, it did, uh, intraday move, 11 formation guys installing out at this level. We just want to diversify our position basically. Um, Eden 80. I mean, they're more than what would be for them. Sure. We're making some money and 11. Okay. Now we'll go fill the 11 three, so collected 5,600 bucks. And, uh, we want to go here. Um, and

Okay, so we are going to go ahead and buy some of these S and P 500 puts at our experiment today. They're significantly under priced and in relation to the size of the model that could be happening over the course of the next, uh, two hours and 40 minutes here. So one, two days expiration, which is the 18th. We want 3,600 strike. I'm good. Easily dropped below that 3,600 c'mon c'mon c'mon c'mon 3,600 boats. Let's go. Right. We'll want to bomb one of my, uh, probably 20 of them. Let's see. Yeah. Barmah market. Let me just get this done. Don. Two 35. Okay. So still got about a 32 here. The potential, these could be worth like eight to 10 bucks. So we're targeting like a four to one, five to one pop train here. We'll go ahead and buy some more. So yeah, trying to find 20 more at market right now, get this done. Let's rock and roll here.

It takes skill to figure out when options are actually under priced. And it always has to be in relation to the size of the mold. That's the only way you can understand the timeframe, the relation to the size of the move. And when could the chart actually reversal we're 36 or nine on S and P right now, we think we could get in the next hour, two hours and 40 minutes, we'll get about an 18 point move, lower, getting us to about a 35 90, which make these options worth easily. About eight, nine bucks. We're paying two 30 for them. So to me, it's highly justified. And so let me go ahead and finish building this position out. So we're caring about, uh, where are we here? Okay. So we're carrying about 40 contracts right now. We're going to buy some more so about, uh, six more let's will get that done squint and just get them at the market. That's fine. Uh, I mean, the spread is not high. You don't want to necessarily buy it market when the spread is ridiculous. So see, those were bought at two 50 and across to buy like a couple more, certainly buy like one more.

So I'll just go ahead and buy it. Each class is sort of two 55 on these. Okay. So we're making seven 75 positions, 47 contracts and consider what transpired it's no, no biggie. We can get rid of this position all at once. Uh, or I may change that slightly depending on how the tree is developed. And so what we wanna do at this point is, uh, basically, um, a box is where we could potentially cash out. So 7.75, and it couldn't do a little bit better than that, but we just want to go ahead and, uh, get that in there, guys in, so that's wrong. It's about that three, two, one. Now that's been a bit conservative, I think, but, uh, the, market's just a, such a slow mover, but it's about to make that move lower. So let me bring this, uh, S and P 500 futures right now.

We're going to go to everybody in the Tesla class today, Tesla is making a wild move and when Tesla makes wild move higher, there's no reason. All right, you certainly don't want to shrink that thing. Do you want to do is you want to buy the hell out of Tesla call? So why don't we just bought a bunch of dos and gas for the purpose of this smaller size account that we've just shown you how to take four K 25 K plus, and just a matter of a few traits. And by the way, uh, we've currently worked cashout and we're about 17 K we're at 17 K. Um, but we're holding gold Poots and we're holding spikelets right now. And, um, it's one 23, 1:23 PM. On November 18th, guys, we're going to review the Strait shortly and, uh, finally, uh, some things are moving. So, uh, let's go third to Mark, move style and show you how to take this account. Probably 30 K by the end of the day let's rock.

All right, guys. So just to help everyone sort of get a visual of why we did things and how we did things and why to handle that, press a certain button here. And I didn't then bottom line focused on the shirt right here. So we lightened up on the gold trade run here. Now notice I didn't sell everything. So if you don't understand what stair-stepping is, some people, you know, should really pay close attention to the stair-step in part, because that what's going to separate those guys that are going to take 4k 25 K and the guys that are going to be always wondering how the does he do it? So here, these guys have lightened up on the position after the stock tried multiple efforts, not, not stock in this case, gold futures tried multiple efforts to break a certain level, which coincides just under this level right here.

And after it failed to do it on like the forfeit temp. Okay. I lined up, I sold five and I've put it in the opposite side of the top of trait, which was the S and P 500 futures. Now this is, you know, remember we did that about four minutes ago. So by doing that and allocating five grand from this trading to this one, okay. This is how the account looks right now. So we'll make them 3,600. Now, remember I just invested like roughly five grand into this trait to help you understand how the hell is this possible in four minutes. Okay, just watch this. Okay. We're buying this 3,600 strike puts on S and P 500 futures were paying $2 and 30 cents. Now they go in for three 45, three 60. Now, remember we do have a limit order sitting there in the event, we get closer to a level, which is just about quaff points under where we currently trade in about 12, 13 lower.

If we'll get there, we'll should be able to collect about eight bucks, which can be three, four X the money definitely going to put the kind of buff 25, possibly 30 K. So stay tuned guys. And if I'm talking to fast, right, I'm getting calls right and left here. And we're trading like rock stars here. And if you'd like to join our community, a simple way to start, simply click the link below this video. I know you've been watching a lot of videos. Okay. And so if you're not identifying trends like this guys, it's time to take action. Life is too short. Make it happen. Click the link. Now . Do it. Learn to trade let's roll. Hey guys, a simple move diverse fund based off of one of the 13 market moves gets you making 12 gang. Well, 11, nine, 10. It's just a matter of a few minutes.

So here it is. We're actually gonna cash out on some of these. So we're going to put a market order to sell about 27 of them right now. So we're going to liquidate, uh, just a bit more than half of the positional that sell, sell, sell a six and a quarter. All right. So locked in some gains guys. So now the account is officially at 29 cans. So if you look right here, net liquidity at 29 K, now we do have still the position on gold, uh, which is going to make in 2,700 bucks. And at this point we've got 20 contracts on S and P 500, uh, 20 K for the day. And CAS, the truth is you can do it is, you know, the market is barely freaking moving. So you got to get the moves and get, oftentimes people ask me, well, Hey, but the 13 market moves.

They only work. If the market moves like crazy. If there's like volatility, guys, the volatility has been diving every day, lower and lower. And as you can see, guys, the moves will make you the money. If you understand the freaking move. So we just bought these one 47 puts at what, two 30 average costs, two 38 costs around here. We just sold them for six and some change. So that's three acts, three X the money guy. So we're still holding 20 of them. And this is how it looks on the chart. Right? So jumping in right here, we're about 36 Oh six, as you can see now with 35 35 98, we're cashing out right here only, probably about 35 97. So there's still a chance we're going to visit that, that level of described earlier, like 35, 92, 35 90. Okay. So we're going to hold on the other 20 contracts, uh, in that position. Now gold gold is at 1871. We think to market hit 1850. So we're still holding onto that position for that reason guys. Now, with that said, we're going to review the traits and it is 1:59 PM on November 18th. What's it going to be lit up? Can you take this account two 50 grand today? Let me see how good your moves are.

Yes. And we are going to sell some more of these spikelets right now. We're going to sell like a let's see, I actually want so like maybe five more of them. Okay. At a market. So let's go ahead and knock that out and sell that market can eight. That's not bad, not bad. So we're making 15 K on spy in the last, uh, last 15 minutes or so. So, uh, let's rock her up. We're making 25, three 26 three. Okay. Let's go. Let's sell summit. Let's sell summit. Let's keep selling some of these spike boots right here. So let's go ahead and sell some more stair-stepping out. Stair, stepping out, out outsell market. Let's roll field. 1225. Let's go sell some or sell, sell, sell, sell. Let's sell five more. The market.

it. Let's sell it 11 far. Right? So that's on average, about five, 600% return. So still got five contracts left here. 1880, so 13. We'll get rid of them at 13, 13, 13, 13. Let's go. We've got an order sitting there, uh, 16, so 13 on one. Let's see if we can just go on and Don Don don't order field. So, uh, now we got cash. 28,884. It was started for four K roughly yesterday, the account as a net 34 K guys. Here's how I would do it. 13 market moves style two, two, two contracts right here, old school. And so sell them, um, and just go into Solomon market, uh, position. So on the market, let's go sell we're making money. Let's go 12, nine. That's fine. Alright, fine. Order filled shop. Maybe now they're going to let us buy some, uh, puts. Now that account is over 25. Get officially at 36, five nine. Still hold in. Uh, still holding some bias by, uh, uh, S and P 500 futures, Bush, Ronnie, or solid square, and just sell them, sell, sell, sell, sell position five at market. Let's go Phil 10, five. Let's go. Done, done and done. 33 K four K two 33 K guys. If you'd like to know how you can put together some trades like this over the course of 48 hours, take in 4k two 33 to 77. You probably wondered how can you do that? Or maybe you're sitting there saying, God that Leonardo does it again. So stop saying that. Learn how to the, do it yourself. Click the link below. Let's go.

And we are going to take another trade real quick. Seven 33 K guys. We'll take scam to four game right now. So, uh, by 10 more, 10 more, 10 more, or these 35 90 points at market market market. Let's just get into your moving like crazy. So let's make sure we

Buy him. Okay. Waterfield

At two 30. So again, actually double that real quick and, uh, Glen buy 10 more market. Okay, good. Uh, so we are at 29, seven 37. So this is how the market looks right now with that 35 97. It looks like the market is bouncing, but Hey, but to drop like a rock right here, look at that. Why, why trades? That we've talked about

Muddy waters and he loves 79, 16 Yanky Yanky, February 85. Why, why new highs Tesla?

Well, for these were our alerts today, guys, Tesla calls 500 strike. Why, why we're buying puts 95 and a hundred strike our, our different account guests. So look, we posted this video on why, why 48 hours ago suggested that after the earnings report, when the stock pops to short it, while it popped to want to wait right now, the stack is a 79. Guys, you could have made a fortune. Hey, some of you could affect cash for your house, with the stray guys. If you're not doing that, you know, click the link below and take action right now.


So we shortened the bounce on the spider side. It looks on the trunk. Basically, when we bounced right here, we bought 40, uh, S and P 500 futures books and, or making 2100 bucks on that. So got to limit order set to sell some of them at six and a quarter. So we actually changed that I'm going to do is just sell 20 of them. That 20, we think the market could easily hit a level about the 25 80 25, 80 25, 84. So we should be able to get in that have amped about 8.5 on the other 20, so six and a quarter and 25 eight, let's go set the limit order to sell these. So I got a one or limit order to sell at six and a quarter. The other one at 8.5, we were buying them and leverage cost of about 2.3.

And this is how it looks now we're bounces from around here. So, uh, whether it's still getting a strong, sharp move, uh, lower, because it's only 3:08 PM. We're gonna, uh, Oh, we're an hour. Well, on these futures, we're only got about 50 minutes to sell these, but on the spot, if we're transparent, we're going to handle over an hour. So, you know, uh, we're expecting a sharp move, lower to a level of 35, 80, 30, five, 84 in the next, uh, 45 minutes here. And that's what we're going to cash out. That's why I got those limit orders sitting there. Uh, let's go, Hey guys, what's up? What's up. So, uh, actually lose an $1,811 on this spike position in the, uh, 35 90 strike. Now here's the reason why. Okay. So I didn't close the position when a dip here, because my calculation was going to drop to 35, 84 short on the bounce when it was rocketing higher.

Uh, just a couple of minutes ago. I actually wouldn't hand edit some more. So here's the execution prices as you can see. So I bought a five at one 15, I bought five more, $1, 10, five more dollars, 10, five more dollars, 35, five more dollars, 55 more dollars 75. So the average cost now, as you can see, I own 70 contracts here, average price dollar eight, and that it was still on target potential. Sally's at six and a quarter to eight 50, right around that level. Now this may have to be adjusted as there's only 42 minutes left in this trading session. So what it's going to be Leah, how good are you? 13 market. Let's find out so far. This is what we've got on shot. Bounce drop bounce. 13 market moves from it points to each severe move, six drop. Literally, we're going to lose 20 points in the next 42 minutes off trade.

As you can see, it's November 18, three, 18:00 PM and 48 seconds. We could be losing about 20 points on the S and P 500. So now we're back to 35 96, 75 or 35 90 for these sports to actually be profitable. This one would have to literally come in in the next 30 minutes to drive below 35 Natty, is it actually going to happen later? Whoa, you lose it a thousand man. I mean, you know, looked at that concerned. He was maybe 14 and two and five and 26 center. But do you really, I mean, is this thing really? You really think this is going to drop a little 35 90? How good is the 13 market formula? Let's find out. I'll see you guys in a few minutes, 3:19 PM, November 18. Can you take this account to 50 K in the next 41 minutes?

All right guys. And it is 3:29 PM, November 18th. And this is where the fun begins guys. 35 91. So shorten the bounce guys. If you don't have a clue how to short the bounce, you're missing some killer killer opportunities in this market. So with a said, okay, on 70 counters, that's a now making five grand, officially 29 K up from there, the account is at 38.3 keys. Now liquidity, where to sell all these, the market value would be extra quality five on top of the 26, six 53 in cash that we've got there right now. So official making FIPs 600, then profit 32 46 guys. Now where I would actually go into exit the trade. So this is where things get really, really fun because we can get another 10 point move lower. And therefore actually readjusted our strike price just slightly at eight and a quarter and 11.

Uh, are they going five and 11 and the Porter right here, guys. So how quickly can this market move? Uh, ideally we need to have a sharp drop. The sooner that happens, the higher, the valuation of those options is going to be, they do expire guys in the next 30 minutes that do not attempt to do this on your own without understanding the moves. And there it is. 35, 87. We show you how quickly that comes changed. Now we're up 34 36 key for making 13 K on this position right here, it's in the market value. And this is 21 key. Now this is going to fluctuate rather rapidly. And basically we're trying to get to 35 84 was our target for the day. So what we want to do is we actually want to start selling. We want to start selling, start selling. I get, we want to start selling.

And of course we can drop quite a bit lower, but let's go ahead and just sell 15. So 15 at market right now, 15 at market market market right now start selling just 15 as market 5.5. Okay, good. Right. Let's take another 15 after tables sell another, uh, 15 after table right now market. Let's wait a little bit less at the chart with 35 87. Okay. You can make another move. Another 10 point loss. You can actually get below 35, 84. I would be absolutely beautiful. So let's wait just a few minutes. We've got plenty of time. Plenty of time guys. 3:32 PM, 3:32 PM. 13 marketplace. This is a classic move. Six type of scenario, guys, if you don't know how to calculate them all six, make sure you click the link below this video. So move six formation gets us $11,523 in profits in the last 30 minutes of trade. And actually less than that guys in the last, like 21 minutes of trading. So what is it going to be, how hockey would take account to in the next 28 minutes here. So small bounced, a little bit of stolen action. Normal things are normal.

We're back to make another look.

There's a chance. There is a high probability chance. We will actually dive under 35, 84, which would be highly significant in that case. Right? Things can run a really wild right now, uh, in that case. So, uh, actually, uh, want to go hand and sell instead of these 15, right? So 11 quarter Warren. So maybe 13.5 on these 15 right-hand it's all got 55. So we'll go the limit or sell 35 at 11, the quarter 15. So that's fine. So we've got five. So in the cell five at a market right here, guys, five at a market, you just got to put this market thing and just kind of glance at the chart. And so right now we're about 35 80. So we hit that 35 84 level right here, 35, 85, 35, 84, 85. And we're bouncing and we're bouncing right now. So it should have thought more, but look so gap 27 minutes from remaining tread session here, guys, uh, there is still a probability.

We will reverse it. Move lower now. No, no. 35, nine 35 91. Okay. So we should have been closing a lot more of the contracts when we dip down there. So we're going to wait. We're gonna wait. We'll wait to about, we're going to wait about nine minutes guys. Nine minutes, nine minutes can make us thousands of dollars. This is where understanding the timeframes or the intraday entrance and exits with 13 market moves will either turn you into a rockstar or a guy that's going to go, uh, and cry whose girlfriend or wife to know.


So don't be that guy. Okay. Learn to trade. Let me show you how it's done right now. Truthfully, anybody can learn how to do this guys. Okay. So plus 32 cake, that's fine. Collect a little bit of profits right here. Okay. Lock some profits sense. So yeah, 30,007 57 in cash. And we've got about 10 grand who is still potentially double that it's still potentially double that 55 contracts in the next 25 minutes. So the question is, can we do it stay tuned? We're going to review the trade shortly

And four minutes later, 3:36 PM.

35, 83 N. Where would you guess the gut is that? Yes. Making 46 gift for the day. At this point on the 55 remaining puts, we're making 22 K guys, 13 market moves page. Do know them, not just the moves, but the sequences and understand that the introduced entries and exits other day up 50 to keep for deck. It is time to collect just a few more profits right here. We've got some limited. We're sitting at 13 and a half, six in the quarter. And to see, I can adjust them just a little bit, 35, 78, we broke a key level. So we've just gotta be a little bit patient right here. Things are moving and all you got to do is breathing and breathe out, breathing and breathing. We're about to close this out, got 23 minutes remaining and breathing out, breathing, breathe out. You got to know how to trade the most. These off

You're selling my stuff out. the liquidity,

My positions. All right, well, not much I can do about that. Make it 27 grand look, they are selling my stuff. You're going to see some limit orders flying in here. Look, they've canceled out my limit orders and or sell me a 10 box and a 35 90 right now got six left God officially 55 gate 55, one 87. Still got about six splits right here, that the left out. Um, and so those are still have a market value of 28, 72. So let's watch the chart back to 35, 82. Hey, not a bad close. They close it out at the low so far. But, but, but we still got 22 minutes to go. So we actually go way, way low. So what we're going to do this, what we're going to do now? I don't recommend anybody does that. Okay. But in this particular circumstances, okay.

It was particular trading platform. They're not gonna let you buy a lot stuff. Okay? They're not going to let you buy a lot of stuff. You buy them in the money. 49 years before the closer I'm gonna start 22 minutes before the close is what you go do. This is what you've got to do. Big denture right here. Right? We're actually going to make some out of the money stuff, which clearly you don't want to be buying out of the money. Staff guys, when a staff is already dropping, that's a poor strategy. So you only want to use this with this particular broker, which is interactive brokers. Otherwise you're not going to be able to get in and your position. So with that said, you're very close potential. What the hell we're going to bark do show 35, 75. We're going to buy foods. Let's see.

Let me still not let the trade happen, but we're going to buy a sandwich, just going about five, just a desktop, the water shifting we can even possibly getting on this trade right here. Let's see what's going on. And no, they won't let us read this. Still got six contracts. Still got six contracts guys going to wait patiently. Hey, we've got to limit or no, we don't have a limit order set. So we're going to set this to sell and try to sell them a mild. So close off position, six and about 16 one, two, five.

All right. So the limit order is in. So we'd have to dip actually to about, uh, 35, 74 clauses out at this price right here. Uh, now the good thing is we've still got plenty of time. Still got 20 minutes to go on this training session and we're moving really close to our target in order to execute this limit order 35, 80, 35, 78, you can easily touch maybe 35 72. At this point. It wouldn't be a surprise at all. And you'll hear an execution with turn up the volume to make sure you guys can hear that. So typically when you sell with interactive brokers, there's going to be like a little icon. That's going to pop up right here. Uh, just going to show you exactly what you're selling this stuff for. So 35, 78, 35 76. Yup. They did close me out a bit too early for pay that. Take the good with the bed. And Vicks is spiking to intraday highs while the market is so off 19 minutes to go. All we're going to do is dip out there like six points and we're there should see you. All right, let's go. Here's the move here is the move. What I really wanted it to be. I wanted to buy some gold


Hey, we're bottom at 15. Okay. So what rat is, it was stolen out. We've got a position about four gold bullets. Um, you're way deep into mining in about 1880 books. And so this, uh, order switched now. So it's still got 15 minutes to go. Still expecting the rock here under 35, 76, you got plenty of time to make that happen. 12 minutes to go. Let's focus here. So this is going to dip and we've got a limit order. Shouldn't at 16. So, and it's about to get executed. Watch this. So as, uh, this basically hits this level right here, 35 would drop another two points. You're going to see this thing show up right here, telling you that we got to feel at 16 and a quarter. Now, remember we're buying this things for $2 and 30 cents. That's almost an eight X return under an hour guys under an hour under 60 minutes.

The only way you can pull this off is by thoroughly understanding the 13 markets move formula, meaning, understanding the moves, understanding what the are, but you also have to get an in-depth understanding on the entries and exits. And this is what's going to give you the confidence to stay with the trades, not jumped to earlier, understanding the foundations, basically understanding how to steer staff, when to actually do that. Okay. And maintain your gains for out today. It doesn't mean you're going to nail every entry every top and bottom for the day nine minutes to go on a trading session. And we're likely to hit that 35 70 level. As a matter of fact, See a 16 and a quarter shot 16 and a quarters world got a field ride. As the market was making this right here, done 51,530 bucks for the day. Now we'll start it yesterday, uh, with, uh,

Grand guys. So the account is at 60 K 6,400. As you can see around here. Now, if you basically, uh, missing the math here, okay, you take the 49,800 hundred dollars in cash. You add the 13 gold posts that we've got in 1855, strike that currently worth $4,230. You add the ones who got in the money on gold boots in the 1880 strike. They're currently worth 61 20. You add this number plus this number. Plus this number. You will arrive very closely to this number right here, guys. Okay. This is how it's done. 13 market moves another day taking 4k into $60,500. Guys do yourself a favor, stop focusing on making a hundred, 200, $500 a day. That's not the way to trade. That is certainly not the way to trade consistently. Guys. When the market gives you an opportunity to go and make 50 K in one day, you should go for it. But the key is to identify which days do you do that? Aren't in. If you struggled with identifying those days, click the link below schedule 20 minute coaching call. She can get a better understanding on simple, small things that will take your trade in to the next level. With that set. I'll catch you guys on the next trade


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