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DayTrading Options Live: $5k into $34k with 13marketmoves senior trader Chris coaching student live

Oct 26, 2020

Going on everybody. It's Mike again, back with another video club member, currently trading with Chris on Chris's team. And we are currently coming back to you with three live trades. We've got calls on zoom. We got quotes on snow report this life together. So let's see how shaping up all three, currently

8,000 on 8,500 on snow. We're down 3,600 on spa and we are down 4,700 on zoom. This is our profit target for snow right here. If this gets filled, I don't even care about what happens with zoom and what happens with spy. Chris always tells me to close my P and L not look at it. [inaudible]

Focus on the charts. We got to move three here on snow. So guys, we're up to almost 20 K on snow. See, I told you that it's offsetting the two losses watching the, the ax in the bids. Guys want to see two 67 get broken. I want to see some volume coming in to support the downward, move to 67. You need to see it break positions. You're looking good. Up 25 on snow. See, I was at a max loss on spy and zoom. So what I did was I reallocated and added more to snow. Let's see, shape an adult.

So it looks like they reclaimed two 68 short balance. The market doesn't go down straight down guy. That's one thing to remember. Remember bounces in it drops, it bounces, and it drops. Bids are going down. That's a good sign. Let's get some volume coming in there. Yep. Lighten up red like a Christmas tree. Here we go. I'm on two 67 Oh five breakthrough it do 66. We hit it. We're onto the next. And we must be moving down next leg down. Yep. See that guys. This is what you can do too. You don't panic. You don't panic. When you see it bouncing a little bit. It's part of the, it's part of the nature of the market. It doesn't go down.

You watch the levels, you know, it's a market move. It's a move three. So it's going to bounce. And then it's going to drop again. Work with the coaches. They give you price targets. They give you levels to watch out for keeps your emotions in check you state your limit orders. You sell half at one level, one target. You sell another half at another target. Then you sit back and you enjoy the show. Guys that started the, uh, start of the day with 25,000. The accounts currently at 44,046,000. I sent it a Shelby saying the Kansas breast stimulus deal are slim, never trade. As Leo says, you'd never trade to get to a certain dollar amount. You look at your levels on the chart when it hits your target. That's when you get out. And then you're just happy when you open up your P and L and see the long video guys. But we wanted to, we wanted you to sweat this out with us so you can see exactly. Oh, we just reclaimed two 65.

You to see how it is to be in a trade. Wow. Okay. Looks like we've gone down again. Two 65, 72 updated the, uh, press release now. And they automatically DV story. Uh, the 19 easy D 1222 vaccine. US-based three trial that a press release now from a Z N. So our price targets are two 62 ish. And it really gets out of hand two 58

Currently. What's up Chris?

Hi buddy. How you doing?

You're on the live video. So now Joan, they're going to hear you.

Okay. All right, buddy. Carry fucking strong. But I seriously thought two 62, two 63,

Two 65. Yep. I hear you stair. Step out

R two 62 and no, not now. Yes. Around two 63. And just, you know, cause you can't tell them all at one time you get they'll they'll fuck you all right. I'm sorry. I can't be cussing if you're on that thing, but okay. Hopefully they can edit out, but I don't care, but here's the thing. All right. This separates the boys from the men. Okay. Straight up all

Caliph accounts at 56. K Chris let's roll. You're going to sweat. You're going to sweat. I didn't tell you that. I added, did you see my message?

Yeah. It's uh, one of my fucking guys is fucking porpoise. Close nappies. Shit out, man.

Yeah. There's this is a raw trade. This is a live video. I don't think I would've had the same magnitude here. If I didn't add that extra two K, I still think I'd be down. What do you think?

Well, if you wouldn't have been working this morning body, no, we've been in this trade since the beginning. It's probably freaking out to let me go down and settle him down. Okay. Because if not, if I don't keep him in the straight and he's got to sell. Okay.

Yep. So two 60 to start scaling out. Yeah,

It was around two 63 52.9, eight start scaling


All right. And then just take off for a little bit. It's

Time. 10 contracts at a time.

Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Wrong. Let's roll.

So you guys, that's the, that's the coaching we get here at 13 market moves. You gotta, you gotta take the courses, understand the chart patterns that divergence is the 13 market moves to levels. Like I told you, this is a move three. So I know we're expecting, I'm holding this till the end. You heard Chris, tell me, hold until the end. So you've got to understand your levels. You got to understand chart patterns. You'll be good to go. You know what to look for? We're looking for volume. We're looking to see if, um, you know, there's two 65 gets broken and then, uh, they were claimed two 64 and we know it's the next leg leg down. But yeah, this is dropping. This looks beautiful. And you guys get to see it live. Yo bro, what happened?

Eight. Fuck. My other trader man sold his shit. I mean, dude, he was still fucking it at the heads up, but still it's the fucking point there. What was the levels of told you

Two 62 and two 58.

All right. Guess what, man. They sold his shit at two 65 and he's on the phone. But I told him to, um, you know, like I don't, I told them to call the damn brokers earlier. You know what I'm saying? You have to call the brokers to let them know, Hey, I want to sell my own shit. Don't sell my shit, buddy. That happened to two of my guys, but yeah, three dude. But yeah. Hey buddy. Just to think about it. You almost didn't trade today. I would love to be honest with you earlier when you were down like seven K, remember you're like all my ex graves, like Chris, I shouldn't, I shouldn't. I went for the week when I made all the money yesterday and Monday, I should've just took my wins that I told you to take the day off. But Hey, guess what? You know, dude, I can take tomorrow. All right.

Oh yeah. I don't have a choice.

I had a buddy take your girl to a nice restaurant. Do something good. A um, five personal diamond. Remember a, we said, Hey, we get to a certain level. You're going to buy her something nice at this point by your girls something nice. Okay. Yeah. Hey, and did you actually tell your girl that you transferred the money back yet? Or you still haven't Paid my part. Guy's calling me. He's calling me. Let me call you. Hey,

I'm set. I'm set my limit orders in. Lots of,

I want you to do is I want you to sell one third of your position now.

Okay. So what's that? That's 33. That's 33 contracts. I got a hundred contracts. Okay.

All right. So 33 of them right now.


And Ramsey told me they sold every fucking thing. Fuck.

Who's Ramsey dude.

That's my other trader bro.

So 33 at market.


Bomb bomb. Oh, it's starting to bounce.

So we're still holding, right? We're still holding the other. Yes. It's pumping a little bit. What are we doing?

It's okay, buddy. Relax. Okay. We've got this year. Okay.
Yeah. There's only, there's only 13 minutes left in the market. It's heading back down. Wow. Yup. Will you get a big push? Lower, good thing. I didn't sell. Oh wow. Holy it's dropping like a rock guys. All right. I got to get out. I gotta get out. He said, this is the level, Shit. Get out of the way. I'm start. I'm starting to scale out.

Yeah. Yeah. Start scaling out. And when I'm just out of bouncer here, I, when he bought the back down to two 62 body, we're gonna, uh, we're gonna start scaling out. Okay.

All right. Well I have, I have, hold on. Let me just

Scaling out. Start scaling out row, start scaling out.

I only have 22 contracts left. I sold 78 of them. Do you want me to hold them? Okay bro. Hold the rest.

Yeah, no, no. Hold the rest. Hold the rest. Eight buddy. We're going to hold. Uh, let's see here. Let's see here, buddy. That's go. So I got all my, I still have fucking 50 a month. I'm sorry. I'm focused. All right. All right. Just stay with it. Stay with it. Stay with it.

It dropped like $3 so quick. I hadn't. I was shit. I gotta get the fuck out.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know this shit against six fucking minutes. Okay. All right. Now we've got a, it's gonna retest certain levels right here and then it's going to fucking fall the fuck out. Okay. Yeah.

I'm going to set a limit order at like seven bucks. Okay. To close half. So if it falls out bad, I'll get filled.

Hi buddy. All right. All right. Yeah. Yeah. I'm just waiting to sell my last fucking speed, man. You only have 2011? Yeah. 22. Okay.

Oh fuck. They sold my shit. Wait or did my limit get hit? Oh no. My limit got hit. Oh, this shit's crash, dude. Still got, I still got some more left. I got 10 left.

How do we get five more minutes left. Four minutes left. Four minutes.

Just hold it. We can Mark it. Sell it a minute before. No big deal. There's no risk.

My account right now is 60,100. So I made 35 Kat.

Good fucking job. And then you, but you took a 5k kid on zoo. Okay.

Uh, yeah. 5k on zoom and 4k on spy.

Okay. So after those two kids, you still profit in 30 K?

No, my account right now with the losses there is that 59 K right now.

Oh, that has bro. So 30 cake brought there today. Let's get his last leg down. Okay.

Yeah. Fuck. My, my accounts dipping below 60. I wanted it to stay at 60

Buddy. You still made 30, 29,892 bucks.

Okay. Let's drop it. Yeah, here we go. To 608,

Almost, almost, almost

Sharp. Move to 63

63 to 603.

I love sweating this out. This is fun.

It's super insane. Right? I got one minute.

We've got a minute and a half. Come on. I can't get to 60. It's at 59. Nine right now. 60. Let's go, uh, starting in about,

I let's just relate buddy. Profits. Profit, baby. Let's take it. All right. I'm selling our too

Fam. I'm out there.

All right. Good fucking job bro. Good fucking job.

Hey Chris, I made 43,000 on the snow cherry profit. 43 43.

Hey everybody. Look, this is Chris. I want to get good at this shit running to the next level. Body whites recorded this. All right. Yes. And we can take some losses along the way. Yes. But guess what? After his losses today guy made 30 K that's a wrap folks.


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