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Dealing With LOSSES In Trading? | THE REAL TRUTH About Trading Options!

Mar 16, 2021

Hey guys, what's going on in this video, we're going to talk about something incredibly important. Of course, we're going to talk about the real truth about trading, but the subject for today's video is how the hell do you deal with your losses guys? This is a very, very critical subject. It deals with the psychology of trading. So we're just going to touch base on the iceberg of things here, but it shouldn't be helpful if you're a day trader swing trader. If you try to find the answer and really it's incredibly important to find the answer to this. So without any further Jew, we're going to get to business here at trading is not for purposes. I understand this. You will lose. There is no doubt that you will have losses. So if you just naturally not good dealing with losses, okay, you either get to improve on that quick, as quick as possible, or you're going to have a very difficult time.

Being a successful trader losses will come losses. Just the part of the business. Most of the people don't think of it in trading as if it was a part of the business and they have four. They have these expectations that every trade they're going to take is going to be a grain trade. That's a lie. If anybody tells you, they all take ingrain trades all the time, okay, that's a lie. It doesn't happen because there's too many variables in the market. And if an, even if you are a rock star, you will have some losses. Now here's the great news. What makes you a winner is how you deal with your losses. Okay? And that's really guys, this is the critical aspect that makes successful people successful. It doesn't matter. We've whatever is that they're pursuing in life and what keeps certain people at being mediocre or average because they don't deal well with losses.

So despite of what you're doing, uh, either in your trading or in your business or at your job, this video should be somewhat helpful to you. So basically, how do you deal with losses? So getting straight down to business here, what is the difference between a guy who turns 30 K into 473 K or a guy with same opportunity who turns 30 K two 31 K guys. What is the difference? By the way, the next video is going to be an interview with one of our students. Who've been with us for a couple of months who recently turned 30 K to 473 K. Now within the same timeframe, some students who just took the courses, you only turn 30 K to 31. K. So what is the actual difference between a guy that turned 30 K to four 73 K in the same timeframe? The other guy has the same opportunity, same market conditions, same everything.

Yet. He only turns a thousand dollars profit while the other guy locks in over 400 canned profits. So the number one answer it's fear. Guys, you cannot turn 30 came to 473. K. If you constantly worried about your positions, you'd be constantly worried about this. Whoa, where's this going? All my God, it looks like he can't stop. Stop the. Okay? You cannot show up to the market every day and worry about every time the dam, you know, rad candle shows up. If you got call position, you can't worry about, you know, I put position. If every time a green candle shows up, if you're having a heart attack, this is not gonna work. So the number one thing you absolutely have to deal with is fear. You've got to learn how to trade fearlessly, which part of it has to do with your confidence and how, and how strongly you do your calculations before you ever step on this battlefield with a market every day.

And so clearly, if you don't have a plan of action, if you don't have a certain strategy, if you don't know before the market opens, what the hell you're doing, no wonder you're going to be fearful. So it's time to address this. And these are the way to do it as click the link below, talk to a coach, stop losing money out there. And at least you'll get going in the right direction. So schedule a 20 minute coaching call. So how do you deal with losses has to do also number two with your preparation and execution. Okay. You probably heard it's a common saying when, when do you finally, you know, advance in life or whatever you're doing? It's when preparation meets opportunity and with the market, it's every day. Okay. But preparation and execution is key. So if you prepare it, if you understand the moves, you understand the charts.

If you understand the divergences, okay? Yes, you're prepared, but your execution could suck and you could make a loss that doesn't make you a bad man. Doesn't make you a bad trader. Uh, it just, you were prepared understanding the material, but you weren't executing. You were executing like. So you need to improve in your execution. And so a quick example is around here. Okay? So you may be thinking, okay, well, hold on. If it's a bad trade and the trade is bad, well, hell no. That's a one definitely up way to think about it. A trade could be bad for some people the same top of trade, but could be a lot worse for some of the other traders and the trade that is good is not equally good for everyone. So for example, last night, after the market close, we're jumping in into gold options on the put side, when gold was about 1,723 bucks, and that trade may six X.

If you held it for 5:00 AM in 1700 strike, there were going to feel like a dollar. And at one point we were going for as much as about five, six bucks now, and the market opened, we actually reverse the trade from bullets into calls. We actually went long and gold noticing that there's a bear spender and Creighton on the dollar chart. And so gold went from 1700 all the way to like 1722 at some point today. But the D what is the difference between a 1200% return and a full hundred percent return? Well, the difference is simple. Okay. Let me tell you exactly. Let me quantify it for you. So you can actually get this point across the difference between a 1200% return and a 400% return is this is 34 seconds. It's the same trait. It's the same concept it's being taken off of the same chart of, of the same analysis.

Yet one guy is 34 seconds faster than the other guy. And he's able to buy these contracts at 20 cents and the 1,750 and strike. When gold goes to 1,720 bucks, I get he's selling them for $5. Okay, guys, that is a 2500% return. Now there's another guy that gets 34 seconds later. He is buying the same contracts for 60 cents. He's still selling them. And now for four or five bucks, but guess what the difference is, the return is like nowhere near that. That is what 34 seconds means in the market. Same trade, same conditions. It's 34 seconds. That's how incredibly insanely good you've got to be. And these game of training. So you think you're just going to show up unprepared. You don't have a plan of action. You're going to win guys. It's very, very tough. Now let's address some of the psychological aspects that most of the guys go through.

If they do occur losses, if they do actually take some heavy losses or any losses, you look for different people. It's different losses will make you feel differently. For some guy can take a thousand dollar hit and won't even sneeze. It's not a big deal. If he's used to working with a bigger account for some kinds of thousand bucks, it's like, Oh my God, Oh. My life is over. Let me slash my raise here. Okay. So what, like, we're not talking about the size of the losses here, but how do you actually respond to the losses? Because again, to everyone, the size of the loss, you know, in, in terms of dollar amounts could mean different things, but let's say whatever that amount of loss is that gets you really in the smoke to where you start questioning things. And I'm going to give you five answers of what a typical trader goes for. And I'm going to give you the simple answer, what the to do with this. So, number one, you beat yourself up. You, you know, you took a loss today, you took a loss yesterday and you sitting there thinking, Oh God, I can't

Believe I actually did this better. Some of them

You're like, Oh not a game.

I can't believe, Oh no,
Look at this. And so basically the second reaction you have is you feel shame and sadness. You're like, you start thinking like, Oh man, what the hell is wrong with me? Yeah. I mean, these are emotions. These emotions, every new trader goes for this that's for sure. Okay. So bottom line is the third reaction is you blame yourself. You blame yourself for whatever that amount was, what it was 20 K or a hundred K or a thousand, right? You start thinking, Oh man, if I didn't do this, I could have done this with this money. Why did I do this? I'm so stupid. Oh no. I like, so number three, reaction of a typical trader. You start blaming yourself. You start thinking like why there's $20,000. I lost, Oh God, I could have done this with this money. I could have done that.

I could have done. I could have paid this bill. I could have done this. I could have bought a car. I could have, but it doesn't matter. Okay. The point is, okay, you sitting there thinking I'm so stupid for doing this. Blah-blah-blah okay. Now four is you start worrying about what I was will think about you. like, Oh man, I've been keeping it on the low from my wife. I've been taking money from the credit card or the checking account. You're like, man, I try to hail, am I going to tell my wife now, now that the loss is a way bigger. And guys, this is not surprised. This is where we get most of the phone calls. I don't get to that point where you got, you had an account with 30 K. Now you're down to like $800 in it or 1200 bucks.

That's a typical story. Then you're like, Oh. I guess I really do need the 13 market moves. Let me call these guys up guys. I mean, why don't you call when you have 20, 30, can your account and do it the right way and actually have a chance to take your count from 2030 K to 100, 500 K and so on. Okay. Don't wait until the situation gets so bad. You're sitting there like, Oh, what do I do now? And so the reaction number five is, you know, you start thinking you actually to the point, okay, we're sitting there and you're like, you actually doubting yourself. So I'll give you, like, I'm not cut out for this. I should quit. Okay. And so let me give you a brief scenario to save you a lot of time and, and, and, and let me give you a quick scenario and save you a lot of time.

Okay. So if these are the thoughts that are running for your mind, like this is the you should quit. Okay? Because you made a decision to quit before you even started. Let me explain what I mean here. Okay. If you want to get good at something to life, guys, it's not like, well, let me try this and see if it works out. Well, I'll give it a try. Let me sign up for these program and let me take this course and just see if it'll do a miracle with me guys. Yeah. For some people, the courses will do miracles, the coaching pro, and he's going to do miracles, but the number one part of the equation still remains to be huge. Okay. What do you do with the information? How are you executed? Are you really prepared? Are you starting to shut out of the material?

Are you really mentally ready to take on the markets every day? All of these critical factors, I can't cover them with one video, but the bottom line is if you attitude is like, well, let me try this. I mean, can you imagine you went to an interview? Okay. It's some, you know, a place. And you were like, they asking you like, well, what makes you feel? You got to be good at this job? What you like? I don't know. I mean, I just I'll give it a try. I guess, if it don't work, it don't work. Like, would you ever get the job? No. Imagine you were opening the business and you were like, uh, telling your wife, well, honey, let's try this. And I mean, if it doesn't work, it doesn't work. Like that's just a bad way to approach anything in life.

Okay. So if you really want to resolve out of anything that you try to do in life, ask this, okay. I mean this type of attitude, you won't get you good at anything. So ask this question right here. Make a decision once and forever. Okay. If it's trading, we're talking about, do you really want to be a good trader? The answer is yes and no. And how strong is your decision? Okay. Do you really want to do this for the rest of your life? Do you really want to figure this out? Okay. Then the ultimate situation is this. All right. Let me just put it in perspective. How long does it take for a baby to learn how to walk? Think about how long does it take for a baby to learn how to walk? Well, the answer is there's only one answer to that question. Only one. Okay. And the answer is until

It's not a question Of whether the baby will learn how to walk. It's just, it's the. The baby will learn how to walk. It's just a matter of time. I mean, some babies learn to walk at eight months. Some babies do it at 12 months. Some babies do it at, you know, one and a half, two years. But it's not a matter whether the baby's going to walk is decided, okay. That the baby will walk. It's as simple as that. So how long is it going to take for you to be a good trader? Okay. A profitable trader, not a trader that never cruised a loss, not a trader that never has losses. No, but a trader can handle losses knows how to deal with it. Okay. And overall be profitable.

The answer is yes,
Dude. You make it happen until you do it until you get the necessary knowledge until you get the right sort of attitude, how to respond to the losses. And so let me bring some light on that for you. Okay. Guys, thoughts control the outcome of your account and your life in general. So if you're ready for trading in the morning and there's, and there, and there there's certain thoughts running your mind, such as you know, am I cut out for this? Oh my God. I'm so afraid of taking the next bad trade. I mean, you cannot win with thoughts. Okay. It's guys, you can't be formed at your best with thoughts. I mean, I mean, can you imagine going into like a, a race, uh, or going like an MMA fight? I mean, can you imagine going against your opponent thinking, man?

I think this dude is going to kick my. Uh, I don't know, man. Should I fly in here? I mean, this guy looks scary. No, you can't win a fight with thoughts like this. You can't win anything in life where she'd have thoughts like this. So why trading should be any different? Okay. You got to clear up your thoughts. Okay. You got to get into a tray that you're confident about your confident derived from calculations. Okay? So get on the same page with your emotions. Get on the same page with your thoughts. Okay? Before the market even opens, you got to get your thoughts straight. You got to get them right. So when you lose in trading guys, basically the market is telling you that, Hey, it's a challenge. The market is telling you this it's really simple. The market is selling you. This get better. Don't wish it was easier. Wish what you guys know. If you watch some of my videos, you know what? Okay. Don't wish it was easier. Wish you were better. Wish you were better. So you have three choices. Okay? You have three choices guys. Okay. You quit now. And you never place another trade in your life because you're a and you can't take the ship

And You've done this again and again and again, and you can't figure it out. And this is not an answer for you because deep down you really want to figure this out. And you're only out the answers should be this. How can I get better? It's not about, Oh man, I feel so bad. Oh my God, what am I going to do now? that. That's not going to fix anything. That's not going to fix your account. Okay. That's not going to fix the situation with your wife. That's the thing. I'm not going to fix any issues. Okay? So the question is from here on, what do you do? What can you do today that could impact the outcome off tomorrow. And for most of the traders is going to ball down simply. Okay. Two more good information. Okay. How to spot the next trade. You couldn't be highly confident about.

So you don't have these crazy thoughts. Oh man. I'm afraid to take this because I think a whole pan out. I see it, man. I've been taking so many trades rod. I don't know, guys, you got to get rid of this mentality. Okay. Uh, in our program can help do that. All right. So if you're going for some these things, I'm not trying to make fun of you. Look, there's some real bad dudes out there that just have put a lot of good money after a lot of bad trades. Okay? So with 13 market moves, I will tell you this with a hundred percent certainty, it is not a question. Whether you will make money with 13 market moves. That's not a question at all. You will make money with 13 market moves and it's not a a hundred dollars a day, like a bunch of YouTube channels of pitching out there.

Okay? The reason why they're showing you how don't make a hundred dollars a day because they have no clue how to make $50,000 a day. Why? Because they're scared shitless. Okay. Of keeping their profits B beyond a hundred dollars a day. All right. So it's not a question. Whether you will make money with 13 market moves. The only question is, is whether you will keep the money and guys right now, right here, I'm telling you the biggest secret of all. Okay. If you stick with 30 market moves, there's going to be point in time where you kind of just going to be up 300, 400, 800%. Again, you're going to make a hundred, 500 grand. I don't care what you start with. You can start with three K. You can start with 5k. You can start with 50 a hundred. I mean, you know, clearly it makes it a little bit easier to start with, you know, 25, 50, a hundred K a million, take a million to 5 million.

Yes, it's possible. You can do it. And you can do it in a very short amount of time with 13 market moves, not, it does mean that you're not going to have to put any work in, does mean that, you know, you're going to buy the courses and not study them. It doesn't mean that you're not going to have to deal with psychological challenges because you shoot. Otherwise. If you're not dealing with new information, if you're not learning how to put it to work. Okay. And if you're not going to, for an emotional roller coaster, then it's not a learning experience. Okay. So it's not a question whether you will make the money. The only question is when it happens, when it happens, when you will make the money is whether you will keep it. And this was what I mean by that. So, um, had a couple of good weeks and you know, this gold trade this morning really, really paid up for a lot of guys that I work with.

So this gold trade by itself, I mean, made some guys over a couple of hundred thousand dollars. So the question is, what do you do? Do you sit in the profit of a couple of hundred thousand dollars? What do you do? All right. Do you just, let me make it easy for you. I'll tell you what most of the traders think this should do. Okay. So if your account has never been with a product, the profit of 200,000, what's your problem. And also if this is true, if your account is under a million dollars, uh, maybe you start with maybe 50 K a hundred K and now you kind of, let's say it's a 300, uh, what most of the people are sitting there thinking is I can take this to a million now. Okay. And the way I'm going to do this is I'm going to, when Monday the market opens, I'm just going to invest it.

And I'm going to take it to a million dollars next week, next month, next couple of months, I'm just gonna keep reinvesting the money in the trades. And, and that is just a no-no okay. If you work with us, if you work with Chris, if you work with Brandon, if you work with myself, you work with April. If you work with anybody here at 13 market moves, okay? You know that when you are, you should take the money. You should pay yourself. You should transfer it from your trading account to your checking account and you should make a habit to do so. Not when you're making a million dollars, you should develop the habit to do so way earlier. I mean the first Stan K, you guys make, okay, you should, you should transfer some money. Whether it's 20%, 30%, 40%, whatever it is, you need to transfer some money from your trading account to your regular kind of guys.

And that's the real truth. It's not a question. Whether you will make money. It's the question is okay, whether you will make the right decision. Once the money is made to make sure that you can sustain your trading activities going further. Because naturally when you have a huge win, you want to go heavy on the trade positions. You want to do a lot of stuff, stupid things out there, and not necessarily lead to a progression in the trainer resolved. So the size of your account, because a lot of times after you make some substantial progress, market conditions changed. So put in a lot of money after a trades that are not as well positioned while the market environment is changes, may not be the best idea. So that's the real truth about trading guys. So you start setting money aside when you make your first 10 K, that is the real truth.

Okay? So the bottom line is this. You can do it yourself. You can do it with a coach now it's great. Which way is easier. And if you need some help, okay, we've traded it. I mean, guys, maybe you're okay with dealing with losses, but you've never made more than five grand in a day trading. You need to get on a phone call with a senior trader here with a coach and get some of these questions answered. So you can do better. This channel guys is not for everybody. I would train and strategy is not for everybody. Okay. So, you know, you've got to get your mind, right? You've got to get the programmatic. You've got to get a few ingredients right here in order to have a breakthrough. And so it doesn't personally matter to me, which way you do it. I just want you to do better. Okay. So you can do it by yourself. great. Why haven't you done it so far? So you can do it by yourself, but taking our courses, getting more good information that can position you to do better next week. Awesome. You can do it without a coach. That's even better now, to me, it doesn't matter which way you do it by your starting out. Of course you can do it with a coach either way is fine. Just do it and do it today. Let's roll.


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