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Did you double your account this week ! LaDon did with coach Chris

Oct 24, 2021

Hey guys,  with my experience with the 13 market moves. I talked to coach Chris yesterday and he put me in a trade. He usually don't even do really tiny accounts like mine. If you notice, this is my starting balance on my account, $4,528 and 91 cents. Um, fortunately I had already blown up the account, from where it was to where it is now.

I talked to coach Chris and he told me, Hey, LeDon, just come on in and I'll show you a few things and you'll be glad you came. I said, okay, let's do this. So he took me from here on Wednesday evening.

I just held it until the next day.

Boom, double my account overnight while I slept, I wanted to close it so bad. Cause I was at 4,500. I started at Wednesday evening before the market closed.

I was at 7,500. I was like, man, let's take some, let's take some.

He's like, just be, just be easy, grass hopper. I want to show you more things. And uh, he turned me on to the move nine, the move nine is a, there's a move. It is classic when they have that FLMC meeting because it bounces up and scares everybody. They fall out of the trade and that's the time that we jump in, boom, we've got in and the thing just slid and slid and slid and that by the market close, it was at the lows. I was like, Hey man, let's take it now. Let's take it. And I was like, no, no, no, hold it. Let's get our money. Let's get that money.

So we turned around and held it. And when I woke up in the morning, boom, the account was doubled $9,963 is where it was on the open that you can notice right there on the bottom line, I was already ready to pull the trigger right on the open so that I could get my money.

I tell you what 13 market moves made a believer out of me. I didn't think it was real because, uh, you know, you hear all the hype, you see all of the circumstances and all the situations.

When I tell you it's real.

And if you want to get into a situation where you can see your money doubled overnight one hour, three hours, five hours, I tell you, coach Chris is, he's amazing. He's, he's a general. And uh, I tell you what the commander in chief, Leo, he, ain't no joke either.

I see for myself that everything that they were talking about is actually real. This stuff does exist. You could take a $4,500 account like mine and take it to a hundred thousand dollars. And, uh, it happened so fast and so good.

It's just real and whatever it costs, I tell you it's worth it. You guys need to try it for your sel.


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