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Different way of looking at trading ! Trading with 13 market moves coach $8k to $28k

Jul 14, 2021

Hello everyone. I wanted to do a quick video to share my experiences in a 13 market moves reading coach program and working with Lou and his team. The last freaking week, July 6th, through the ninth, we were able to take my account from 8.7 K to 28. K. Yes, it was pretty exciting. And it's kind of like out of the comfort zone for me as I have a different style, I have been trading for about three years that I've taken all the 13 market moves courses or other than the crypto course. And I have an implementing, I learn, I know that 13 mark and moves pretty well, but I still have a challenge in letting my trees run this week. And the coaching program, uh, working with them. There are though we were able to accomplish this, this screenshot shows, um, the initial, um, the start of my, on my journey.

I joined the program on July 6th, uh, in the afternoon. So basically, um, I traded, um, early in the day using my style and you can see those are the types of gains that I typically have been getting and is in probably the thing good because I'd been consistent, but hadn't been accomplished. The games that I've had are possible working with the owner though. So the interesting thing about that, um, this option that I bought for Amazon, that particular option on the six, it went all the way to 14 K approximately, and I sold it for 265. We started trading it in, uh, in the afternoon exit and I went in, uh, went into winter boots and then the next day we also traded Tesla. So when there was about 400% and Tesla, about 2 50, 200 50%, and then w when the market reversed on July 8th, we switched to calls and we went on, um, coin and also Amazon.

So the Amazon trade was about 250% and they coin trade about 400, uh, present. And some of them 500%. So basically you can see the contrast between my style of trading and his trading, then there's us and his team, basically, they're able to, uh, identify that will, um, large gains. They're able to maximize us rates because my myself was in an, a tree that had a huge potential, but I only took a small game. So working with the 13 market moves coaching program, there's a, it's a different way of looking at the Carmen market and a different way of maximizing the gains different way of approaching each trade in comparison to what I'm used to. And this is teaching me to look at it differently to analyze my trades better and just to have a different mindset instead of, well, this is good enough. I'm happy with this, or I'm not sure where this is going to end up.

I need to ask that here they'll narrow traits with conviction, and sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn't. So working with the program has put me in a different mindset in a way, a different way of thinking. And although it's going to may take time for me to actually get used to be able to implement this it's it really is a huge benefit to actually be able to think like this. Do you actually see how, what is possible? So thank you though now, though, and thank you to his team and like there's the let's Trade. Thank you everybody have a good one.


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