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Female Trader at 13 market moves ! No way! $4k to $10K in 3 days!

Jul 18, 2021

My name is Trish. I'm a new trader and I've been trading now for eight months. And last week I made money on calls while the market was dropping. So Leo posted a video on YouTube on July 6th, 2021. This video was about a big move about to take place with Amazon. I believe it was a breakout from a cup with Handel and sure enough, the move took place. It happened and it unfolded exactly as described, you know, but the problem was though, some people had missed the trade or some people had closed the trade prematurely. And so Leonardo, he posted a, yet another video this time, giving people a second chance to trade with a coach for $1 for that week, I could not miss the offer. I jumped to it and I signed up as quickly as I could.

So the next day I was assigned a coach and I was shocked because the coach that I got was Leo himself. You know, um, it's not very often that you get to treat with a genius, right. And you know, I'm just so grateful and I could not have possibly asked for anything else. So last week, my account at the time was about $4,700. And this is all I had left after consistently losing more than winning because of my bad habits. You know, I've been scoping a lot and I've become so impatient with my trades and I have absolutely no discipline when it comes to my trading. And so my loss is there've been huge in comparison to my profits. And, you know, I, I believe that I was given a very good foundation. I was taught the right things, but recently, somehow I figured a way to start messing up my tricks here.

I got in some trades, I got in kind, I got in Amazon. Uh, it was already seen profits of over $1,400, but at one point though Amazon was dropping quite a bit and I really needed to close the trade, but Leah, he said, stick to the plan. And so I did also notice that I got into the wintry, uh, because Leo had previously posted a video on YouTube regarding this street. I do not miss his videos. Um, do yes, Leo also explain how I could've made a lot more money on this winter wintry. And please note that during this whole time, I also had to send pictures of every strike and position. So he could analyze the traits just to ensure that I was on the right track. And this was why he was educating at the same time. So he was continuously monitoring orders positions, you know, it was just quite intensive. The next day on July eight, the market was dropping. It was really dropping and it was dropping fast. Everything was just blood red. And I got so nervous on sick at the same time. And I knew that my account must have gone to zero by now and I was afraid to look, but I eventually checked and I was down over 2100, but I received a reassuring message from Leo, um, telling me to stick to the plan and not to sell all my positions just yet. And that I should sell on the bounds. Yes.

And another thing in addition to being on the wrong side of the market, I was being told to buy more cars, more calls on Amazon, more, more calls on coin. And this was while the market was dropping, you know, I was just extremely nervous. And I was just thinking that this is not going well. Um, you know, because who would do a thing like that. And the one thing that, you know, as a new trader is that you should never, ever go against a momentum. You must go with the momentum. And I wasn't being told to buy more calls and you know what Leo he explained. And so I went ahead and bought the cards. So Leo was right. I stayed with the plan and I went back in the positive. I reported this to Leo, that I was back in the positive and he said he would go girl. I was so happy patients was paying off. And so by 2:30 PM, I was up about, uh, 6,300

These are my results. I went from $4,751 and 34 cents to $10,303 73 cents. So I basically doubled in my account just by paying $1.

No a bit on my background. I am a registered nurse and I can now proudly add trader to my resume. I enjoyed training with Leo for those few days. It was such a great experience. I learned a lot and I'm so grateful to him for imparting his knowledge on for just being so kind. So now I know how to employ patients with my trades. I can tell you this, I'm not fearful to trade anymore because of losses. You know, the affair that I had, it's been replaced with confidence. And I just need to tell you a Leonardo, thank you so very much.


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