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Dec 06, 2021

Okay guys. Hey, my name is Rubin. Um, I live here in Florida, United States. Eh, let me tell you my experience with 13 market moves.

We turn, we turn. First of all, I need to ask you for, please try to understand my English is not the best.

Eh, second, I would like to invite you to see the entire video, because I got so much stuff to tell you, but it's going to help you with the, with the, with the losses and maybe have more winnings, you know, so let me explain you this. I, you start the account with $23,000 and we made it to $64,000 in three days, or you start following Leo in 13 market moves three years ago, about four months, no three months ago, I decide to get advantage of the $1 membership.

And I started trading, uh, straight with, with Leo. You know, I was texting with him and I lost my, a smaller account.

That was $4,000 in this business or in this job. Basically you need to know something very important. There is some traits that you're gonna lose money. Eh, the idea is to have more wins than losses. This is basically the idea of this business. So I started training with, with Leo three months ago, $4,000, a small account, and I made so many mistakes.

I'm gonna explain you what is going on. On that time, we turned $4,000 to $17,000 in matters of ours. We, I mean, it was a beautiful trade. There was only one problem. I had the PVT rule, you know, because this is more like account. And I already used it three days that I came by in closed the same day that week. So when I was making $17,000, I couldn't sell anything next day, that was on MRI and a MRI and a drop.

So basically my, my account was in red and I actually, I said, man, I'm losing everything. What is going on? So he say, you know, cash it, I mean, sell it. So I sell everything. I lost my account. I lost the money, but there is one problem I didn't take at that time. At that moment, I didn't study any of Leo's courses on, on online. I didn't take any class. So what happened is a they in it, like I sold everything maybe by 10 30 in the morning and by 3:00 PM, Mr. And I went up crazy.

So I understand one thing, I understand that if you haven't studied the classes that Leo have is very difficult to understand his, his point of view, because sometimes he's looking at the big picture. The big picture is that Mr. And I was going up going a little down and then it's going to spike up when Emma and I went a little down, I got a scare, you know, I got nervous and he say, sell it.

I sell everything. We lost the account. But in his picture, he was looking at the big picture. I was looking at the small picture. And that's when, what, that's one of the problems that we have when we are doing trading, eh, without taking a classes now, LA two weeks ago, I started talking to Mike and I say, Mike, listen, now I have a good morning.

You know, I mean a little more than before. And I would like to try to, to, I want you, I want you to help me. I lost this small account. I got more money. Let's try this time. So he say, the only way that we're going to do at this time is if you take one of the, of the classes and I took the chart in the Virginia class, and that was amazing. Uh, before, before that I was also reading some books and study.

And that was amazing because as soon as I finished the class, eh, Mike connect me with a coach, Chris and coach Chris. He told me, you know, what is going to be holidays is going to be Thanksgiving this week. So I don't want you to take any trade. I don't want you to trade absolutely anything. So I was okay. You know, I got $20,000 in my account by Monday after Thanksgiving, eh, I asked him, okay, are we going to start this week? And he said, yeah, we're going to start this week.

Eh, basically a, eh, today's Monday, we started chopping in the market. So we're gonna just let you know. I said, all right, but I took it a few trades with the 20 grand and I made $3,000. So by Tuesday, eh, we, I, you start with $23,000 and then Chris a star, you know, like, okay, buy a spy, puts eh, buy a, I believe we did apple.

And we made a $6,000 on when, as they, we made $9,000, basically trading a spy, a spy, I'm sorry, I call it a spike, but it's spy. And so Thursday morning we got the account already with $39,000.

That's what we have in the account from 23 to $39,000 in two, two days, various small trades. I'm going to tell you something. What I like about Chris, he knew that I, you know, it burned my small account with Leo three months ago. So he was very conservative.

He was like, you know what? Let's do a small, this let's just buy $1,000. Buy another, that thousand dollars from the $23,000. He only used for my account 6,000 and we make $6,000 profit on Tuesday. On Wednesday, we use $9,000 from my account and we make $9,000 profit on Thursday. I don't know if you remember, there was two days ago, market the stock going up, down, up, down.

And it was very bullish. But coach Chris told me, you know what? This is going gonna, this is going to drop. We are looking for move 11. This is going to drop. I said, all right, no problem. So we started buying spy spy. We started buying a Amazon and that's pretty much spy, Amazon and Tesla.

That's what we purchase on Thursday. But basically we use the entire account, $39,000 because we was adding more, every time that the market went up, we add more, every time that the market went up, we add more, well, we finish on Thursday afternoon when market close, we finished with $14,000 in negative. We was read 14,000.

He said, well, eh, either we sell it, we take the losses. This happened. Or we will teach tomorrow. And I say, what is going to happen tomorrow? What do you think is going to happen tomorrow?

Because nobody knows. So he say, well, buy, buy. The most that we are seen, we are expecting a move. 11 and market is going to drop most likely. And I said, okay, let's hold it. Because I start with 23. Eh, I made with him about $16,000 and I wasn't read 14,000. So I was like, okay, we are on red.

What I already made with him in the two previous days. So I'm okay. I'm okay. I'm all in now. I got a different platform. Now I don't have the PDT rule because when the first trading day that I got with coach Chris, eh, we went over $25,000.

So no more PDT rule Friday morning. That means yesterday. My account when the market open was at negative $24,000. Because as soon as the market opened on Friday, it started going up. So basically I'm going to tell you this experience.

He told me cash out, the smaller accounts, cash out, get out. And I didn't. And I saw the market going down a little up, but I saw the divergence, the Leo talking, the class that I took before I started trading with a coach, Chris. So that helped me to recognize that the divergence and the drug was coming.

So I didn't close the account. And basically the message that I got was cashout sell everything. And I didn't just because what I learned in the classes of Leo in 13 market moves that come. Now, I didn't say anything to Chris after three minutes, I say, Chris, I haven't sell.

I don't want to sell. So he say, okay, what do you want? And I say, I want my account today. At $60,000, we are negative 24,000, but I know that the market is going to drop. I want 60 grand.

That's what I texted to him. So he told me, okay, let's roll. I empower Chris at that moment because basically he told me like, I, I believe, I don't know. I believe Chris said, you know what? This is the guy. He knows what is going to happen. He's not as scared he's doing it. So he, and he told me, let's roll.

Let's do it. And, and, and it started dropping market itself, dropping, dropping, dropping. We got to $1,000 positive, eh, profit, which is, you know, I, we, we basically got the $24,000 to green, $1,000 green. And I told him, okay, we are $1,000 green.

He say, wait, this is going to drop more. And that was a huge drop. Well, we wait market bounds. He say, it's just a bounce. I said, all right, market drop. We was making like $12,000. So I told him, Chris, we are already $12,000 positive.

I was $25,000 negative. And he say, stop looking at the small picture. And that reminds me, you know, what happened with, with a Leo, eh, three months ago, you know, I was nervous. I was looking this small picture. He was looking at the big picture. And as soon as he said that, and I remember, you know, about the previous experience, I was like, okay, I trust you. My friend let's do it.

He gives me some targets in Amazon, in spy and Tesla. And we reach the targets. And when I check it out, my portfolio, it was about $64,000. And I told him that I want my accounting's mean 60,000. So as soon as we reached 64,000, and as soon as we reached all the targets, I sold everything. Well, I sent a picture to Chris and I said, listen, Chris, I sold everything. We are $64,000 in my portfolio and a, in my, in my account, in my, um, oh my God, my broker account.

I'm sorry. And eh, I sold everything. We ended up making 25,300 just today. I close everything about 10:55 AM Friday, eh, December 3rd. Now he, he asked me why you sold everything.

You are not supposed to sell everything. You are supposed to ask me before you close. And I said, well, I told you about the, I want my account at 60 and you give me the targets. And we reached the targets. He said, no, no, no, no, you are supposed to wait. And I say, well, I can't go back in. And he said, no, you are down for today. You are done.

We closed the session with you Rubin. I said, all right. So I felt maybe he was a little mad, you know? And I asked and I told him, well, at least give me credit that I didn't cash out of my account this morning.

And he said, of course, man, of course my friend, I give you credit. But for today, it's enough. I know the market is going to drop more. If you see right now, Amazon, Tesla and spy. After 10 55 that I closed my account in the morning market, keep dropping and dropping and dropping. I'm supposed to make about $90,000 because that's what I was doing.

The numbers I'm supposed to make easy. 90 grand in my account is at 64. I'm not greedy. I'm glad that I signed up with a, with Leo, with 30 market moves. I'm glad that I a sign with a crease.

And I'm glad with everybody, these guys, they know what they are doing. I recommend everybody to please take one of the classes. They start with the chart and divergence like I did, eh, right now I'm getting the other class, which is a little more, you know, high level.

These guys are doing an amazing job. They know what they're doing. I'm going to keep working with them. And, and I'm going to tell you something. I have been training for three years. I make money and I lost money, made money, lost money. I'm going sideways. And sometimes very, I got 64 in the account. I already, eh, got all my losses last time with Leo. I got a better platform. Now I don't have PDT rule. And these guys are, keep working with me.

We text, we joke on the, on the, on the messages. And thank you, Mike, for helping me out to get a second chance, eh, with Leo's company and, and all the coaches. Thank you, Chris, for helping me. And I invite everybody, you know, eh, oh, before we finish, I was one of the guys that more heat, eh, Leo's a YouTube channel, putting comments, like comments, like crazy.

And one day I was like, you know what? These people, they make so much money. I'm going. I ended up signing with them and I did. And I'm glad, eh, and I'm happy, but I'm not happy just because the money I'm happy because I started learning a little more about training in the classes that I'm taking with them. That's making me more happy than the morning because that's when I let me know.

That's when I helped me out to make decisions like that. Like the one that I made with Chris, I say, no, I'm not going to sell everything because when you get scared, they tell you, okay, you are a scary sell everything. And I already got that experience. And I say, no, I'm not going to sell anything because I see the divergence. I see the market dropping, how I see it in the classes. That's what I recommends.

Thank you.


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