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from $700 to $2700 in 3 days Trader David shares his details trading with 13 market moves coach

Aug 09, 2021

Hey guys, my name's David, and I want to share with you my experience trading with 13 market moves coaching. So I got the opportunity to work with coach Brandon. Um, I've seen a couple of his YouTube videos on the 13 market moves a YouTube channel. If you haven't seen it, you should check it out. He does a, a pretty good breakdown of how to trade Facebook, uh, earnings and, uh, actually made a pretty good amount on that. So I was pretty excited to work with them.

Brandon messages, me, uh, Tuesday morning, uh, same because of my account size. We should wait until tomorrow when the premiums are cheaper. And I said, okay, sounds good. And then I get a message from him a couple hours later. Tell me the buy, the NTX 360 calls.

Um, so I go ahead and buy. Those is about an hour and a half left in the market. And, uh, if you don't know what T X is, is one of the vaccine stocks like Madonna and VAX. I hadn't been watching Madrona earlier and I knew it was breaking out and some new highs and the NTX looked like it was trailing behind it. So Brandon's like, okay, we're going to hold this overnight.

So that's what we did. So next morning market opens up, uh, BNCs starts trading up, breaking out. Um, and then I get the message from Brandon to sell saying that, you know, we shouldn't get greedy with your small account.

So we go ahead and sell, get out at about $20 60 cents, which is about a 300% gain. Um, this was pretty happy about that, and that's all we, uh, traded for that day. Um, and then the next day we opened some new trades, uh, one E R G N. We actually got two calls that one, and we jumped back into B and TX.

Um, these were pretty early in the morning. Um, our AGM was running up by the end of the day. I think it was that $9. So about a hundred percent. Uh, the NTX was kind of just hanging out there. Um, and I get the message from Brandon to hold these ones overnight. So we do that and then Friday rolls around, um, RegX running up and, uh, I get the message from Brandon sell these.

Um, I was actually supposed to sell one there's at least so both of them, uh, for 16, 40 and 1590, she was about a 350% gain. Um, if I would have held, I probably would've an extra a thousand dollars, but, uh, profit is profit. It can't really complain about that. So at the end of the week, we were up 27, 60 down from 700, which is about four, 400% gain, um,

Within three and a half days, uh, very excited to, uh, trade next week. I just want to thank the guys over at 13 market moves. Um, Brandon, Chris and Mike, all for helping me out here and, uh, hope to update you guys soon. Thanks.


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