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GME crash nailed by 13marketmoves.com

Jan 31, 2021

What is happening? Traders?

It's January 28th, 2021. This is Jason. I wanna review a trade. I had a privilege to take with 13 market moves and coach Chris today in game stop GME first and foremost, we start off the morning with the morning prep.

I got the message at 9:23 AM. GME 200 strike at the open 20 K and this trade puts. Okay. So literally GME opened up with a gap down from the previous day. I couldn't get filled. It was halted.

I got filled approximately 300, got a little bit more, slightly above 300 and you can see the trade wind against me. So I was down a bit in this trade. I was confident in the 13 market moves and the bear sequence that portrayed the previous day or so it also the news on the stock. So as the stock was going up, got enough message from Chris start buying.

Jimmy puts four 54 78 at the 300 strike. Okay, now you see this four 54 78, right there. He was called the top of the trade. All right, this was still green. This was still going up. Literally. I was trying to get filled again, turned red.

My limit orders didn't get filled. So I had the 20 Kane invested in the trade. I was happy. And the fact of the matter is I knew once this thing sold off, I can never get filled for them. You know, the price I had. So I was confident the trade fall through with the trade and this, after that call out from at the four 54 78, basically the next hour, this just dropped like a lead balloon all the way down here to this pause where it was halted when it was halted. I got another call from Chris.

As soon as the market opens up, sell your puts. It was halted at this time, literally as soon as it opened up, that's when I sold probably in the high end of this red bar. The good news is it was a profitable trade game, stop profit $41,055.

This was just a morning trade everybody. And I was a guy that completely with 13 market moves and coach Chris. And we're looking to play this again today.

So I would encourage you if you're thinking at all about advancing your trading skills, having professional guidance along the way, having a plan each morning of the stocks that you're going to take action on with the target prices, with the entry prices and management of those trades, by all means give 13 market moves a call, see what they can do for you. Thank you.


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