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Jan 31, 2021

Hey guys, what's going on today is January 29th, 2021. I just really wanted to record this quick video for you because when the market does something insanely stupid, you should take advantage of it as a short seller.

So for those of you who have been falling out channel 13, market moves, you know, primarily we focus on great shirt and opportunities that produce substantial returns with weekly options.

So the reason why we're looking at TLR white 2018 chart, because it's a great representation of what is actually bout to happen to the stock off GME, like probably watch Jason's video, how he nailed a couple of awesome entries and exits as well as a bunch of other students.

But I don't want everyone to miss out an insane trading opportunity on GME today. So what I want you to pay close attention to Ron here, guys is a lot of these high flyers and the chart of Bitcoin and sharp, all this stuff.

In many instances for out the history would resemble this type of pattern. We're pretty much stuff goes parabolic. Now, once you get certain pattern developing on the candles, okay, it's pretty easy to nail the next move. And so we're expecting a huge move to formation in the shares of GME.

It's going to be a climax point in the stock. And if you nail you and tree at some point throughout the day to pay you and make you a ton of ton of money. So what I want you to focus is once Taylor white, this particular case, by the way, we do have a video trade until a wine in 2018, nailing that top.

And I remember sending the alerts in our group at two 99 were short and Keeler white, look what happens next? It crashes within minutes, right? So GME, if you study the charter will last few days.

I mean, yesterday it had two really outsized moves to the downside and the same characteristic of each move was it happened at the speed of light. I mean, when it started to drop, it was dropping like a rock. And so that's exactly what he had in tiller white. Now notice what happens is the next day, the next day, the stock still balances. And this is exactly what's happening with GME today.

Pre-market and so what watch, what happens next though, over the course of the next 48 hours to 72 hours, this sock basically visits the level from where it broke out of. So consider that level in GME from 61 to 81 levels.

So GME could actually literally drop to 61 to 81 bucks within the next 72 hours. And majority of that move can come today. So focus again on the pattern here. Now charge the versus course, we identified this type of pattern as a loss of momentum where a stock gains a tremendous amount of momentum.

Typically it is associated with like a short squeeze and you know, stuff like that. So all characteristics I hear with GME, but now we're going into these bear sequence, right? We're switching from a sequence of how the bullish move into a bearish move, which is a trend reversal opportunity that these are the top trays guys that make you kill killing. So again, focused on this, right?

So loss, they hire, then it crashes, but it picks itself up. Okay. And that's exactly what GME is going through right now. And notice after the bounds of what happens, it's a three-day sequence of crashing. So you go loss, the high crash, bounce crash. And so to help you visualize this, let me see if I can bring up the, the GME, okay. We're going into the exact identical setup right here. And the drop could be phenomenal. I mean, Rodney, out of the stock, pre-market, I'm recording these guys.

It's about eight 40, uh, 8:40 AM on June 20th, 2021. So it's fluctuating between three 50 and 400 bucks this morning. Your ideal answer is going to be, if it revisits anywhere close to yesterday's level, which pre-market yesterday was at five 13. Here's what the magnificent dropped pre-market.

And then it repeats the same behavior right now. That was more like a, almost a 300 and change dollar move from, you know, full heart, $50 where we send the alert to short it right here, all the way down to 112 bucks right here. So we're likely to see last move higher here today. And the goal is to nail that top. Now, a lot of times you're not going to be able to nail the top precisely down to like a dollar or a penny and a stock like that. Cause I mean, we're not dealing with a $10 stock here.

And at this point this is a four or $500 stock. So you'll answer, it should be somewhere right here. Your interest should be between four 5,500 bucks. Use that balance because this is going to be the last bounce. And after that, you're going to see insane sell volume in the stock.

So without any further ado guys, if you're not sure exactly, what's trying to get, because depending on what strike you get, it's really gonna make you kill it, kill it, kill a trade, or just gonna make it a mediocre tray. Okay. Independent. How well you time, your entry for out the day is also gonna determine we look at options, how much money you're actually going to get to keep.

So if you have any questions about that, make sure you click the link below. Schedule a 20 minute coaching call right now. Don't wait a moment. Click the link below this video schedule calls. You will know exactly what the hell to do with this trait today. Guys. I wish everybody huge successful trade day today, uh, Friday, January 29th electoral. I'll catch you guys next video.

Uh, Brandon's been doing a lot of research, found a lot of cool stuff, so we've got some really cool information coming at you. So if you're new here, make sure you subscribe guys. Let's rock. Have an awesome day. Make it happen.


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