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How did Jay trade $2.5k into $19.7k in 34 hours?! new 13marketmoves student shares trading strategy

Nov 30, 2020

What's up traders. This is Jay. It is 27th, November, uh, the Friday after the Thanksgiving day. And, uh, I am a gold plus member of 13 market moves trading with senior trader Chris, who is my mentor.

So me and Chris, before the beginning of this, we got on a call together to discuss a game plan. And he had basically told me that he was expecting mostly moved fives and twelves.

So we had decided on three different things or three different strategies, one we won't overtrade, two, we will limit our risk exposure with smaller position sizes and three specifically to focus on earnings play strategy. And, you know, most of, you know, earnings play strategy, um, strategy has higher probability of success than any other strategy. Um, so look, you know, it's a very challenging market and you know, most of the traders would stay out and only takes like a seasoned creator to navigate through this market, which is what I'm learning from Chris, uh, is to how to trade in on different market behavior pairers and, uh, use it to my advantage.

Uh, so to recap this week, you know, we took seven trades and five out of them resulted in profits, tuber losses, you know, which is perfectly within our risk management guidelines. Uh, but you know, we stayed balanced. And in that we had a few trades which were, uh, which I w I was blessed with huge profits. And in one of those trades, I will walk you through right now. Uh, this was on MRNs or, uh, borderline inc. And it yielded a profit of 800% in just a one day or, or, or an overnight trade basically. So I'd gotten a tax, uh, from Chris to buy specific strike price calls for MRNA. The altruist also specified the amount that I would be using to buy into, like I said, we weren't going heavy or anything on these, on the trades. Uh, I bought the, these calls and right around seven 30, one, 28 contracts to be precise at 90 cents.

And this morning we scaled out of them. So I sold half of my position, six 30 and then the second half for nine 56. Um, and are you there by yielding your profit of $17,206 or an 800% profit on just an initial investment of $2,500? So, uh, so going to the charts, you know, you, you gotta be able to differentiate between the move five and 12 new one, and this particular one was move one. And what you see in front of your screen is the price action for witness a, um, this was a move on, uh, clearly, uh, we had gotten in at the small dip, uh, right around the beginning of the smaller dip. So I saw a few losses for a male bed, but then, you know, the trade, uh, turned out to be pretty good throughout the day as the price kept rising, we were also watching the aftermarket and the pre-market price action, and it gapped up as you can see opened up higher than the previous day close, and then it popped.

So, uh, you know, to have another consecutive, uh, move one on a consecutive business day is normal in a diminishing volatile environment for the case. So we had our targets set in at 119 18, and, uh, you know, we scaled out of our positions completely get 'em. Now, one may say that the price kept going higher. So, you know, we could have stayed, but, uh, you know, most of the cases you, that may not be the case, and you do not want to be a bag holder in those case cases. So anyways, uh, uh, you know, I've been trading with Chris for over five weeks now, and each week I'm learning new things. Um, I also learned this week to balance my trades and you know, which trades are specifically better to, um, hold overnight or for longer periods of time for a day or two or more. And which trades are better to take, um, to get out of take profits or take paper cuts on. So a huge shout out to Chris, uh, for, uh, for his guidance and to 13 market moves team to, uh, Leo and Brandon keep those informative videos coming. I hope, uh, you have had a successful trading week. All of you, and this is Jay again, let's roll.


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