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How did Jay trade $3k to $11k this Friday in 3 hours with 13marketmoves? DayTrading Options onFriday

Nov 23, 2020

This is Jay and it's 20th of November, 2:41 PM. Pacific standard time. I am a new gold club member at 13 market moves. And I traded with Chris who is a senior trader. And today I wanted to share with you yet another profitable, uh, trait of mine that it took with Chris. This particular one was on Nvidia and we bought two different strike price.

And this trade was, uh, able to yield a 250% profit for me throughout in just one day. So going through the details of the trade, I had received a message from Chris and right around 6:13 AM, where he had asked me to buy these specific strike price, but at the market open. And I had asked him to specify the amount that I would be spending on each of these parts, which we did. And this is necessary because you want to be able to control the risk exposure, which is directly proportional to the liquidity or the size of my account.

So I bought these putts, uh, specifically the five 35 at $2 and 86 cents, which was sold at $9 and 30 cents. And the five $34 27, which was then sold for $4 and 75 cents. I say, sold and not sold by me is because of the low liquidity in my account, TD our Thinkorswim had stabbed in and sold.

These puts early. I wanted to be able to hold these boats all the way through 12:58 PM as per the advice of Chris. I think I would've made about 3000 to $3,500 more on this one, but the initial investment, uh, in this trade was about $3,000 and it yielded a profit of $7,400.

And as I said, uh, it amounts to 250% profits. So the question is how do you, uh, make these kinds of traits possible? So the trick is in understanding these 13 market moves. Um, Chris has been helping me a lot with that.

You know, do you know the studying the charts, the aftermarket price action, the pre-market price action, and, uh, you know, correctly anticipating the moves. Uh, I've been trading with Chris for over a month now, and I've been learning a lot and not just the understanding of these 13 market moves and recognizing them live trading, but also how to keep a well balanced portfolio of trades on a particular day, and more importantly, how to mitigate your losses.

So look, guys, there's always going to be lots of, there is no trailer in this world that can tell you that they don't make any losses. The trick is that you make a lot more profits in comparison to your losses.

And I think that's where, uh, 13 market moves team shines, uh, because of the system that they have in place of the 13 market moves. So I've been trading for eight, six to eight months now, and I've come across multiple groups, trading gurus that promise 30, 40, 50%, uh, gains, but I've never seen let alone experience myself, uh, profits of over 200 to 900% in certain cases.

So, in the end I'd like to thank Chris again, who has been, uh, very helpful and walking me through all these trades and making me, uh, um, understand these, uh, this process better and do 13 marketing most dream to Brandon, to Leo for putting all of these informative videos out there. Uh, I think this is the best investment that I've made and, uh, you know, I am that much more closer to realizing mine.


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