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How did this DayTrader make $93,000 in last 2 days with 13maketmoves?!

Nov 06, 2020

Hello. Hello traders, this is art. Our today is the 5th of November, 2020, and I'm just here again to testify. What an amazing day trending with coach Chris and 13 Market Moves team and, and it's it's, it's it's really just blew my mind the experience that I went through today. Uh, thanks to coach Chris.

Firstly, I want to start before I start. I want to thank God and to give a lot and honor to God. When we as connected you with this amazing team and you might get most coach Chris, my mentor, who was holding my hand all through our district and experience, and, and this is just it's knitted, um, on my screen, I'm just sharing with you a snippet of how today started.

This is quite Chris setting the tone for the day saying, just sending us good morning, send me some updated peaks. And, and I'm just also showing you here where my account started at the end of, at the beginning of the, of this day, you can see here that, um, we, the account was, um, I was holding a, a, a huge position on F S L R thanks again, to the perception and the understanding of coach Chris, who, who led me to get into this position.

He held my hand, or to take this position for you, uh, for, because the Tatum, like most, uh, formula already projected where the, where, where is Chico F S L R is going to open and, and is, and what will transpire during the course of, of, um, of today. And so we were able to invest, uh, into interior, a big position here, and that's how my day started idea.

And now, now, just to, to, to go a little bit, say that here, I will now get back to, to where, to where this position is at the end of the day. And, um, so, so at the beginning of the day, um, you know, the position was, was, um, it, it only, uh, a net liquidity of 31 came and, and, and, and again, the, there was, um, coffee.co kids, or obviously this account, it was probably way below 31 cane, um, prior to this.

But, but the amazing thing is during the course of the game, um, coach, because to me held up totally disciplined, uh, and they encouraged me to stay with the position to do what, what would give me an amazing day. So, so let me show you that is the final result at the end of the day. I said in F S L R.

Now, if I, if you can see over here at the, where my, where I'm pointing here, you will see that there is a net gain of 95, K 95 K in one day. This is the game, the coffins that came into my trading account, thanks to coach Chris, thanks to the Dayton market news team or what an awesome day. And, and, and, and because of this coach, Chris has also now given me some money management tips and instruction that as of today, as of this evening, go ahead and withdraw 90 K out of this trading account that, and put this money our way so that it can be, be accessed by my family and feed my family and feed, and then take care of, of my, of all my concerns.

So again, what an amazing experience to be able to put together such a trading plan under the guidance of coach Chris and who, who was holding me. There were many moments where I wanted to sell and get out of this trend because I thought, wow, we have made enough profit in that time. Maybe the account was only maybe 60 K 70 K a. And then I'll just say, I'll just say two. I'll just ask, put Chris, are you sure we should be, we should keep holding and you'll say, stay with it, stay with it, stay with it, stay with it.

Now after following coach Chris, and then just following the instructional page back and forth, Tim, I am so blessed to announce that I'm now a 90 K profit is coming out of my trading account and is now coming into my checking account, into our chicken accounts to be used again, of, to, to take care of my family. Um, so I, and this is the reason why I think God, because these amazing things, I've never experienced anything close to this before.

And I was, I was lost in, in this trading, this trading business and Blair was losing money. But now, um, that was, that was the past things again, to coach Chris and take him. I get most Tim, uh, somebody be encouraged, joined the 13 Market Moves team and, and, and get access to all of these planes in, in all these punches and, and change your trading life and make a difference for your family.


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