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How I Came From Losing $30K to Gaining $195K (in 1 trade)

Jun 01, 2020
How I Came From Losing $30K to Gaining $211K in 1 Trade
Hi, my name is Hiram. Just the other week, I have managed to gain over $211,000 on 1 single trade and end up with $195,474 in profits at the end of the day.
That's not the whole story though...
I started my journey with Trading Options Live back in May...
As you can see, I have gone through all the courses and subscription until eventually I was able to join the High Rollers Trading Club.
And I can tell you it's not all smooth sailing. 
I had my own share of losses. In fact, just the week before my big win, I was down $30K.
What kept me going though was I knew deep down that the 13 Market Moves Formula is a solid strategy and I know with enough training, knowledge from all the courses and right attitude I will be able to have the same gains similar to Leo's.
I didn't gave up...
I have developed a positive mindset knowing that no system is absolutely perfect, but with patience and right positive mentality, you can have the same results as mine.
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