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How I made my first $100k day trading (all details)

Nov 28, 2021

All right, guys, I'm going to talk to you about my, my time with 13 market moves and the ups and the downs, and actually the importance of choosing the right broker to trade with and the issues and the struggles that we ran into in using Weibull.

As a matter of fact, um, some of the, some of the, the problems that we ran into that potentially stopped me from getting where we should have gotten to a little bit sooner. Um, we did have some issues.

I, you know, I don't think it would have stopped us so much, but it could have grown the account a lot quicker, I think. Um, so starting back, you know, the journey began back in, if I'm not mistaken, it was August. Um, I did the free week, you know, with the coach, um, that they were advertising at the time at four grand in a, uh, weeble cash count.

Um, not a margin account. So I wasn't worried about day trades, but you have to worry about your buying power, et cetera. Um, took the four grand doubled it, like within the first day or two, and then just everything just kept going the wrong way for us and ended up with pretty much $0 in that account at the end of the week.

So the only thing I saw was just, I, I lost four grand, $4,000. Uh, I'm done, you know, went back to trading in my own account for a little while. Um, I had more than four grand of course trade with the time, but, um, that was, that was all, I was really willing to risk. Um, cause I, I didn't know. And so went back to trading my own account. It was pretty much, uh, a one for one all the time. You know, when a few hundred here lose a few hundred there, uh, very flat.

My, my, my large account, my, my long-term account. I mean, it's, it, it goes up, but you know, it's very slow. It's very molasses. Um, positions are all over the place. Um, but my day trade account, you know, that I had in webull, uh, would stay around the $30,000 mark between 30 and 25,000.

So I'd always be able to day trade, but I'd go up to 30 and then come back down to 25 and then go up to 30, you know, maybe go to 33, pull some out and then go back down. And it was just a nightmare. Uh, and then we moved on. So the, the, what got me back to trading with Leo was I had a, uh, had a trade. I took, um, on spy putts bought like a thousand dollars worth contracts and just knew, knew it was a gut feeling, looking at the charts, saw resistance, things like that.

Um, just had a really good idea. It was coming down at the end of the day. So of course I, I bought a position with webull. You have to buy before 2:00 PM Eastern. Um, you can't buy zero days to expiration options past 2:00 PM Eastern on webull. Um, if you didn't know, um, so I bought my position like right at 1 59 Eastern. Um, so of course sat there and watched it. Of course, mark kept going up a little bit more.

And then when it started coming down, I was able to hold on and I think I closed out about 150% profit on it. So my thousand was like, uh, uh, you know, $2,500 worth of contracts I sold and, um, was actually really happy about it. I thought I'd made a really good trade, which I mean, not bad, 150%. Okay. And then either later that night or the following day, um, is when I saw Leo posted a video, exact same trade, I took, um, he bought better strike prices that actually grew larger than mine did.

Um, and he actually bought him into his trade later than I did, but held through it and held it like to the bottom. He's got a video. I was like 5k to 45 K or something like that. Um, you can go back and look at it that I took that exact trade, but about the time he was getting in his, when I was getting out almost, um, just a little bit after he got in is when I got out of that trade.

Um, nobody was there to tell me, hold it, you know, it's going to keep tanking. And plus I'm just, I was so gun shy and so fearful that I see green and it's like, oh, I got to take it. I got to get it out of here. But yet at the same time, I would sit there and look at a red trade and go, oh, it's going to come back.

It's going to come back. Uh, it's going to come back and it just keeps going down. Um, so I saw that video and I thought, you know, I need to give them another shot. So I got back in contact with them, um, had $25,000, my webull account and it started, and I want to say it was up until it was around the beginning of November. We started, um, we had some good trades, had some bad trades, um, ended up losing some money, but here's, here's the kicker weevil when we got below 25 at the close of this day would flag me with a PDT rule.

But yet the very next day when those same positions would take us over 25 grand, I would close positions, but I'd have no buying power available because of the day trade issue from the day before, even though we were back over the $25,000 mark, my buying power was unavailable to go into new positions or add to positions.

So there were some times I do believe that we missed out on stuff. Uh, there was a ups T trade. They did, that was like a Forex trade cause it was just rocketing up, but I had no buying power. I couldn't get into any of those positions, even though I was pretty much cashed out of all positions at the point, except for one or two, therefore I missed out on who knows how much on that ups teach.

Right. Um, and that was back in early, um, moving on through November, you know, November 10th, like I've got a day where I've got 32 grand in the account, but it's still got me flag can't buy anything. You know, like that was the day with ups T. So we moved over to, to, uh, uh, TD Ameritrade.

I move some money from my big account into a cash account, created a separate account in TD Ameritrade started using that one, started at 25 grand in there, um, kind of finished some issues and webull and stuff ended up with only $7,000 left in Louisville.

So I started at 25 grand in that account was down to seven. That was the beginning of it, but I'd still believed that he was gonna get me across the finish line. So we added the money into TD Ameritrade and started going from there. And so, and this is also after, and we bill, I had added money into webull a couple of times, 4,000 here, 7,000, you know, to get us back to that, that over 25 grand to get us above PBDT, but yet it didn't ever really work out. Right. So I, we missed out on some profits in there, but you know, it was, it was, it is what it is.

So, um, we moved to TD Ameritrade and started using cash account, um, with the cash account, the way they work settled funds was different than weevil. So I wasn't able to direct how the trades, when we were cutting a trade or taking profit or something like that, based on where the settled funds were going to line up.

If, if we were going to close it and I'd have no funds, we might hold it to get more profit it. If we didn't have the settled funds to go into another trade. So we had a couple of days of figuring that out. And then eventually I just said, you know, tack with it. I opened up my margin account. I just moved all my money out of the margin account and moved all my positions out of the margin account, into my cash account and left 25 grand in the, the, the margin account or whatever it was we had at the time. So that brings us to last week. Um, he told me to get an interactive brokers account, which I did funded it with $5,000. He wanted me to be able to get into like gold futures, things like that, which would make killer money on that.

Um, and that was beginning of last week that money was available and we could start using it, um, moving into this week. It was, if I'm not mistaken, Monday, Monday was, was the day. So Monday was the day that I'll, I'll probably regret for a long time. Um, I'm trying to, trying to get to Monday on my phone, um, and see exactly when it was that we were doing this.

Cause yeah, yes, there it is. So this was November 22nd. So on Monday we got in and we were in IES, puts Tesla, puts, we had some roadblocks, did some work with Nvidia. Um, and he meant for me to buy ESN interactive, which I ended up doing, um, sold half of my goal. We had goalposts. Um, and at this point, my 5k account interactive brokers by Monday was sitting at about $20,000. So we had four X that, and that was pretty much just with gold futures.

And I think Raven puts the last week or, uh, yeah, we did reveal and puts, and I think we did it in that account as well as TD. Um, but we had, we'd gotten it up to 20 K, so it was doing really good. We got some GME calls and then we cut it, um, and got out of it. Um, and this, uh, at 8 41, my twenty-five K, we were at $63,000, um, on Monday and then we closed all the gold contracts closed.

The Nvidia closed the GME council, like 55 K. And we had, we had dropped the, um, interactive brokers account down to 12 K um, closed roadblocks. Then we count to 56,000 and 10,000. And so then we start got interactive brokers down to 6.6, is it at nine o'clock in the morning? So 20 grand to 6.6 in a very short time, I'm sweating bullets over here.

Uh, we're just losing money. We started feeling it. Um, and then we're getting into some other positions, getting everything going, trying to get to the point here. Um, and here we go. Riven puts spy, puts Tesla, puts, um, IES puts even that is still had. Here we go, accounts at 70 grand and TD 12 K in, in interactive brokers. Um, we're buying and selling still 70 grand, 73 grand, 78 grand.

And we're just popping 21 grand in interactive brokers getting back up there and then, you know, one screenshot and I'm sure Leo's got it. Hopefully we'll put it with this video, uh, at about 11:03 AM my TD Ameritrade account. Was it $181,000? So what am I thinking we need to sell, oh my God, let's sell, let's get out of this. Let's close these positions, this, this is more money that I've seen in. I don't know how long interactive brokers was at $71,000.

I'm just, I'm like, oh my God. So we keep going. And this is when the day turns. So 180,000 is now at 122,000 by 1145 and 129 by 1152 interactive brokers though is up to 86. K we were had gold puts in that was still going down. So that was still working for us. And then we're at 109,000 and then we're oh, at 92,000, we're at 87. And I am just telling him, I'm keep waiting.

It just keeps going higher. How does the action on the spine not look bullish to you? Since lunch has been higher lows and higher highs, and I'm telling them I'm about to start selling its back over [inaudible] and grinding higher. And he's telling me we can get a sharp drop any moment. Wait, he said, as long as the dollar keeps setting daily highs, you want to stay short the market, they are not done selling.

I'm not believing it because it's just going up. My profits completely disappearing down to 74,000 down to 65,061,000. Here we are at 55,000 and now I'm freaking out. Like we've just lost everything we built today. You know, I just, I can't, I can't, I can't believe that that, that, that, we're where we are. And I'm just posting pictures of this. And I'm being incessant.

I'm crying like a little girl about my money and where is it going? I can't believe it's gone mind you. I was at $180,000. Now I'm at 55. I mean, we've just, we've lost $130,000 practically just holding onto these positions. And I'm thinking, why didn't we sell it 180 and wait for the market to go up? And then we could get back in and we could've made more money or you know, something, anything, you know, but I'm freaking out not realizing that he doesn't want to get out of the position because he's waiting for the actual move.

He was anticipating.

He's told me before we trade the charts, not the profit and loss. Like you don't need to look. You should just look at the chart and wait for it to go where you want it. And then look at your positions, start closing them, see what your profit loss was at the end of the day. So at one point he pretty much just told me, sell off. it.

That was it. Just get out because I was pestering him so much constantly sending him the pictures of where my profit loss was and where I was sitting and everything just horrible.

And then finally he says, sell off, it, watch it drop as soon as you do. And I said, man, all holes, we've made more than enough and interactive brokers to cover it. But he said, no, just sell both accounts, everything. it.

You had a chance to make 600K today.

So I told him, you know, all right, so sold it all. Um, but anyway, as we continued on with the day, if you go back and look at what happened with spy on Monday in Tesla, everything else, I went back and looked at what the contracts would have been worth at the end of the day. Like just a couple minutes before I screenshot it.

And then I added how many contracts I had every single bit of that position. And then I ran the numbers I would have had, well over $300,000 in that account. All I had to do was quit being a little girl and listen to the man and let the trades play out. Not worry about the profit loss, not sit there and cry about how it's going against me. It's going against me. It just needed to pay attention and let the trade play out.

Listen to the man that's been doing this for a long time and let it play out.

We've had some real big winners and we've done well. And so I don't, you know, I just, I'm so attached to that amount of money. I mean $181,000. I don't make that in a year working my job at all, you know? And so when we moved up and of course he was nice enough to send me screenshots of some of the other members that did stay in the trade made huge, huge gains, which I'm sure he can show you those pictures right now.

Um, that day was, was a big day and I couldn't believe it. So we started out the very next day. Now I still had $77,000 in interactive brokers. Let's, let's keep, keep in mind. That account went from 5k. And we started off the very next day at $77,000. So I, I, that that account was still up huge and I've still got it.

I think the start of the day, I had $45,000 in TD Ameritrade when we started the next day on Tuesday. Um, and so we started getting into a lot of different stuff. Um, and needless to say, at the end of the day, um, yesterday we ended the day with interactive brokers account at gosh, I want to say a hundred and just a little under $120,000.

And TD Ameritrade account was at $77,000 at the end of the day. Um, so he was still able to easily take and run, um, the accounts up and get us really, really good positions, um, and get us really good money.

Needless to say, at the end of the day from about November 1st is when we started trading, um, with Leo. And I'm probably one of his, his light cases like, oh, I had to do was pay attention. We would have 300 grand at the end of Monday. And if we would've made the same kind of moves that we did on Tuesday, uh, the same just with more money.

My gosh, I'd, I'd probably be sitting on half a million dollars right now,but it comes down to the fact that I would not listen or I was listening, but I was trying to force him to tell me to sell it.

I didn't want to sell on my own. And I just really wanted somebody else to blame. I think for why I'd lost money. It couldn't have been my fault. Well, this time it was my fault, the pestering, the hounding, the bugging him.

I do the same thing to people all the time. If you keep bugging me about something, I'll just say, it, do it, do whatever you want. I don't care. You know, even if it's going to cause you harm or whatever, it doesn't matter.

There's a certain point where I'm done holding your hand. And that's pretty much where he got to me or got with, with me causing, causing the issue we had. Um, but at the end of the day, um, we ended up about a hundred thousand dollars on the month.

So to go from a $25,000 Webull account to two accounts, one was $77,000 in it and the other with about $120,000 in it. Um, and then you subtract some of the money. I had it and everything. It still comes out to where we were up about a hundred grand on the month.

And guess what? I don't make that in a year at work. So, um, a hundred grand in a month, I'm just, I'm ecstatic with the, with the gang we got, and I'm actually super excited about the future, um, and what we're going to do next week. Um, maybe what we're going to do this Friday after Thanksgiving or Monday of Nick had just the next time he calls a play and tells me going, guess what?

I'm going to sit down, shut up and close my mouth. I'm going to learn everything. I can ask questions about why he did what he did. I need to be able to find these things on my own one day, but for the time being, um, I'm done asking, and you can even ask, he can show you on Tuesday. After I saw what I did on Monday, Tuesday, it was just, I'm not, I'm not going to sell until you tell me he never heard me say, Hey, everything's going down.

Should I start selling? I need to start selling that. I didn't cry nothing. I just, I waited for him to tell me, um, and he told us when to get out of positions, he saw things in the market. Granted we saw, we could have made a lot more money on Tesla putts, but it, it, it wasn't looking right to him and I get it.

It didn't look good, but, um, it looked like Margaret was reversing and we didn't want to stick around for that. So we left some money on the table, but still bonus up. Um, all I gotta say is if you're, if you're thinking about doing it, um, a don't use weeble, can't stand them now. Um, it with TD Ameritrade or something, set a margin account with them. They have cash accounts too. They're not going to screw you over. Uh, we will was just it.

We could have grown so much quicker and so much better if not for weevil. I know that that was a huge impact in, in the beginning of the month. Um, there was a lot of outlying factors this month that really stopped us from making some of the gains we should have, um, and of kind of held us back. And then, like I say, the, the big winter day, um, is where I held us back.

And so, um, thanks to Leo, a huge help. Um, I really appreciate it. And like I say, uh, if you're thinking about doing a man, jump in, uh, do what you gotta do, get some money in an account, start trading with these guys lead. You, let them direct you. Um, you'll be, you'll be amazed at where they can take you, um, and the profits that are available. Um, if you're, if you're trading and you're doing that, that I make a couple of hundred here, but lose couple hundred there.

And you know, just him hauling around, get with him, um, and put your emotions in, check, set them to the side, forget they exist. Um, put the money in the account and just, um, just know that it's money, it's it, it can come and go. You're going to have some bad weeks.

He's going to lose money. Um, he's going to put you in trades and they're just going to go down and fall. And you're just going to be like, why the hell did we even get in this trade? Well, he saw something that we don't, um, and there's a reason he got in it, but I'll tell you what, if you put 10 grand into 10 trades and seven of those trades failed and you lost 70 grand, but three of them, they 10 X and you made 300 grand, you're still up $230,000. So, you know, you're going to have to take his losing trades.

Cause he's, he's seeing what he's saying and he's got the position he's getting into it. Um, but like I said, there's going to be a few of those that are just going to be grand slam out of the park, over the lake kind of winners.

The other ones are going to be fouls and, you know, base hits and strikeouts. Um, but if you, if you stick with them and fall with it and hold on, he's going to show you the profit it'll it'll come through. Um, it's good stuff.

Like I said, I can't recommend 13 market moves enough there. They, like I said, I could make a hundred grand. I mean, come on. They, they led me down that road. I wouldn't have made a hundred grand by myself.

I wouldn't have been able to bring myself to put that much money into a trade without somebody really behind me, pushing me to get in there and get it done, put the money in there, buy it, buy more, buy more, buy more. Um, and when you see the problem, when you see a hundred percent, 200% return and you put 20 grand in there, like, you know, that's something I'd never be able to sit there and sweat it out and believe in myself enough to get it done.

Um, having, having the coaches there with you behind you, helping push you, huge, huge help. Um, like I said, I I'm, I'm definitely a believer in Leo and the coach team there. Um, so 13 market moves get with it.

Trading wins and losses is just like everything else in life that is worth fighting for your   marriage, man. It was beautiful when you were getting married, but you had no idea how ugly the losses of this divorce were actually going to be like opening the business, thinking you'd get Rachel night, but in the midst of it, you ended up mixing all of your credit cards just to sustain that business.

Where can you hear us before you even realized a tiny bit of your first profits, like buying a house, thinking it would go up in value forever and ever just realizing how wrong you actually were when 2008, like having kids, it was such a great idea. At first, remember how excited you were terrified and scared at the same time, how much joy you actually had until your kids turn to the terrible twos. You thought that was bad until they turned 13, 14, 15, but you wouldn't change it for anything. You love your kids, no matter what your emotional losses or wins are with them, no matter what your financial losses or wins are, it really doesn't matter.

Does it? You don't quit on your kids no matter how tough things actually get for some of us. It's the same thing with trading.

Just think how long are your kids going to be your kid? The answer is forever. How long do you see yourself traded with the markets? If your answer is forever, then you owe it to yourself and your kids to invest in the 13 market moves formula so that your life journey of trading would be most rewarding and joyful both financially and emotionally, live to Trey, Trey to leave conquered the world one trade at a time fearlessly using the 13 market moves formula today.


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