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How i made my first million trading options 13 market moves

Nov 28, 2021

For the fear of losing money. It was always, uh, the fear and having the mental thing that the money's going to disappear, that the money's gonna go away. And, uh, the first, you know, I blew the first account. I, I blew 40 K the first time. Uh, I was devastated. I tried to keep it from my wife. I didn't know what to do. Um, but one thing I didn't do, I didn't give up. I stuck with a 13 market moves and, um, it definitely paid off. Well, I like to say 13 market moves changed my life. And three days we went from 25 K to $1.3 million. It's been an amazing journey. Okay.

So you went from 25 K uh, well, let's start this it's a little bit longer than that. I mean, um, I started with 13 market moves in February. I saw a video with Leo and, uh, he said that a Tesla stock was gonna, it's gonna crash and you'd be in the test to ship shareholder. It really caught my attention and sure enough, a couple of days later the stock did fall and, uh, I missed an opportunity to protect my investment. I decided to make the call.

Got it. Okay. And do you want to share with us a little bit about the struggles that you were having before getting into the 13 market moves?

Uh, yes. Uh, I, wasn't making big gains, you know, there will be a day that yes, I'll hit a big play, make 5,000 here, 10,000 there, but the next week I lose 4,000, 6,000. It wasn't nothing consistent, nothing great.

You were lacking consistency, correct. Got it. Okay. What was the main reason that you decided to sign up with?

It was a, you know, seeing Leo's videos and seeing how he predicted Tesla to fall. And, uh, that caught my attention and I wanted to learn. So I ordered the videos. I started learning the moves. I started trading for myself. Um, I did have a little bit of luck. Um, it wasn't as great. And, um, one day I saw the videos of they were offering some coaching sessions and I gave it a shot. I decided to call and sign up. And, uh, coach Mike, uh, send me up.

Did it feel on your first straight that you did with the program?

Well, when, uh, when coach Mike sent me up, he first sent me up with coach Chris and, um, the first trade, uh, it was in the, you know, middle of the week. He told me to throw 10 K. I don't remember exactly what trader was, uh, but it instantly went up and, um, yeah, I felt why, why haven't I done this before?

Um, would you say that it was an easy process, complicated process Now that I have, uh, been trading for a little bit? Um, it, it, it is a very easy step to follow. They, they are very specific on what trades to take when to take them when to exit. Uh, but it's us with the personal emotions that get in the way. Uh, sometimes, you know, they, they tell you get in a trade for 10 K and then you see that trade going the wrong way. You know, those 10 K are melting away and they tell you to throw another 10 K in. Well, if you don't do that, you're messing up the trade. Uh, and, and I'm a person. I, I messed up a couple of times when they told me add more to that position. I would only add one or two. I wouldn't be fully committed

A little bit about, you know, how you converted the 40,000 into, it was 25 K the last week in the last three days. Twenty-five K. And you can see another video. I just posted a video a couple of days ago on Friday, where I took 25 K to 200,000. Um, with that we left some place for Monday. We swung someplace, we left some Rabia inputs. We had a, what else? Amazon puts, um, first thing, first thing, uh, that following Monday, uh, coach Leo told me to buy some, a gold future puts. And, um, you know, all those plays, the one by one just started making money. And, um, part of the emotional stress is seen a big amount of money, seen $200,000 up and not taking that money right there. Um, but it that's what took me time to realize. That's what, you know, I, I say before, there was times that I was arguing with Liam, like, yo, we gotta take this.

We gotta take this is it. And then Leo will tell me, no, we're going to take you when it's $800,000. And I was like, hello, how's he going to get to $800,000? And the market starts playing tricks on you because you go from $200,000 and then it's slowly starts to disintegrate. It starts to go the other way. It starts to go. Uh, now you have 150,000, well now guess what? Now you have a hundred thousand. You didn't want that. Okay. Now you have 60,000. Oh, you don't want that guy. Okay. Now you're negative. Now you're negative in that trade. It's the whole process. I will be like, Leo, do I glows Leo is a timer closed now? Like, should I take this money? No, but like a chap, he at a perfect timing tells me add more Robert, add more. And, and I did, I did this time. I did not like the first couple of times this time I did add more. And, um, So you decided to stay coachable to, to what he Was saying. Absolutely. I should have listened since day one.

Do you want to share with us a little bit about your happiest days or happiest day out of the, It was definitely that it was definitely these past three days. Like I found my happiest day was Friday when I made that 25,000 to a 200 K but nothing beats, you know, I mean, we took it to a million. We made 800,000 on Monday, so that was pretty happy. And then today we made 200,000. So I was pretty happy too. I don't know. I'm next, you know, what was next? Coach? Viola, 2 million, 4 million. I'm ready.

So now you're going to say culture, whatever, whatever he says,

Whatever you says, I'm there, I'm doing it instantly.

Um, do you want to describe what those, the monetary outcome of your trade in both percentage of gains in net gains of terms?

Well, I mean, I took my, a Tesla shares that slowly were disintegrating in margin and, and bad place to now owning my sheriffs fully and still having money in the account. So it it's, it's the, it's an amazing feeling.

What is something that you learn as a trader and trading with Leo?

Ah, you gotta be committed, you gotta be committed. And, um, it's definitely trust. I learned to trust Leo. Uh, I think we're Leo. It's something about trust is very important and, um, I don't need that. He, uh, he knows how to these discharged, like no other and Hey, I'm living proof. I'm living proof.

If you were to summarize in one sentence, your experience trading in this week, what would it be? Or how would it be?

I will tell anybody not to miss it, not to hesitate, to pick up the phone, schedule a call with Mike and don't waste time.

And if you could share with us, um, who should consider starting the program,

Anybody that loves money, anybody that's, uh, anybody that wants big gains, Hey, if you're a type of trader that you're happy with 50%, if you're happy with $200 a day, don't don't call you, leave him alone. Leo is a, it's a different 13 market moves is different. I mean, these guys are serious. They're making real money. I still think that me and Lee are on a good streak. Uh, I think me and him are vibing now. We're, we're, uh, we've been through the struggle. There was times that, you know, I felt like quitting on him. He felt like quitting on me because I wasn't listening to him properly. I wasn't doing the place when he said, and, uh, w I'm glad we got all that noise out the way. And now I think it's time to, uh, keep it going.

What makes this, this program so, so exciting. So, um, and does

Very unique because, uh, it, it, it helps you recognize conditions in the market. It helps you identify what the market is doing and, you know, with those two things, it can help you predict what the market is going to do next. And, um, again, I'm living proof. It works guys. I mean, 13 market moves is I wouldn't be here right now.

We're talking about go Julio, does everybody have access? Or

Everybody has access to a, um, a coach. Um, I was very fortunate that, uh, Leo had an open spot. I honestly, that's something that, uh, you're going to have to, you know, talk to them. I don't know. I started with coach Chris and, um, I wanted to give up, I remember the time I called Mike and I was complaining like, Hey man, what the is, this is not working. Like, what the hell? And, uh, he wanted me to start trading crypto with, uh, with Leo, but I didn't, I've never traded crypto before. I've always been an options guy. And, um, one day, uh, it just happened. Leo took me, he took me in and, um, I don't know. I'm very fortunate

If people are watching right now that they are interested in joining, how can they sign up?

Uh, they could sign up by calling 13 market moves. And, uh, I want to emphasize that, uh, if I would have listened to coach Chris, if I would've paid attention to every move, how he called it, I probably wouldn't have lost the first, the first 40 K. Um, but it was the fear. It was the fear that I had every time he, he told me to add more. I would add one I would add to, and it didn't work that way. That's not how this product works.

So share with us a little bit about what the future holds for you. What's a future outlook for you and what steps are you considering to take the next

I'm going to stay with my coach for sure. Um, I hope my dream comes true. You know, I wanna, I want to hit a bigger bag and, um, take it from there, you know, buy a little ranch, buy some property somewhere and, uh, retire.

Awesome. Where are you, where are you thinking about?

I live in tra I live in trail, maybe, uh, the Harbor or something. I'm a builder. So I would love to build my own house. If I could find a house by the beach or something like that. Uh, or a, you know, I've always, you know, dreamed of having a little bit of land. So maybe like a little ranch or something would be nice to got it and call it a 13 where I can move ranch.

I love it. I can move horses in the bag or stock is Cross town live in lack, a rock star, even lack a rock star live and lack of rock star, living, lack a rock star.


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