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Apr 05, 2021

Hey guys, what's going on in this video, we're going to talk actually about something fun. Yes. How to double your Bitcoin or Tesla assets without spending a dime. Now who've been following our channel in the last 60 days. We've posted two Tesla videos, specifically pointing to the levels when to short Tesla, and if you would have done so at $873, uh, recently traded down, uh, in the low five hundreds, I mean, you would have been pretty much able to collect the profits on shortened Tesla reinvested, which would believe it's too early to do so because Tesla is about to drop like a rock tomorrow will not market opens on Monday. I'm going to show you why specifically by utilizing just a few charts and speaking about Bitcoin guys, there's a lot of hype going on right now with every hype comes a ton of opportunity without a bunch of of what's being talked in the news.

I'm going to simply show you a few charts to show you exactly. What's about to happen to Bitcoin and how you can literally double your Bitcoin. I mean, if you could own two Bitcoins right now, I'm going to show you how you can own for, without invest in more of your paychecks into Bitcoin without invest in any of the extra money. You may have sitting in a savings account right now without investing any other sources besides the very Bitcoin that you have right now, I'm going to show you exactly how you can do that. So I just want to make sure real quick that you understand this is not by no means any clickbait, uh, video. This is a video about a simple trading strategy. We have suggested to our trading community back in 2017 in December, which have produced phenomenal results to those that listen.

And this is one of these top of circumstances that resemble the station in Bitcoin and December of 2017. And you may be new and you maybe missed out on some of the chart patterns, which we're going to cover in this video to help you understand things. So without any further ado, let's take a look at this chart right here. And this is the chart of Bitcoin futures. Um, just took a snapshot a few minutes ago, uh, Sunday, April 4th, 8:11 PM. Eastern time. So Bitcoin right now is at 58, eight 50 surprise, gab down guys who would've thought right with all this insane bullish news with all these big investors stepping up. The last thing on your mind right now is the fact that Bitcoin can actually drop. Now, I'm going to show you a few charts in just a second, but first let me make sure that you have a clear understanding of what is actually happening right here on the discharge.

And so the key level that we have been focusing on in Bitcoin clearly 60,000, and the question over the last couple of weeks, we have been trying to bring you a tangent towards Bitcoin for multiple reasons. Oftentimes the drop in Bitcoin will be just a hat of the drop in the general markets, and we can have a substantial move down in Bitcoin. We've posted a couple of videos, a suggestion to short it riding here at 60 and then promptly dropped about 53 K. So you got to shorten it at 56 58 K and a drop promptly to, uh, almost almost touched 50 K. So if you took those opportunities, you would have definitely made money short in Bitcoin. And for those of you, they like Danley, or how do I short Bitcoin? I'm going to actually walk you through this at some point in this video.

So what we've got here, as far as the chart formation, that's what I want you to focus on before we look at the other charts, you've got a situation where Bitcoin basically breaks above that. You know, the 60 level goes all the way to 61, two, two, five. That's the day when I posted the video highlighted this very important aspect of the chart is the fact that the moment Bitcoin actually breaks above this very phenomenal level of 60,000. It does not hold the gains, but just for a merely couple of hours. And then it surrenders all the gains, uh, after it created this gap up. Not only that, it gives a lot of the prior day gains followed by a further drop. We have a similar slope at the similar, uh, angle developing right here. Um, and this one is a bit smaller, but the, the they're all parallel right next to each other.

So this sharp move run here. Okay. Almost coincide in, uh, with a slightly lower level, which grades a sharp move lower around here. And another attempt to bounce and the similar behavior is developing on the truck. So we are Jew for a similar type of development right here on this chart. As you can see, there was a small one around here. So typically you get the first moment, there is a big one to follow through near term, so we could get, uh, the next moment on the chart in the next 48 hours to resemble this or this route here. Um, now you may be thinking like, okay, how can you beat certain of that? Uh, this is a simple multi-tap formation. This is the same Kappa formation that helped us nail the drop. There's another momentum at that moment, which is not appearing in the charts for right now.

Uh, but in 2017 and December, uh, everybody was highly bullish on Bitcoin. Nobody could see straight. And we think the situation is similar right now because there's a lot of big players coming in. There's a lot of institutional investors. I mean, even Goldman Sachs, right? I mean, they're all wanting to be a part of this next move higher in Bitcoin. And generally just because they're big, huge financial funds and firms and institutions does not mean that they're right. And so don't be listening to the general media and the hype because those people that did in December of 2017, they lost the S and I'm recording this video to make sure that, you know, if you believe in Bitcoin, that you don't jump out at the most disadvantaged ages, uh, that you don't jump into the straight, uh, at the highs that you select the most perfect entry opportunity for yourself and understanding why this big drop is about to happen could help you actually double your Bitcoin bite, shorten it short-term over the next 30 to 60 days, collect in the profits, reinvest in it at a much better entry point.

And so I'm about to show you how low can it actually drop the timeframe and when it would actually make sense to actually put the straight on. So I'm going to switch to a stock charts real quick, sharp. I want you guys to focus. Sean, here is the chart of Bitcoin date into 2017 and 2018. Uh, if you check out a channel, uh, right here, we posted the video when Bitcoin was at its all time high, within a couple of thousand points, suggesting that within the next 12 months, Bitcoin was going to drop to 3000 and it did actually happen actually in 11 months, rather than 12 months, Bitcoin did drop. It's not reflected here on the chart, but I want you to focus on this part of the chart right here, basically this December right here coincides with December, 2017 top, and the next two moves highly resemble the moves that I have just shown you on the prior chart.

So focus on this. So it sets the top. At that time, it was a level of 20,000 that Bitcoin was struggling with, right? So it, it has a meteoric rise to a level of 20,000 notice the preexisting condition, very substantial move within a matter of just a few months, which highly resembles the current situation of Bitcoin. And we get in the pop one, it drops, we're getting the pop two, it drops, we're getting the pop three. And at that point, when it drops, it does not stop dropping and continues dropping and dropping and dropping. And within literally 45 days, uh, it trades down 70%. I mean, Bitcoin literally drops the level of 6,000 briefly, uh, stabilize a slightly about eight K. Uh, but the point is those people that are given in a 20 K I mean, they were losing their. And because of how quick the drop is, yes, there was a lot of people suggesting huddle and hold the out of it and that sort of thing, but, you know, for a new investor to come in and come in at these levels and thinking, okay, everything is fine by the dip.

And then it looks like everything is fine right here, and it makes a little pullback or higher, and then it drops again. So most of the instances traders can handle the first drop in the bounds. And it's the second major move lower that most of the investors and traders can not handle. Um, and current situation with NFTs guys at clearly coincides with this bad around here. I mean, have you guys seen the cat? They sold for $580,000. Where did the F w w what is this cap worth now? I mean, the is worth 70% less. So somebody had the balls to buy it at the top. And I'm not saying that it wasn't an entirely stupid move at some point in the future. Maybe they'll get the money back, but it was just a bad time and a bad time. And when you're investing on trading could cost you a lot of time, a lot of patients, a lot of gray hair.

So if you focus on this chart, you guys are going to be able to avoid this and make money in the process. So let me break this down one more time. When Bitcoin was hit in 20,000, it dropped it pop. Once it dropped again at pop the third time, and notice what happens up to that and much grander move over the, over the full 45 days. This is exactly what's happening. Now. Let's review this one more time. Pop one to 61 to 55, pop two followed by another drop. And here's the, here's your pop three. Here's your bounce. Number three after bounce. Number three is what I'm trying to explain to you after drop bounce, drop bounce of the bounce three. This is where the major drop begins. Again, it doesn't drop in one straight shot, like in one day, but it is a 70% drop from 20 K to six gay guys.

So what is the moral of the story and how do we know that it is indeed likely to happen again? And one part of this chart I want you to focus guys is right here. I want you to focus on this blue line. I don't want you to focus on the orange line and notice that the first move lower in Bitcoin comes at a time on this chart where every finished, super bullish, right? If we're to cover this part of the chart entirely, would you just look here? Look, look, I mean, the prize pattern is above the blue line and the orange line, which is highly bullish. Okay? Your are a size, highly bullish as well, but what happens within this RSI pen and look at sets the top, and then it creates a lower high, uh, and another low high right up to that.

And that's where the crash really begins. Now to time this perfectly, we call this pattern, the death hook, where the blue line starts moving downward while the orange line is moving upward. And at some point, this is the first indication that near term, these two lines are actually going to cross, which is exactly happening when right here. So if you really want a time, a perfect, perfect entry, uh, yes, you're going to miss on a partially large move right here. Cause that was a move for 20 K all the way down to 13,000 where the cross took place. But from 13,000 to 6,000 down, that's exactly why I titled the video. How do you double your Bitcoins? So even if you miss the top right here and you answer it on the cross, you still have a high probability of doubling from here. Now, this is the history that we're reviewing here.

Now, the history may not repeat itself entirely, but even if we don't get the 70% drop from here to here, I mean, we can easily get a drop in Bitcoin right now. Uh, let's take a look at the current chart here. Guys can easily get a Bitcoin dropped back to this, uh, you know, 20 K 30 K level. I mean, based off the history of Bitcoin, it's a highly volatile thing. And so a drop to 30,000, I mean, that's going to get a lot of people panicking. Um, and, and a lot of people that have been getting out right here, guys, and this could be you thinking, okay, it's 60,000. So, but to break out and go to a hundred K, I know what's going to happen. And then it pulls back, right? Which again, this current situation on this chart, on this timeframe, highly resembles what the situation I've just demonstrated for you in December of 2017.

So again, it pops once it drops. Now, in the meantime, it looks highly, highly bullish white because the price action is what you think. Oh man, it's holding the levels really well. Every time it gets, uh, just under the blue line, people coming in, they're buying it. Um, you know, it's not an enabled to really touch the orange line. Anytime it gets close, there's more buyers that come in and we'll get this major pops. So Ababa Bob's 61 K followed by a series distribution. The reason I say series distribution in this case is look at the volume right here. So it's got this move lower from initially 60 K down to, you know, 42 K right here. It, it was basically accompanied on strongest volume on this chart. So now we're making the pop, the pop is happening on a much lower volume in relation to the sell side.

Uh, we're going from another drop and another pop right here. Now ride here, guys, if you take a look at these scandals and you examine them, these are bear reversal candles, which communicate to you that this indeed is the top at the same time, it coincides with the volume drawn up right here. And just when it looked like yes and did, based of all these positive headlines, based off everything that you're seeing, where in the news, everything is highly bullish, but what the charts are pointing to is exactly the opposite of what the media is discussing right now. And that is exactly what was happening back in December of 2017. If you turned on any media channel, that's all that we're talking about is how bullish Bitcoin is. And it was just anybody's gas was not whether Bitcoin was going to drop a go higher.

It was just a guess of where it was going to go towards a hundred thousand, a 500,000 or a million, nobody even considered the fact that this thing can drop. So we've got similar patterns of behavior among market participants. We've got similar headlines surfacing in the news pretty much all day long on Bitcoin. Now we got a lot of positive developments, uh, by the way, this, this move in Bitcoin, if we'll go back in history, this super big move to the moon and Bitcoin back then took place. Y while the catalyst that was surfacing in the news, this is the timeframe where Bitcoin was, uh, going to begin trading on futures, exchanges like CME, for example. And so this was going to be like a huge catalyst that everybody was bed. And everybody was just saying like, man, once that happens, Oh man, this thing could go do a hundred thousand to 500,000.

Nobody thought that in the expectation of Bitcoin futures to start officially trade, which was a historic moment in Bitcoin, that that was going to coincide with the top. So right now we have similar conditions. Why? Well, because the same thing, right? You know, back then it was, uh, the exchanges that were going to start trading Bitcoin futures and start offering them. Now it's, you know, all the institutions are getting in and onboard and they're like, Hey, we're going to start offering all these Bitcoin at Ts and all kinds of instruments that has to do with cryptocurrency. And so to me, it is the similar type of catalyst that we had back then in December of 2017. And so we got a similarity in the catalyst. We've got a similarity in the chart. We got similarity in the preexisting condition and the huge run-up and we have a similar condition in what I would call a triple top or a multi-tap formation here again, to review this, um, top one, top two, top three, if we'll go back to, um, this timeframe around here, you've got top one, top two, top three.

If we'll go to this time from a timeframe right here, he got top one, top two, top three, generally speaking, when you have the same thing, appearance, uh, multi, uh, different timeframes on the chart. Technically it's the case. And I got a bit sidetracked when I started talking about the blue line and the orange line and look at this, right? We got the similar condition right here. Uh, the range between the blue line and the orange line. It is narrowing, which communicates to you. There is going to be a move, uh, of, of a grand the magnitude, especially when you put this information together with the fact now, for quite some time, we're unable to break above 60,000. When, when the media is just highly bullish, we actually have some really strong catalyst for it to go above 60,000 is just not happening and it's not happening and it's not happening.

And based of this, again, we call this a debt hook, which is a pre-existing condition before a death cross is actually happening on the chart. So if we take a look at this chart in the next two weeks, you're going to see that this blue line is actually going to cross the orange line. And if you're trying to pull this up on your stock charts, guys, I'm going to give you a little secret right here. You've stayed this long on the video, trying to analyze the charts with me. I'm going to give you a very powerful secret right now. Uh, what you want to do is you want to use, instead of, uh, if you really want to time the trade from the standpoint of your entry, you want to use, you want to go down here for simple moving average, as you want to use numbers, 13 and 55.

That's the big secret that you should start using when you're trading weekly options on stocks. And when you trade in other charts, so 13 and 55, what are the guys that bought Fibonacci numbers? And basically when you look at the proportion, you know, if we change this to 50 and 200, it's about four ax, which is exactly what this, uh, parameters are. And they're bought for time, uh, timeframes apart from each other. So basically you want to utilize the 13 and 55. If you use them the 50 and 200, you're not going to get the similar lines that I'm showing you here right now. But bottom line, these are the timeframes that we have tested here at 13 market moves and they work the best. So trust me, you start using those. You're going to nail a lot more entries, uh, with more precision. So bottom line of showing you guys three charts on Bitcoin.

And now the question is, if you did want to partake in the Bitcoin move lower, so you can actually make more money and buy back when it drops to 30,000, so-called this level. I mean, we're at 58, 59,000 right now. So it could literally get slashed in half. And again, why would I come up with the fact that it didn't get slashed in half? I mean, if you look the historic data, right, Bitcoin, within a 45 days here, it doesn't drop 50%. It drops by like 60, 70%. And again, if you analyze the similarities in the conditions, what do you have? Uh, this part of the chart I was showing you that's transpired just recently. Look, the first selloff comes on what comes on a huge volume. Um, and then as the S as Bitcoin tries to bounce right here, look at the Bible. So the by volume and the ration to the initial cellophane volume is dry.

It's small. It's drying out, even though it appears like it's balancing and it is above the blue line here, and this is above the orange line. Okay. The reality is it's about to make a very bearish move. So if I was to compare the current situation of Bitcoin, we would be in this part of the equation where the Def hook is just starting to begin, right. We're not at 61,000, um, anymore. We're not at 60,000. We're like at 59,000 right now. So, uh, if we're to take a history, we're like right here. So there's, there's could be a potential move of still of that 60 plus Shan here. So when I say the Bitcoin to literally drop to like 30 K from here, let's say I'm wrong. And it only drops through 35 or 40 K guys. That's a lot of extra Bitcoin that you can buy with a difference.

So when you short it, you're going to come and shorter that this level 58 to 60,000, uh, when it drops to 40 or 35 or 30 K, you're going to collect the difference. You're going to buy it back. And that is exactly how you will double your Bitcoin positions. And so, for those of you that stayed this long in the video, you're probably wondering, well, what the heck, I'm reading the news, Leo. And they're saying that, uh, Tesla had a kill a quarter. Yeah. China. So what is that looking at? That makes us still so bearish on Bitcoin, by the way, on Tesla, by the way, for those of you that have watched the last video, I have actually, uh, been bearish on the market itself and I've listed about, I don't know, five to 10 stocks that I see justice were great shorts. And by the way, uh, if you stayed with those stocks, they all dropped right after I posted the video or the next day, some of the stocks that I said were going to make a drop on Wednesday.

They did drop stocks like, uh, BMC, for example, again, uh, stocks do drop on great news. And so I've suggested the level to come in and short VMC, for example, at one 72, five, uh, at the time I posted the video, it was like one 68. So I said, wait, till it hits one 72. And in short it at one point intraday Friday, it dropped up all the way to like one 63, uh, AMA lamb did even better. Uh, you know, it got, uh, suggested, shorten it right at three 50, at one point a drop 20 bucks, we're targeting them over like 30 bucks, but it dropped like 20 instead. So, which would have still given you guys an easy 200, 250% return, these two stocks that don't trade like weekly options, but they, they do trade monthly. So your returns on the Eastern wouldn't have been as great.

But, um, the IBA, despite of the high bullish market, uh, still within this crazy bearish pattern, right. And what we've gotten is I sort of got a deal going on against my COO and CNBC saying, Hey, you said by calls, I said, by bullets, and so far, where were women this part of the equation? And if you've taken the straight, remember the level that he said was highlighted, uh, of his Andrew was through 27. I said, look, it's going to drop weight under two 27, uh, within the next 30 days. So we're on track on most of the straights. Tesla was a thing of beauty. So since we are making a video about this guys, Tesla, definitely a thing of beauty here and what I want you to focus on here on Tesla. So first I want you to take a look at this chart right here.

It's got a fight against this, uh, level of about six 8,700 and the prior two Tesla videos that we've posted. I've recommended you shortened Tesla, eight 73 right here, right? When John of arc and everybody else involved in, uh, Tesla bulls, they were saying, buy the dip right here. And then they said, buy the dip right here. Then they bought the dip right here, and then they bought the dip right here. And it was, they lost their at this point on all the ads that they've done in this. And the point of last video was to show you that Tesla can indeed drop all the way to about 400 bucks. I've drawn like a major move, 11 information right here for you to demonstrate that, um, and the situation right now in Tesla, despite of the positive headlines that came out of China, expecting a huge drop in Tesla shares this week.

And let me show you exactly why. So again, I've given you a big secret from 13 market moves, how you want to plug it in the moving averages at 13 and 55. Now, the second thing I want you to do with this chart is, uh, instead of this daily timeframe, just go back to this five day, 15 minute timeframe and update your chart. And what you will see is this, um, you'll see a perfect short opportunity, uh, because now again, with this current balance in the last five days, this is a perfect hand shoulder formation in the shorter timeframe. And look at this, uh, formation on 13 and 55 amaze. You got a situation where the blue line is just about to cross the orange line. And so this in 90% of instances, guys will coincide with the perfect, perfect entry on a shorten, whatever that is that you're trading in this case, it's Tesla presenting us with another yet great opportunity to profit. Now, the video was posted earlier last week was saying, Hey, when decile was still above 600, we'll say short, it dropped to a level of five 90. And if you're a part of our alert group, you would have known that were recommended buying Tesla calls. And maybe

You're wondering, well, how the hell do you go and shift

Your view from calls to boots, boots to call so fast guys, look, it's very simple. I'm not trying to teach you anything complex here. Basically, if you focus on this chart,

The reason we turned short-term On Tesla because of this cross run here, right? So you see this blue line crossing the orange line on the way up. Now this is called a bullish cross. And as you can see, this is where we're commanded, uh, reversion the positions from, uh, you know, from put trot here, we're making a bunch of money, we've reversed them. Um, and we made a killing on Tesla calls. I'll deviate from the Tesla chart for a second, because some crazy happened last week. So, uh, I've talked to one of the coaches and they said we had a new member in the group. And so he started it. It was his first day, you know, he's gone through the program, taken all the courses, signed up for the coach and, and there is a moral to the story. So pay close attention to the story, guys, it's kind of funny, but it's kind of really up.

And, and so I want to make sure that if any of you watching this, if it's in your plans to sign up and take the course and go for a program that you don't treat it as a, you know, guys, this is not a game. This is serious stuff. It's real money involved. It's a lot on the line. It's a lot of psychological pressure. It's a lot of times the market is going to make you question your decisions and whether you're on point or not really derives from your ability to copulate and stay and stick with the plan. So we've basically, um, the coach told the student goes, uh, there were buying foods earlier and he told them to reverse into cause apparently he was so bearish. He did listen to the coach and he did reverse into calls here. And he clearly pull him, look, uh, keep the position over night, keep the position overnight, keep decile position overnight.

And so the guy said, uh, uh, this particular coach a message at the end of the day, uh, he had like 28 K invested in this, uh, Tesla trade from what I understand. And he's like, man, I just, I can do it. Uh, I sold my position. And so as you can see, um, based off the answer here, right, uh, Tesla went a little bit higher and then, um, it basically closed a little bit lower. So by the end of the day, I mean, he was losing like maybe six Ks. So the guy just couldn't handle it. He got out of the position and you know what happens next? Over the next couple of days, all of our students that stay with the Tesla calls, they made a bunch of money. So you gotta develop your ability. Okay? Number one, if you sign up with any of our programs to work with a coach, you have to put all your emotions aside, you just have to listen and execute.

Otherwise the program is not going to work for you. And you know, you don't want to be in a situation like this guy who all of a sudden, you know, it's his first day. He's like, Oh, yo man, let's do it. Let's go. And then by the end of the day, he can't find these balls because he's losing six scan, a position that could have made him a 70 K in full in 48 hours. So don't be that guy study the hell out of the charts, take all of our programs and make sure that you're able to shift as the market evolves, as the chart evolves. And you have to trust the chart because if you're going to trust your emotions, guys, it will come and bite you in the every time. And you will keep losing money. As a trader, you have to have the plan.

You have to stick with it. You have to stand by your calculations. Sometimes the market does not instantly going to do what you're expecting it to do. You have to stick with your calculations guys. And so in this particular case, we went bullish on Tesla and we turned bearish on Friday and you might be thinking, how the hell did you do that? Leo and Y guys dasla is like, it's the easiest stock to trade on bare side. When it's got a positive announcement coming out, like it's got a 99% probability of drop in on a positive catalyst. So the positive catalyst clearly on Wednesday, Thursday has been the infrastructure plan by them said, Hey, the futures and the charging stations, we got to, you know, uh, spend a bunch of money and Tesla would be a clear, clearly the beneficiary of that. And so you'd expect the stock to pop and a does.

And as soon as it makes this beer reversal candles guys, so you gotta start shorten it. You gotta stop listening to the news. You gotta focus on the chart. That's how you beat the markets. Okay. And what the chart at this point, if you miss this entire move, what the chart points through is the fact that Tesla is going to drop lower way lower. And it doesn't mean that it's not, it doesn't have any potential to first pop like it did on Friday. Right. It pops. And then guess what? It pops like 30 at box. And then the drops $45. So if you were bullish on Tesla and you were getting, Oh yeah. Oh man, the infrastructure plan. Oh, in the news, they're saying Tesla to the moon again, look, it's, it's like, you're never gonna make money listening to the news.

It's always too late. You gotta read the behavior and you got to read the charts. You gotta be able to put the two and two together. You gotta be able to understand the moves guys. This is a simple move to anybody that took the Tesla on the short side on Friday, the may, the killing, uh, you know, Friday morning, Thursday is what I meant. Thursday was the last trading day. So focus on this chart and if your goal to own more Tesla shares what you want to be doing right now. You want to short the hell out of Tesla. Uh, you want to wait until it drops. Um, you know, to 500, 400 bucks, you want to close off your shorts and you want to reinvest the money into buying more Tesla shares. So if any of this information I've shared with you so far, if it doesn't click, if you still don't understand what the hell you got to do, guys, make sure you click the link below this video is simply go to 13.

Market moves.com. Schedule a 20 minute coaching call with a senior trader here. I've talked to coach, um, make sure that you understand how to utilize this information to your advantage. And I promised earlier in the video that I was going to show you a place that is going to be the easiest place to short Bitcoin. And I'm going to put a link right here on the screen for you. I'm also going to put that link under this video. So you can go ahead and sign up, but let me just mention a few things. This particular place to trade Bitcoin is incredibly easy to use. Uh, you can get set up literally within minutes and start trading. This is not the best option for us, um, that are located in the United States. Uh, pretty much if you're in the United States, you got to get a VPN.

There's a ton of VPN services. You can get out there and make sure you get a static VPN, not the ones that's jumping all over the place. Make sure you get the VPN. Then you click this link. This link guys is going to help you say thousands of dollars in commissions in the first six months. So make sure if you are in the States, you get, you sign up with a VPN service first and you click this link. Then you click this link to sign up because if you click this link right now and you go in, they're going to see that you're, if you are in the United States, that you're from the United States, you're not going to be able to open an account. But if you are outside of the United States, I think the only other country that besides the United States, that's not allowed is Canada.

And pretty much the rest of the world. If you're in any other part of the world, you can set up an account with ease. So make sure you click the link. You can transfer your Bitcoin and you construct trade in there right away. Guys, you can start trading right away. You can use up to a hundred times leverage. Now I would not suggest using that much leverage because as you know, Bitcoin is highly volatile. Yeah. It can drop 5,000 points and then it could go up, uh, two, 3000 points, you know, within the next two hours. So if you use a hundred, a hundred X leverage, you will lose because they will close you out. So my recommendation would be to stick with, you know, 15, 25 acts on your leverage. I wouldn't go much above that. It's going to give you a much better position from the standpoint of Bitcoin volatility, and you will win by utilizing that strategy.

Now, if you have any questions about how to short Bitcoin guys, if that is of interest to you, make sure you leave a comment under this video. If it is an interest I'm going to make a video and show you how to do it. And again, if you're trying to set something up like tonight and be ready for this, uh, potential Bitcoin move, uh, lower than, Hey, you want to schedule a 20 minute coaching call right now. Um, and talk to a, to a trader here at 13 market moves. Anyways, guys, I hope this video was helpful. We've taken a look at a chart of Bitcoin that points to a potential development, uh, that happened, uh, once in the history of Bitcoin already. And it shows that there are many characteristics. We shouldn't be neglected on the chart, that there is another instance in history that is about to take place.

Also while the whole world is getting bullish on Tesla. Again, with the infrastructure plan, the chart shows that the next move in Tesla is lower. And if you guys have not watched the last two Tesla videos, we basically nailed every move in Tesla. I want to make sure that you visit these videos. You can learn a lot from these videos guys, understanding why we're doing certain things. And a lot of times it will be a total contradiction from what the public opinion is or for what everybody else is talking to that because we don't listen to that. What we do listen to is what the charts are pointing to. So all of these multi-billion dollar funds, apparently they couldn't understand that this was a top formation in Tesla. So we told everybody to short it, rod here, nobody believed it could drop. I mean, you have people buy right here, right here, right here.

The people were still, you know, that's when they were on load in right here at the bottom. But, um, that's what we caught. Some bullish moves and reversed and to put in a second Tesla video recently, I posted how after this initial drop was going to bounce, where to 700, I said, don't short it, okay. I'll for this big move, lower don't short. It, which you want to do is wait for the bounce. You want to short this bounce run here and notice how easy it is guys. If you don't understand what black candles are and how to trade them, make sure you click the link below and get our charge diversities course, because both of these highly profitable moves and desolate they happen when right off of the black handle. So we've nailed this black handle right here at eight 73 area eight 70, right before all of these, uh, this major move unveiled and this black candle around here is when we posted the other video saying like, Hey, you know, you got to go short Tesla right here.

So you would've made a good bit of money there as well. So if you are missing trades like this, guys get some help. Okay? You don't have to fight this market on your own. Get some tools, Guelph, get, get some, um, tools that can actually help you beat this market because there is a battle every day with the market and you can't just go out there and fight this market unprepared. So if you don't know how to prepare, we're here to help you do that. Again, these 13 market moves.com until then happy trading. And I'll catch you guys on the next street soon. Let's roll double that Bitcoin. Let's go.


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