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How To Short Stocks With Put Options! | The Best Way To Make Money In The Stock Market!

Mar 14, 2021

Hey guys. Our next straighter is fiction to show you how he made 24 K his first day trading with 13 market moves and coincidentally or not. His name is Mr. Yu. And this next two-minute clip clearly proves that you can do it too.

Hi, my name is I'm 60 years old. I'm semi retired and active in the stock market by Oaks. Make some money and low some running, but never make a lot of money on the market or loss of loss too. I'm doing meth found certain mountain moves. I was attracted by their accuracy, four corners of the top. So I'm not caught in for the crisis. Uh, caught, unfolded big moves. So I purchased the program and took two weeks to learn. Um, today I started saving this crease. Here are the results. Today is the beginning of the market. We traded the SQI pullets Tesla. I do Oh, here is a return tiny fall thousand dollar today.

And congratulations to Mr. Yu and proven the point that people impose self limitations upon their success in life. Some people may say, well, I'm too young. Some people may say I'm too old. Mr. You takes action. That's the only criteria for your success. Take action. Be committed. Study the hell out of the program. Okay. And you can do it too. While other people spend too much time on the wrong, the wrong, like wine, and then, and then being skeptical and complaining and all. But you post the videos too early. You post the videos too late. You all that. Okay. People make money that take time to study our program and focus on getting better at executing it. That's the bottom line. So stop sitting on the sidelines, Mr. You just proved the point that you can do it. And it doesn't matter.

As he says, if you listen carefully, he had some prior losses, he's been trying to figure out the market. It wasn't an overnight thing for him, but it doesn't matter where you were. And what your experience with trading has been up to this point. It's not where you have been in. It's not where you at right now. That matters. The only thing that matters is where you're going, where your trading account is going to go from here on. And you are in control of that. My friend. So take action. Click the link below. Schedule that 20 minutes. Coaching call let's roll. Do not miss the next few videos. We got some crazy wild stuff coming up. 16 K to 230 K, and I'm not going to spoil it for you, but, there is even a bigger, there's even a bigger trader out there who made it happen with us this week? It's coming up. Don't miss it.


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