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Jason up +$33k on this trade - which trade was it? 13marketmoves.com

Jan 27, 2021

Hi, this is Jason it's January 22nd, 2021. I want to share with you some very, very exciting news regarding a, to have a surgical in a trade. I had the pleasure to take with the recommendation. 13 market moves. Uh, first and foremost, we did daily analysis on this particular stock. And you can see how it absolutely looks like it's in an uptrend.

Okay. You see the moving average lines moving up, but you also see this resistance here at the top run eight 30, eight 40, whenever he gets up there and bumps his head and it falls back down, and then it doesn't go up as high. It bumps his head. It falls back down and you see the selling tails right here.

So there's some resistance and there's some people selling there at the top. We also look at the Mac D okay. We had Mac D cross to the downside.

Momentum is driving this stock down now in the room on the 21st, I'm going to go to a smaller time frame here. Well, it's sold off rapidly right at the open. Okay. The day before air earnings.

Why is that?

And it's interesting because in the room coach, Chris suggested, Hey, start getting some puts to front, run this earnings report right about here. Okay. Pop down a little bit. And then he got pumped up at 800. I was buying more puts for the night before. Okay. Just in anticipation of his earnings report. And if this hadn't gapped up, I probably would have added the position.

The ultimate trade on this would have been a gap up to around eight 2030 and ride this down. But it was really, really pleasant. And after hours seeing this, how the moon plant you basically came out as expected, where it dropped down to basically a seven 90 and the next morning it opened.

You can see just sold off rapidly, tried to create a little comeback here and dropped down again. You know, the next day, uh, Leonardo did a great job on the YouTube video explaining this phenomenon of this particular trade, how this is a multi-day trade.

You know, I had the pleasure of taking profit in one day. Okay. Uh, the profit here was $33,420. Uh, that's why I took off my a platform to show you guys, but definitely, uh, analysis pays off, uh, learning.

The 13 market moves, pays off and having a coach to help guide you and basically lay out the play playbook for these trades. It definitely pays off. Thank you.

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