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2021 DayTrading Weekly Options Live $6k to $29k in 3 trades 13marketmoves.com live trading

Jan 16, 2021

Hey guys, what's going on? And January 15, 2021 in this video, we're going to show you how to turn $6,700 into 25 K plus here's the first trade we're looking at taking is a Amazon puts. We're going to buy six of them. It's going to get it done.

Okay. Done. Got to feel at four 52 on Amazon puts. Now Amazon is currently up nine bucks, so you've got four can bail before trading. There's a couple of interesting trades that we're looking at today of course, would like to spine the GME puts. And it's a lot of great things, but BLK guys it's making a nice bop. B O K think can actually drop below a seven 40. Shannon was shortened the bounce right now in B. Okay. So we want to buy these seven 40 puts actually probably go with seven 45, seven 40 puts on suit. We can buy them at the like a dollar 20 Don bought tan BLK boots at a dollar 21 soon to buy 10 more.

Don bought 10 more be okay. Buying the seven 40 strike guys as the stock is actually rocket and Hyatt currently trading seven 49, seven 50 level. You can see the bounce and be okay. Right here is very for, with bouncers, trying to buy it right here at the bounce. You'll want to it to revisit that, uh, eight 60 level and shorted there. So, uh, that's the third trade I'm going to take and I'm going to be done for the day. So add in Tesla boots, the 1600 bucks we got left. So Tesla is at eight 55 strong resistance on Tesla, about eight 59, eight 60 level. It's failed at level three days in a row. So we want to go hand and short it. Now again, I'm going to pull the trigger on the straight now, but it could easily go up about $4 higher before it drops, but it may not. So I'd rather own the position rather than not. So Tesla I'm going to buy him 13

Right? 13 Tesla puts at a dollar 25. Average cost should be able to cash out nice and on these pretty smooth and easy trade here in Tesla today, guys, a solid move to is going to form here. We're starting to make a little bit of money. The account is over seven kegs, 7,300 bucks, not on Tesla, most likely on a, what do we make? Amazon? Amazon is dropping 31, 26, nice and easy. Uh BLK as you can see, stop moving higher. And so nice quick pop on low volume guys. Uh, this stock is destined to reverse load by the end of the day.


The market keeps trying to fight, uh, that level instead of 37 65. Pre-market about, uh, midnight, 15 minutes off to midnight. So, uh, we're looking to retest that level and it's likely not to hold this time for probably got another 20, 30 points slide in and P by the end of the day. So see some nice break and beat Gill bok by about 10:15 AM. So we got three positions guys. Uh, the is up a thousand bucks. Let's review them real quick. So we're losing out. We're making 84 bucks on Tesla. Um, Amazon, we're making, uh, 573 bucks and L K uh, losing 50 bucks. So where you review the straight shortly guys, uh, 13 market post style treadmill. Friday's not a crazy day, but uh, certainly a day. That's going to give us an opportunity to make some money. So with that said, if you don't know what 13 market moves are and how it can help you with your trading, click the link below and get more information by scheduling a 20 minute coaching call with one of our senior traders here, guys.

Again, we'll review the straight shortly, uh, January 15th, 9:44 AM. Let's roll. Get some coffee, come back here. And a little bit guys, and 30 minutes later, January 15th, 10, 12:00 AM the camera's at 15, eight 67. As you can see, Tesla had the sharp reversal targeting. The stops guys is very, very crucial than you. Day trading. 13 market moves will definitely help you accomplish this. So as you can see, it, doesn't take a whole lot of money to get some substantial traction you're trading the camp. You know, most people believe like you got to have a bunch of money to make a lot of money. It is not true. If you understand the 13 market moves, for example, remember we've just taken BLK trade. I've invested $2,400 in this bok trade exactly. 30 minutes ago. Now let's glance at this position. Okay. We're officially in the money. Remember when it was rocket into the moon, that's when I was pulling the trigger, I've invested $2,400 and now, um, I can literally cash out right now with a $3,800 gain.

Now that's net profit, right? So 2,400 plus 3,800 on top of that is what I would get if I was to cash out right now. So same thing on test. How much money did I put in Tesla guys? And that's a highly controversial call, right? Because the whole world is bullish on Tesla right now. And here I am short in it. I only bought 13 contracts with like a dollar 25 and invested 1300 bucks. I'm making 24 70 in the last 30 minutes. And I was noticed how calm and collective I am because I've done my calculations ahead of time. And so the number one enemy of every trader out there is the motion. So most of the people, they can't even seed for moves like this. I mean, definitely the people that were buying calls this morning when decile was trying to make a small dip bread here.

So people, what were they doing this morning? They were buying the dip, thinking the Tesla's going to go to the moon. Okay. Without realizing that 13 market moves for the third day in a row has been pointed to the fact that Tesla is not going to break this level of eight 60. So your ideal entry here is to actually every time Tesla gets close to eight sixties to get in, in short it right here. Now, considering that it hasn't been able to take this level out in three days. Okay. Also understanding that while it is dropping, the lowest point it had in the last few days was eight 33 level. It is reasonable. If you get close to that balanced, revisit that level again before actually breaking that eight 33 level and moving lower. So potentially Tesla could easily handle level of eight 10.

And by that time we're going to be in the money on our contracts. Now on the last street we've taken today was Amazon, right? Amazon and VM. All right. So we've bought six contracts at four 50. This contracts currently go on about seven and some change. So 1500 bucks, $1,400 on Amazon as it's making the balance. So overall it was a move three in the market guys, understanding how move three works would have helped you execute on the trades while people were buying calls, you would have been buying puts. And that is crucial. This is how you take small little bit amount of money into substantial high amount. So with that set, we'll follow up on those trades were still off target of hidden 25 K plus for the day we've still got plenty of time left in the day is, is, as you can see, I'm not jumping in and out of these trades.

I'm not, you know, I've got certain targets. Yes, they count will fluctuate. And the typical question I'll get, well, why don't you just cash out, get back in and do this all freaking day. Because as the volatility rises, look at this. So VIX is moving higher today. It's a dangerous strategy because VIX can move very rapidly. And if the market keeps breaking key levels, which should have not been able to break for about a week now and get rather substantial, sharp moves lower. And if you don't, if you get out of the train, trying to collect the money, trying to get back in on days like today, you're not going to make as much because you will get caught in a situation while you're cashing inane. While you're trying to buy boots again, the market will outpace you because the VIX is rapidly moving higher today.

So it makes sense to just stick to your trades on a move three with a Ryzen VIX formation like today. And so if you want to further understand this guys, make sure, okay, you start, it don't cost you a dime. You can call and talk to one of our senior traders that are trading without 13 markets will formula. Uh, as you can see, plenty of guys are able to put trades like this one I'm showing you today are January 15th. So it's not just about me being able to do it, but many of you guys have been able to follow the concepts in 13 market moves and produce traits like that on your own. So if that is your goal in 2021, then definitely take action right now, click the link and we'll get back to the review of all these traits in just a little bit. I'm going to go have a quick workout, be back in the next, uh, 45 minutes to an hour. Let's roll.

Hey guys, what's going on? It is 10 24, man. I was about to go work out. I may have to do that. Uh, after market close today, got a pretty strong move on BLK here. Uh, now down just starch seven 30, uh, bouncing to a seven 32 and, uh, we're close from taking some profits in the straight. So BLK, we're getting in at a dollar 20. They're currently going at 8.8. So what we are going to do is we actually going to start taking profits to sell half of these. I'm going to sell half of these wounds, sell 10, had a limit order sitting at 13 bucks there, but, uh, we're going to start, uh, taking some profits right here at maybe 9.5 and can maybe 11 start taking some of 11.

I remember we only invested 2,400 bucks in this trade. Not so long ago. It was going now at nine 35. Okay. So small bounce here and we can tactically sell these at nine bucks right now, as you can see earlier, we're buying these BLKS. I bought 10 at dollar 20. I bought, uh, previously another 10, a dollar 20. So my average cost is basically dollar 20 of these. Now they're going for nine bucks, all of that within the last less than an hour. So now we want to make sure we access it at the best possible point. So it's all about entries and exits guys. We can talk about all day long, whether the market's going to go higher, lower, you know, what's going to happen a week from now. People gonna get together on TV and they're going to talk about, you know, where Bitcoin is going or Tesla is going, or whether, you know, uh, the economy is going to world.

None of that matters. The only thing that really matters your entries and your exits, because if you answer, but you don't ask it at the right time, all these paper profits, they mean absolutely nothing. Okay. And by the way, this is a real live trading account. I get a lot of questions sometimes. Whoa, how can you do this? There's no way this could be a real account guys. If you're familiar with think or swim, guys, truly use it to check with the live trading account in that. So you can go click right here on demand, as you can see, changes, color right here. So if I want it to go to a paper trading account, which I never freaking use, and I never encouraged any real trader to use it because it takes the number one most critical aspect out of trading, which is your emotions.

Okay? If you take emotions out of trading and, anybody can do it, but good luck sit in at least positions right now with real money. So bottom line, just to clarify that this is a re yeah, I just sold Tempe. Okay. I had a limit order sitting there at 11 bucks. All right. So as you can see, option by and found out can nine and five got a limit, or, and I'm going to lift this one to probably 14.5 on the other. So that's why it's important to have limited orders. As you can see what just broke that seven 30 level. And I cashed down at 11. Again, I was buying them at a dollar 20. I just sold them at 11 bucks guys. That's a thousand percent of return either way you slice it. So I'm going to switch this, uh, the remaining order here, as you can see, we're making 20 grand on this trade.

Now remember the initial investor was how much was 2,400 bucks. And you know what? A lot of people, sometimes we post this videos and it's channel a lot of people that are just complaining. Oh, but you post the videos too early. You post them too late. listened to the information in the video. Okay. Brandon took his time. Did the research posted the video broke down the trade for you? His specifically outlined in the video, the BKL gate was not just going to drop on the first day. It was going to have a follow through. He showed you multiple instances on historical charge where it doesn't just drop on the first date, but it continues dropping lower for at least a couple of days. So understanding this information, anybody go could have taken this trait. And this is an example, right? I will shorten BLK Ronnie here.

And that just cashed out right here on, was hitting that seven 29 level. I showed half of the position. Now anybody could have done this, that have watched the video. So if you watch in some free YouTube content that we post here, guys, but you're not turning this type of trades for yourself. Okay. Then you definitely got to schedule a call, click this link below, go to 13 market moves.com, schedule a 20 minute call and get yourself started on the way on the road of catching trades like this. Sometimes you just missing a few key things, two key ingredients, but can help you get strays like this. So with that said, you're good. We were talking about, uh, paper trading. Again, we don't recommend for anybody to paper trade. You're better off trading with 50 bucks in your account with a hundred bucks, but trade with real money because you will have the most at the most critical aspect of trade and then ignited, which is the emotions of trading, right?

So if you click here guys on demand, right? So this is what most of the people that you see on YouTube, that's showing you trade in videos, right? This is what they do. I mean, you know, they go to this page in the council clearly, um, you know, think swim gives you like a hundred grand. So honestly, I don't even know how to use this thing because, um, um, and dye paper trading, uh, period. Again, if you're a neutral trader, you want to start with trading, put a hundred bucks in a real account. I mean, you may have to see now orange it's on demand. Okay. So I want to get the hell out of this and get back to my trade in here. All right. So now also with paper trading, you're not going to have the real time data to make these decisions.

The data is delayed. So I'm in real time now with the real account right here. And so a BLK stolen out at seven 30. So it, it may make sense to just go ahead and cash out the rest of the position right here. Okay. And, um, it's a bit of a bounce going on right now, which is fine. Don't expect the market. Like if you're buying poets, don't expect the market to just continuously drop, drop, drop, and drop. It's going to bounce. Just the same thing with markets going higher. The market is not going to go higher forever and forever. It's going to make a pullback, make a dip institution is going to come in and start buying the dip. They're going to move the market higher. So it's the opposite. When you're buying puts, you want to focus on shorten the bounces, right? So if I wanted to day trade all these moves, I'm not doing that today.

But if I did want you, I'd be just shorting Tesla running here. Eight 45. Winford come down to collect the profits, but I'm focused on this trade because getting close to an exit point around here and its farewell may go down to, you know, seven 25 or so. But the bottom line is trying to catch this maybe three, $4 move lower on here and close this trade out. Then I'm going to go work out and I'm going to come back. And can I show these out right here, guys? So, uh, very close. We're just going to wait a few more minutes, as you can see, how long did it take us to take six gay to a 25 K account? Uh, well it took us less than an hour. So I mean, I know some guys that have been struggling to take their 6k accounts, 25 K been taken them a year to three years to do it guys.

Um, it, again, it all boils down to just a few simple things that you're not doing, and most of them are tied to your motions. You're getting in. You're just so freaking happy to see a little bit of green in your account. You take the profits and then you sit there and you're like, Oh my God, if I just stayed in the trade, I would've made so much more. And then there's times where, you know, you let your profit, your, your, your losses run higher. And because you're, you're thinking they're all know it's going to turn around. The trade is going to turn around all of these. They did tied to your emotions of trading. And there's only one way to eliminate the emotional aspects of trading. And that is to understand the charge, to do your homework. But most of the people, they just don't know what to look at.

And so for the matter of not having better option and not knowing any better, they, you know, typical trader goes and watches news and other people's opinions all day long, instead of focusing on what really matters. And that's looking at 30 and minimum or 30 charts a day, and maybe you are the kind of guy that would want to learn what exactly to look at the charts. So if that's you, then again, start by simply schedule a 20 minute call by clicking the link below this video, somewhere around this video. Just take action. Uh, is it just, you could be a great trader if you just tweak a couple of small things in your daily routine that could help you accomplish what you want to accomplish in 2021. So the market is stolen out here a little bit. We're going to get another leg lower here.

Uh, but it may take a little bit of time. So at this point, we're going to wait till bill K revisits, this level eight set seven 28, Amazon dropped below. At one point, we're in the money on Amazon below 3,100 bucks at this point, which is bounced slightly higher because you can see, I understand that these balances high as the lead to another leg, lower in the move, three formation like today. And so with most of the traders, do they see the bounce? They jump out, then it drops. They get back in. But in, in, in the midst of doing this, they're missing out on a bunch of money on their tray. So again, it's about calculations, about understanding the charts about understanding the levels. It's about understanding how to combine the diverged as an overall market behavior. We teach you all of that stuff in the full courses that we have at 13 market moves here. So if there's moves.com, guys,

Click the link, get more information, get yourself ready for a rock star. 2021. Let's roll. We'll redo the street shortly.

Holy. Leo, the account is at 22 six. That's an expensive workout. He just took buddy. Whoa, what the are you going to do now, guys, exactly what I'm going to do is absolutely nothing because the calculations are done. All you gotta do is stick to the plan. Now what most of the people are doing, Oh, the stuff is bouncing. Oh. I got to get out. I gotta get out. And so what do they do without understanding the formation and the key timeframes of a move three. Most of the people they jump out and certainly if they didn't jump out right here, they'd jump out right over here without realizing that the biggest move and the most profitable move in the market is just about to happen yet. For example, the whole world is bullish on GME stock right now, while we've been recommended since yesterday, piling up heavy in the GME boots, which are currently making a ton of money.

That's not one of the trades I've taken in this account today, but, uh, some of our students are bad. Five, 600% up on these trade guys, understanding the move and the levels will help you nail some of the best trades without panicking. So it is 12:04 PM, lunchtime, January 15th, 2021 in the next three hours and 56 minutes. So what's it going to be Leo? Can we really take the 6k tube, which said above 25 cam in your below 25 now. So I didn't have the market bounces cheap. I mean, whew, I wouldn't go work out if I was you, but guys, it's working out that keeps you sharp. That keeps you, that keeps your mind clear on days on what appears to be fuzzy. They used a lot of traders out there that are still drinking coffee from this morning, guys with that said, we're going to review the trades shortly, stay strong.

I'm the stand, the moves and the stand, the levels of the stand. The key factors that allow you to get glide on further games without getting scared, freaked out of your positions. Let's roll. Hey guys, this is what's up. Uh, January 15, 1258, and as 13 market moves, brownish 13 markets move delivered. Tesla hidden the lows of the day, eight 33, right about 1258, 12:59 PM on January 15th guys. And it's about to move lower easily can catch another 10, 20 point lower here by the end of the day, guys, we're still holding the 13 puts on Tesla. So this Outlook's not making a ton of money. We're buying them for a dollar, a 25. They're kind of going for three bucks. This seller is likely to understand certify based off of the charts that we follow on Tesla. So get ready for a sharp, sell off, paying close attention to the volume.

And it's the only missing ingredient and test the right, you know, we need some extra sell volume on the sell side here. Dessa likes to do these kinds of modes where it drops, it set the low and it balances and makes you think like, Oh, it's the low of the day, which is a bunch of BS. Okay. So studying some of the behavioral characteristics of these stocks is crucial. Guys. Third to market moves is going to help you with that. So watch this bounce and then a much bigger drop is going to take place. I thought I'd share something funny. Um, so basically tassel is at eight 29. Remember I showed you a part where it was bouncing. So anyways, it just dropping like a rock, but here's an interesting fact. So anybody can do this. You can pull up, uh, like, uh, the news, uh, from, uh, your, uh, think a swim dive into live news on a particular stack of pulled up.

So, uh, the top 10, most, uh, unusual options activity for today session and notice the expire ration, right? So the wall street ain't that bright. Okay. So somebody bought $107,000 worth of 840 strike. Like if that dude knew the 13 markets more formula, I mean, he would be sitting on a nice health again. We're about four X on the Tesla trade right now. Okay. So we're buying Tesla where, when they were buying calls, when these big institutional money was buying calls, we're buying puts guys. And so don't pay close attention. I mean, this just proves the point that you've got to make your own moves. You've got to learn how to make your own moves. All the majority traders are doing is they're following somebody else. So, so like if you were following this big institutional purchase on Tesla right here, okay. That they literally lost a hundred grand on this trait.

Now maybe they cut the loss a little bit earlier, whatnot, but the bottom line is it wasn't a tr a trade with options, expire ration for today, the God entirely the direction wrong. And you know, uh, the same thing with some of the other ones here. I mean, just because somebody wouldn't in a big trade on a particular stock does not necessarily mean that they're going to be right. So some of these, uh Benzinga and some of the other subscriptions that people follow, uh, you know, just because somebody committed a ton of capital, which by the way, you don't even know what a hundred grand to somebody is a big trade or not. It could be just a tiny little bitty trade, but you know, clearly it was a bullish bet on Tesla today. If you were falling that you would have lost your.

So the bottom line is don't follow a bunch of people out there have your own brain can make your own moves. And if you're pretty sure I've got guys, you can learn this. I mean, I wouldn't even say you have to be the, you know, the sharpest guy at your school or whatever at the university, or maybe you're 50, 60 years old, you can learn how to do this. Does it take commitment and dedication to learn this? Just like with anything else in life that's worth doing, yes, you have to work your off. You have to learn the 13 market moves. You have to track them daily. You have to understand, you have to learn. Nothing is for free in life. So besides an investment in your education, you do need to understand that there's a certain level of commitment, uh, that needs to derive from you.

So when we put this Tesla train together early in the morning, remember I was showing you about nine minutes after they open. We're getting in. So Tesla was trading right here. Uh, Tesla was trading right here. Okay. So, and you know, if you understand the charts, diversions and the moves and so on. So it was about, it was an eight fifties range, right? Eight 54 range, something like that, or God, I mean, it's a solid triple top. When you combine them with a 13 market moves, it was set up for a nice move to today. And that's exactly what happened. It's a nice move too. It gave you multiple Andrews throughout the day. And notice it's the same pattern, right? Top one, top two, top three, look intraday between 10 and 1130. We're getting again, top one, top two, top three, where the stock trades at about eight 43.

Sometimes you will get some small, always shoots where the stock will actually always shoot slightly above a level like that. And that's where a lot of traders they'll jump the out. Especially if you don't set mental stops, they actually set like stop limits on your trades. You will definitely get kicked out of a good solid trade like that. And now Tesla is at eight 26 right now, right? Fast forward. I mean, this is where we at, right? So now we are in the money or we were just in the money like a second ago. So it's eight 26 second ago. We're at eight 24. We're in the money in this contract. So let me pull up the actual trade and show you exact. So Tesla, right? So we're buying it at a dollar 25 in the morning, right now it's going to at four, four 30 and some of you like, Oh my God, how are you able to buy him?

So cheap. How are you able to buy and sell cheap guys? You know, on some of these high flyer names, the options will run extremely high during certain days. So it all has to do with your expired ration dates. Okay. And the day of the week that you're trading in order to be able to buy him so cheap. So this trade was put together with just $1,300, right? You got about 13 points, times a dollar and a quarter here. I mean, just a little over 13, 1400 bucks. And bottom line is, I mean, there's the profit 3,700 bucks. Then it's not a whole lot. If you're not catching trains, this you're missing some key ingredients. And, and if you want to get better guys, click the link below, schedule a coaching call, educate yourself on some of the courses, understand the modes, understand the behavior of certain patterns that you can tray.

So you can get more consistent. We've put in trades like this together. And look, it's not a coincidence, right? I mean, I took three trades today. I took three trades. So this trade is making what Forex, uh, the other trade is, what did that date do they be okay? All right. This trade is, uh, making, uh, about 10 X. So it's, it's not like, you know, and I've got one trade that I think is losing money if it was up and it could still be up by the end of the day, what am I, I'm losing 1300 bucks on Amazon. At one point it was up, I think, three grand, but so, uh, not, you know, it doesn't mean you're going to get every trade, right. But, uh, you know, I mean, anybody that can get about 60, 70% of your trade, right? And especially get these returns that most of the people don't even believe that you can put together trading options.

There is a secret recipe. And so I simply invite you guys to learn the secret recipe, because if you're going to be day trading every day, right, you need this information. It's that simple. So, uh, take action. The only thing that's required from you to learn how to do this is to take action. It's a new year. So doesn't sit on the, I S watch out of people do it, or how these institutional investors putting that trades. Okay. Be better than that. Okay. Be better. Learn. The 13 market moves knowing how to use them. So you can put trades together like this, on your own, make your moves, click the link below.

Okay. So Desley's, uh, at eight 23. So we're actually in the money on these contracts. Now, uh, if you're new to maybe trading them, maybe you're just trading stocks. You don't understand what the terms is. Uh, it basically means that the strike that we have in relation to the price of the stock when trade inputs, okay. That we're officially in a situation where the intrinsic value at this point doesn't matter. Okay. Before 4:00 PM, as long as the stock is going to end up under eight 25, okay. These contracts are going to be worth money. So sometimes again, ask the question like, okay, well, how do I know when you're getting what'd you get out of it? I mean, if I'm closed and it's 4:00 PM on a Friday and the contracts expire, what's going to happen. Okay. If you're in the money while number one, there's a high probability. If you're carrying a huge position, like 50 contracts, plus that your broker will close you up. You got a small, tiny position I'm trading with today. Like just searching contracts. I mean, they're probably not going to close me out. Basically. As long as this contract is in the money, it's going to have value all the way up to 4:00 PM. And there's no reason to

Panic and a lot of traders like, Oh my God, my contracts, they're going to decay. They're going to DK. Uh, yeah, they're going to DK if you buy them last week and you sit on them all the way through today. I mean, we just bought these today. So a lot of the DK on the contracts have already been taken out. So understanding some of these small things, guys, okay. Can help you understand when to take profits when to get in, when to get out, when to worry about the DK, when not worrying about it. And all of these small things combined is what would be a reason for your account to go substantially higher, without those understanding of those key small things. I don't know how some of the guys are trading out there. So anyways, with that said, this just a quick review of this stessel trait at any point in time, do we freak out and jumped out?

Like on bounces? The answer is no. And so maybe you've taken the same train today, and chances are, I guarantee you with a 99.9% probability when these bounces happen. If you're on the put side, you're jumping the out of a good trade. So stop doing it in order to actually understand how to stop doing these type of things. You don't. You've got to get more understanding guys. So the more you understand about the ingredients of how to put these trades together, the better you're going to get. So we'll review this. It's two 50, three to 54 got hour and six minutes to go. We're going to review these straight shortly. And, um, basically so far, we're taking six gauge 29 Ks. You can see the count is 29 seven. Hey guys, what's up? And we're getting close to finishing up this bok position. So we're getting close to our exit right here, about seven 27, seven 28 area. Guys, we're going to get out. Um, and, um, remember with salt, half of the position earlier. So the BLK trade right here. So half of the position early for 11 bucks, we're getting close to that level. I've got these set about 11.8. Uh, I may just switch them up just a little bit to like a battle 11, uh,

When you have that order. Wait, there, all we need is about a $2 drop and we'll get executed. If you don't know how to calculate that, it's super easy. Guys. Click the link below. Call one of our senior traders here, or they'll walk you through it. You got to understand how to calculate this, especially it's so simple guys. Anybody can do this stuff. So, uh, bottom line, uh, we're getting close to the execution order here. Uh, we want to stay it, uh, stay with it. Be patient right here. What's going on, buddy. All right. But is he not in front of his computer screen? Yeah. Yeah. So what's up bro? Come on. He's got a hundred 30 contract position and he's not in front of his computer. He's on the phone.


Yeah, it'd be doing that bro. Got 130 contracts. He came, he needs to be in front of his computer right now, bro. All right, we'll come out. We're can minutes away from the exit. 10 minutes away. Come on. Let's go get him on the phone. Let's roll, roll, roll. Come on, come on, come on, come on. It's making a move right now. Let's go. All right guys, getting close. Just a, another slight move lower here. Apparently some of the other things are bouncing while this one is going lower. Which one? To focus on this one right now, I'm not going to worry about other positions. I want to make sure we exit this one 12.2. So we're next in line for execution here.

And guys, just as a reminder, anybody could have taken the straight right? 13 market moves analysis. Brandon posted this video two days ago. Anybody could have taken the Stripe, but if you didn't, it means that you didn't understand the trade. You didn't understand the information that was presented to you. And there's only one thing to do is to gain more understanding because anybody could have done this that has followed, uh, Brandon's video on BLK. So we're in the seven 28 handle. And in order to get an order executed here, which I got said, well, 12.15, it needs to make about another, a dollar 20 move lower. That's all we need. Yeah, I got it at 12.15. That's what we want to get out. So pretty close about a dollar 20 move lower. We should be out of this trade. The account is that the days high at 33 five. So we're getting pretty close here getting pretty close. Let's go.

Come on and be okay. Let's roll. Don't stall. Let's roll looks like it's about to make a $2 move lower. So let's switch this out real quick. Switch this out to 12.55. Okay. There it is. We're about to break the seven 28 level. This is how it looks on the chart. Boom, there's the move right here. And we're about to be in the money in our Amazon trade earlier. Remember when Amazon was, uh, about 30 bucks higher, we're buying 31 strong 3,100 strike puts. Tesla is about to set the lowest, uh, point of the day. Now it is 3:06 PM. January 15th guys market is going to be closing in 53 minutes. All right, shell seven 27 bid in this handle. Tesla sets the lows of the day, Amazon, not at the lows of the day, but within six bucks from the lows, everything is possible with 13 market moves.

Okay. There it is. We're about, we're about to get executed on these right here, guys getting super close in these, uh, bok position three traits, right? That's all. I have taken guys three traits. My mom, 600% on my trades done. BLK sold at 12.55. So I, facial end BLK I've closed down at about 1100%. Um, actually managed to buy one more put, uh, for like what 25 cents, the seven 25 strike. So making 40 bucks on that. So if any of you, any one of you, right? Instead of trading with a paper account, like guys, look, I've invested 25 bucks in this track right here. Uh, you know, I'm up, uh, three acts on that and anybody could have done that. So let's

So basically getting back to what I was saying earlier, a lot of day traders, they feel like the more trades they take, the more money they're going to make because they have this mentality. I'm going to make a a hundred dollars a trade. And you know, what, what ends up happening is for every hundred dollar trade that they take, they also taken a trade. That's a hundred dollar loser, or maybe in some instances it's a $300 loser, a $400 loser. So the math just doesn't work on trades like this, where you're trying to capture a ton of trades with very small amount of profit when you target in smaller gains. So make sure you pay attention. I'm going to post a very, very critical video to anybody that's serious about trade. And you can learn a lot from it as far as what does it actually take to evolve from a steer, a typical type trader into a trader that actually locks in some huge gains.

And I'm going to describe three things. There are three absolute critical factors that differentiate the traders that make a killing in the market and the traders that struggle all the time for every good little trade, they catch the two bad ones. And so if you're trying to learn more, make sure if you're new, you subscribe to the channel. Uh, if you've been watching the channel for some time, but haven't scheduled a call, make sure you do so. And don't miss out on that video guys, that video could potentially change your life. I mean, that's the only reason I'm recording this video guys, to show you number one, that it's possible. Number two, it's not easy, but you gotta know your stuff. You gotta do your homework and three share some things that can help you take your trade skills to the next level. So you can do this on your own.

So with that said, guys, um, so got three 13. This is an ideal exit point. Uh, if we don't get a move, a sharp move lower here in the next five minutes, we will be closing all the positions out. Now we don't have a ton of positions. We just have Tesla and Amazon remaining here. Um, so that's basically it. Uh, we'll review the trait shortly guys. Uh, let's roll. All right. Here's the worst trade of the day. It's Amazon. Uh, we're not losing money, but we're not making any 250 bucks. So, uh, we're gonna set a limit order and it just highly reluctant, uh, expecting, uh, just a slight drop. We're going to cash out at about eight bucks here and call it a day on Amazon 3099 bucks. It just, there's no volume. Every time it gets to this 3,100 level, uh, there's no sellers, there's no seller.

So, uh, we want to set that limit order and just kind of sit the guest about the $7 drop from here. We should be able to get executed on this. The order is, and, and, uh, Tesla is still, uh, in the money for us 824 bucks going into the close, not gonna finish a 50 K, but uh, ah, diesel, my Amazon. So as you can see, uh, to the average range is selling my stuff. So they sold it, uh, sold my Amazon. And so on Amazon, we didn't lose money making, Oh, the soul by Tesla. So there days guys, uh, it's all here, 29, nine 86. So 30 K six K to 30 K guys. Uh, we'll call it a day at this point. Uh, some days we finished my stronger, of course we can't control everything. TD Ameritrade does, they do have the right to sell you options.

If you are in the money, uh, pretty close to, uh, the market, uh, close. Sometimes they do. Sometimes they don't, I'm actually surprised they did it cause the positions were really small, but in any case they did. So let's rock and roll. Next week, we swing for the fences trade pretty conservatively today, but, uh, swing for the fences next week. Guys, if you, or not sure how to take your account from six K to 29 K um, then definitely click the link below and get some, uh, get some education, get some strategies, get some moves. And the most important question of the day of course is, do you have the moves? But it gets some moves. Let's go, I'll catch you guys in the next Drake next week. Have a good weekend.


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