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Nov 28, 2021

October 27, I'm going to show you how to turn a 5k into 25 K with one simple trait guys. We're actually going to take spike, which expire in the next few hours here.

So, basically, we shouldn't take in a spy, puts a 4 57 strike actually wanted to go with a 4 56. Let's go. And, we're going to get a bunch of them. I'm going to get 200 of these right in Iran now at 22 cents. Whoa, about 200. Spike that expire in the next two hours. I'm going to go ahead and add position right here. Uh, 660. So 30 more. Alright, that's fine.

Okay. So, um, yeah, 225 contracts off spike books that expired today on October 27th and we're going to hold them for about two hours. Uh, so it began, uh, started with a 5k right now, 5,300, uh, making about 337 bucks on the straight guys. Uh, so we're going to set some, uh, limited orders though, skill out of position. So the first, uh, limit order we're going to take up about the next seven X 75 contracts. We are going to sell at 1.25, the next, uh, 20 next 75 contracts. I'm going to sell at 1.65 and the third 30% of the position. Um, we're going to liquidate at 1.9 on, they were just going to be about a buck 50 and 225 Comsco should give us about 30 K let's go 5k to 30 K 25 K plus, depending on exactly how we get this order field, I will keep you guys posted a beautiful day in the markets.

It riffing is up like crazy. Uh, Google's up 160 bucks. Uh, Tesla can hold the gains, uh, beautiful bed on Tesla. We've put together in the last couple of days. Every time it went to this level of 1,070 bucks. And now this video is just a quick trade on S and P 500 and how to trade that considering current market conditions. And the fact that we're checking to move six, going into the close here. So a smooth sale guys, uh, from here, uh, smooth, right lower bounce through 45, 73 sharp drop, uh, potentially all the way down to 45 45 target and 25 point drop let's roll 13 market loads. All right guys. And 20 minutes later, they count as a 7,100 bucks. And a lot of you would be like right now. Well, Lee, I mean making two canes 20 minutes, wouldn't be a good time to get out guys.

Sure. You would be thinking that because you're clueless about what a move six actually represents and the type of trading opportunities move six represents with an eight particular 13 market moves sequence. So state June, let me show you, what's about to take place in the real world of trading lateral, I guess fast forward, about 30 minutes later, we're at 15 to 43, October 27th. It is, uh, three 11. We're officially in the money. We're buying them for 21 cents. They're going for 66 cents right now. Uh, this is our position, uh, rod here. So, uh, from 21 cents to 64 cents, the accountant's at, uh, 15 K guys, let's go, oh, let me show you the chart. So this is how the chart looks guys. And this is how move six looks. And you've got to put all of these most in terms of the sequence and the context of the market. So guys, the counters at 16 7 31 moves six is, uh, progressing rapidly here. The account is at 17 K 17, 6 47. Pretty soon we will be hidden some of our limit orders that we've said earlier. Let me remind you what they are. One of the quarter, 1 65, 1 90 and 1 99. Let's roll third gen market moves, baby, move six, got to love them, moves guys, learn him so he can trade better.

All right guys, um, 3:14 PM. Uh, the account is above 20 K actually right at 21, uh, hidden the new low for the train session today, uh, 21 7 69. So getting pretty close to some of the, uh, limit orders we're set here. So now, uh, we're five X up officially in the last 40 minutes guys, if you don't know how to catch trades like this, um, guys, this solution is simple. Schedule a call. I mean, you watched enough videos, you know, I can do it. You know, some of our students can do it. The question is, why aren't you doing it yet? And very close to an execution here on the first 75 contracts. And sometimes the best thing is just to sell it. So let's go in and click the, uh, uh, the order right here on the first, uh, analytics plan. So mark let's, uh, just in case we get a little bit of a stall out. I actually there's some at market right here.

The account is at 25, 8 91. So sold them at a dollar five collected, done 7,000 bucks on the account, 23, 7 79, not a perfect field, but sometimes the market will stall out slightly, just like it did right here. This small bounce right here before it's going to make a further move lower. All right guys, uh, 15 minutes from the time, it would answer a trade. The council 31 K um, S and P contracts are currently trading at 45 51 13 market moves, wins the next battle with the markets you got again. And for those of you that missed our short Bitcoin video, that was highly unpopular at the time. Bitcoin was at 63. K. What you don't know is with actually shorted it all the way through 67 king caught top and run it all the way lower here, guys. So if you were highly bullish on Bitcoin and lost money, it.

Crypto start trading course. Third to market moves can help you avoid some silly mistakes like that. And such as being bullish on something when the whole world is bullish on something, uh, you may wanna short that. So, uh, learn some skills. Don't just follow the crowd. That's the name, the game in trading. And I'm about to sell some more contracts. So spy here right now, we could get a sharp break, lower, uh, another five, 10 points for us to cash out. Um, let's see how close we are to our execution level. So 1 44, the next one we got set, uh, ready to roll here at 1 65. So about 20 cents away from executed. The next limit order would have set here. Uh, we're going to try to be patient for another few minutes here. See if we can actually conquer this level of 45 50, it looks like we're having a slight bounce. So we may want to just collect a little bit rod here. So these right here, school contracts, you're not a big deal, but sometimes just press the button, pressing the button that gets you winning in the markets. Just press the button. All right. So sell some war on all of them. So 35 at market, I mean, that's about a 600% return guys in 50 minutes. So it can't complain about that.

All right. So there's the bounce we may want to consider shorten this bounce shortly guys. We're going to be back in just a moment, I guess. And now we're going to come back in ant short to bounce. Now we're going to change the strike just a little bit. So we only going to get a 60 contracts right here. We think it's going to be a way lower finish here. We don't want to go and buy way low strike here. So a dollar 78, what we just bought is 4 57 strike, uh, 60 contracts. And, uh, the account just, uh, turned, uh, lowered to, um, 20,000 8 54. But now we're on track to actually finish at about 35 cakes. So that's our next target. And we're going to look like we can buy about 10 more on here. These that are in the money. Want to do that by some more pretty smooth sailing from here on this move, six guys, short to bounces.

If you don't know how to short to bounces guys learn this valuable skill, because they'll certainly make your trade in a lot more lucrative. Well by the market. Just one more. All right. So now our position is, uh, still basically close to where we started, but, uh, we own a much better strike now with a lot of downward pressure in the market. So I'm gonna close out, uh, about the, between 30 and 40 K here in the next, uh, 45 minutes guys. Let's go. All right, guys. And we're playing with this 45 50, uh, level again at, uh, right about 10 minutes before market close. And it looks like we are going to break it in the next 20 minutes. So I'm not going to close any positions here, the gamblers at 34, uh, uh, Kate. And, uh, do we have some limited water sit there?

And I'm trying to assume it'll be 70 seventy-five contracts here at a dollar 90. Now we're buying them for 21 sales to currently born full dollar 40 shell. All we need is just a, about a five, 10 point drop, and these will be executed right here, and we're going to wait patiently for that to happen. 13 market moves, don't panic. Put your fear aside, trade fearlessly trade, like, or let's go. All right. And it is officially a full minutes until the market closed the accountants at 42 K. We did break that level of 45 50, at least for now briefly, uh, where that 45 46, 1 75, um, easily got another, uh, six points worth of room, maybe eight best case scenario, about 10 points in the next 20 minutes. So we're still going to haul out to the position. All right. So it looks like some of the contracts just got sold.

So work for 56 are going for a dollar 87 to two bucks. And, uh, we sold some of them, not a ton of them, but, uh, just all about 15 of them. So still got, uh, 40 contracts, uh, here that we're buying for 21 cents that we just sold for a dollar 90. You do the math that is easy nine X trade, 900%. That is. And, uh, we're up slightly on these guys. So remember on the bounce I got in, I bought the 71 contract, so we're making 7,000 bucks here, uh, still holding on, uh, we should be able to close out the rest of this position here shortly. Yeah. We're going to close out that, uh, entire position and the 4 50 60 puts at a dollar 90, uh, looks like here. Alright. Uh, the account is at 45 K. So, uh, we want to lighten up, okay.

These 4 56, these 40 contracts and sell 20 of them right now. Uh, basically selling them at two bucks, sold them a dollar 99. Done, done done 2 0 2. That's the exit. All right, let's go ahead and sale these rod now market 20 more, 1 94, not as good of a field, but it's done. It's handled. Okay. So we're done for the day. Uh, guys officially with taken a 5k to 42 K for the day. Now our position is still running here on these contracts right here, still have 71 of these contracts open. And, uh, I got a limited order set right here at some a 3.4. So we're not very far out. They're currently going through about three bucks, 3 14, 3 10. Um, I'm going to switch and slightly, I'm going to adjust that to about the 3.2, so you can get a field there and call it a day. All right, guys. So we will have to close them just at a slightly lower price. So we are going to try to get maybe a 2 99 for them. Okay. Okay, fine. We'll disclose them at the market. Let's go.

Okay. Done 2 86, uh, not as good as planned, but bottom line guys on this tray, let me summarize, uh, the spy trade basically took 5k to 41 keg. And the way you do that guys is by understanding the market move. First, you got to calculate at the hand of time, then you've got to calculate your entry, which we'll talk a lot about an hour crypto stark wars, which technically is about crypto and trading Bitcoin, but it mainly focuses 99% of the course really focuses on helping you identify perfect entries and exit opportunities. So as you can see, we have answered the position around here on S and P 500 right here, understand that there's going to be an outsized move going into the close of the trading session, which has allowed us to purchase these contracts at incredibly low price of just 20 cents a contract.

Now you have seen me actually scale out of the various positions and we're buying these contracts, the 4 56 for 20 cents. We're selling them. Uh, we started selling them at a dollar five when we're five X, we've sold some more at a dollar 28, we've sold some more, uh, the final sale price on this was above $2, which means we've really nailed. Within two hours of trading, we have nailed eight, 10 X rate, which is a thousand percent return, as you can see, as far as money wise, uh, based on what we had invested in the trade. We've materialized a gain of $29,736. Now, as soon as the trade bounced against us, we're still trading at a world downtrend in the move six into the last part of the trading session. And that produced an extra game. When we shorted the bounce, we actually switched the strike price.

We went with a slightly higher strike price here. Uh, instead of going with a 4 56, we actually switched the strike price to a more secure and safe strike price of 4 57. And that gave us an additional gain of 7,836 bucks for total gain for the day of, uh, 37 K um, almost 30 K 37 5. So guys, if you are not able to pinpoint these sort of entry opportunities, as a matter of fact, you never thought this was even possible. Guys, you're missing the boat. It's all about entries and exits when you trade, but 90% of your trading time should be invested in analyzing the charts and expect in a certain pattern to play out. You certainly have to understand the 13 market moves sequence to be able to nail trades like this. So if you're new to 13 market most, or maybe you've been watching for a while, but you haven't taken action, guys, invite you to take action right now, simply go to 13marketsmove.com, sign up there.

And first and most important guys, you don't understand charts. If you don't understand the basic idea of some of the reversal traffic patterns, some of the simple stuff that makes you a lot of money, I want to encourage you to start with, uh, with the charge diverges better recognition course.

Now, if you're struggling with you and trees and exits definitely get the crypto star course. And if maybe you have taken some courses, but you're having a little bit of a difficult to get some traction, nailing trades like this, um, the solution is simple. Uh, what you want to do is you want to schedule a call, just schedule a call with a senior trader here at 13 market moves, uh, talk to a senior trader and, uh, finally get a break from trading. Uh, I mean, some of you guys you've been trading for five years, so you've been trading for five days. Some of you've been trading for 30 years. Uh, if you cannot nail trades like this, there's definitely something that we can help you with here at 13 market moves.

So let's go take action today.

I'll get you guys on the next trade soon.

Let's roll.


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