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Market Crashing Today! | Make Money When Stock Market Is Dropping!

Mar 14, 2021

Hey guys, what's going on March four fan today, as we predicted at the beginning of the crash now, sometimes they don't happen early in the morning. And for those of you that saw this big spike and you're like, Oh, what the? We're supposed to have a crash I'm jumping out. So you kind of stuff, a lot of money as you know the strategy right now that I was trying to explain in yesterday's video is to simply short the bounces. If you don't understand what shorten a bounces guys, and a lot of guys that have natural tendencies to just stay bullish all the time, they're conditioned to buy the dips. Well, shorten the bounce is the exact opposite of buying the dip. Basically when the market is in a downtrend, which it is at this point, the market is in a severe downtrend.

Even though when you look at the chart, it doesn't appear quite so yet, but it will be apparent to everybody that the market broke the uptrend, uh, in the next 24 hours. And we're going to go, uh, substantially lower. As a matter of fact, we're trading on S and P futures at, uh, 37 93. Right now we're going way lower. I mean, Tesla's at six 17 guys, uh, by two, a two 64, Jesus. We recommended short in the scene when it was in, uh, two nineties yesterday. So, uh, got a lot of traders up about, uh, you know, four, 600, 700% on this trade right here, guys. There's actually a ton of trades that you could still catch right now. But the question is, do you know what the does short? Did you jump out right here on the bounce? Because we send out multiple alerts to short the hell out of the bounce right here when the market was marching.

Hi guys. So I'm the standing one is the right type of decision comes with understanding of the 13 markets move formula in a charged diverged these guys. So if you are the person that jumped the out of these great bearish trades, when the market bounced barely 20 points against the Tran. Now again, the Tran it's a bearish trend right now. Okay. So imagine a clock, the clock is sticking and it's going in certain direction. And all of a sudden the clock breaks for about 20 minutes. And let's say instead of showing 3:50 PM, it goes backwards. And now it's a three 30. So basically I want you to think of a downtrend in the market as a counter clockwise movement. So let me pull up a visual of a clock here to explain it a little bit better for you guys. For those of you that may be struggling with shortened, a bounce, or maybe you have fears when the market moves just slightly higher, you freak out, you jump the out of a good trades.

So, uh, by the way, some of the trades clearly we've been on was like beat Kanji down 75 bucks. So you could have gotten that yesterday. It's a hundred bucks higher. No problem. You would have been up 500%. Let me show you the clock. So hopefully we'll get the point across 6% today. Okay guys. So basically here's an image of a clock to help you visualize this a little bit easier basically when, uh, the market keeps moving higher. Okay. So you've got a bullish momentum higher, and you've got a bullish uptrend. The market's going to do this. Uh, when you have a reversal that is not apparent yet to the markets, that there is a bearish trend reversal opportunity. Uh, the market still appears to most like it's doing this. And so most of the people are conditioned to buy the dips. Uh, every time the market dips in an uptrend, they want to buy the dip.

Now there comes a time as I've shown you in the last video that the market is doing this, which is a topic for me. And it's very important to catch this because that's where fortunes are either made a lost. And now the market is going to go into this. That's why we posted this, uh, market crash prediction for March 4th. And so the idea now is for you to acknowledge that this tragedy should be exactly the opposite of what the market has been doing and what most of the traders have been conditioned to doing, which is buy the dip. Now you want to focus on short and the balances. So the reason I have the picture of the clock, because the clock is going to move now that this motion of the market's moving lower set, the clock is only going to go in this direction.

Okay. Overall, now it does not mean the clock cannot pause. So for example, in this particular case, we're 25 minutes, uh, past 2:00 PM. Well, what's possible in the market. Clocks is for this to actually get back here, 25 points back, back to 2:00 PM, but it's going to resume the clock is going to resume ticking again in this direction, which is going to coincide with this Tran. So when the market overall is dropping, and then all of a sudden it's pausing and moving higher, it's not reversion the way the time runs on the clock, all it's doing is just temporarily pausing or reversing it by 25 minutes. Uh, to help you visualize this a little bit better, let's get back to what has actually taken place in this beautiful move 11 information today. And you'll be able to see that this is exactly what took place.

The market bounced 21 points, counter clockwise. Again, the key word here is calendar. At this point, any move higher in the market is a Towner Tran, because now the trend has shifted from this to this. And now what you're dealing with is any bounce as a countertrend a movement such as would be in the clock that stick and continuously this way, it would be a counter movement back as if the market is trying to save and reverse dying for everybody to get the hell out on the balances. And that's exactly what it's doing is should use this opportunity. Anytime the market goes in a countertrend in this case, it would be the bounce you should be using this opportunity to short or buy puts in this case.

It's so long to draw. This can the point by the boats on the balances below the one 20 level that sticker. Okay. So basically, uh, the market drops. You're like, okay, you ever finished school? And then it goes, counter-clockwise guys 20 points. So the market goes roughly about 25 points positive for the day. And this is where we're screaming at all. Our alerts subscribers is add to the positions by the bullets right here on the bounce. Now you may think like, why the hell would I want to do that? Because apparently at this point, we are above the level where the market initially bounced that in the morning. So everything looks like it's a V formation, that's ready to rock and higher. Sometimes the markets will do these overshoots and the way you would easily nail these is by understanding base of the VIX components, the chart patterns and diverse.

This was going to be a move a lab with a sharp sell off, going into the end of the close. And so this was an ideal area to add. So if you were jumping out here, guys, when the market was hidden, um, what, uh, 38, uh, 40, 38 43. This was actually the ideal entry or the ideal point to add, put positions. And when I say put positions, it doesn't necessarily mean that you're trading spy only, uh, which is down 60 points at this, uh, uh, level right now. But you know, we're targeting the next level of, you know, 36 94. That's just going to be a pods. It's not going to be, uh, and from there we can see a counter clock movement to the upside again, but then you'll see another movement, uh, lower from there. So don't get fooled by this market, understand that when the market does this right now, it's a counter clock movement, which you should be taken advantage of.

It's just like the clock reversion time for about 25 minutes and gives you a chance to short the market. What should you do? Uh, you should waste no time in short the DM market. So if you're struggling with this, maybe you're exiting trades that are good, solid trades on the bear side at the wrong time. It's all psychological guys. And you need to get a much better understanding of your calculations. When do you want to stick to the position? When do you want to sell? When do you want to add, when do you want to get in 13 markets? Move formula will help you do that. Now the easiest way to do this is of course, to get a coach with search and market moves will help a ton of guys take the accounts to the moon. And, uh, we're a hundred percent confident we can help you do that.

The same if you're coachable, if you're willing to learn. And if you're ready to take action, when action is required to be taken. So with that said, uh, if you're wondering, well, how much lower can this market drop? Oh, what should I be shorted now? Or when should I be entering my trade next guys, click the link below. We're going to help you answer all these questions right now. Get you on the right side of the market. Guys, click the link below. Schedule a 20 minute coaching call. Let's roll. I'll catch you on the next trade soon.


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