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Mike makes $17000 trading in 1 swing trade watch details of the options trade

Oct 22, 2020

Hey guys, it's Mike here, coming back with another video of a trade recap. Um, if you didn't know, I'm a gold club member here at 13 market moves trading with Chris. So I wanted to walk you guys through the IBM our earnings play that I took yesterday and held through to today.

And I sold today, um, mid morning. So, um, if you haven't had a chance, you have to watch Brandon's, uh, fundamental and technical analysis videos on the earnings place because they're very valuable and they give you confidence to take trades on top of, you know, understanding the 13 market moves and the charts and divergence and pattern recognition courses.

So I front run the earnings play because historically, um, in October when they report earnings, they, they have a tendency of gapping down. Um, and depending on the guidance, as Brandon mentioned in his video, if the guidance was good, then it could possibly stall and run up.

But if the guidance is bad, then it could gab down and run and can Tepe and continue following. So I kind of just took a chance on it. I, um, front Renee, I figured it would gap down if it ran up, I'd sell right away. But when I saw after hours that they didn't give guidance, I knew I'd be good to go and let it run for, you know, the early part of the morning. So that's what I did. Um, and you can see over here, my profit on this play was about 17,000. I invested 5,000, so I basically turned 5,000 into 22,000 with 17 profit. So guys it's real, you know, just watch the videos that Brandon posts about earnings take the, uh, 13 market move courses and you'll have the same confidence I have to make these trades. Um, so I want to give thanks again to Chris for always keeping me in check, keeping my emotions in check. Um, thank you to Leo. Thank you to the whole 13 market moves staff. Thank you to Brandon for, um, creating these awesome earnings videos and let's keep it going. Thanks guys. Seeing the next video


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