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Navy Seal Trading Options Mentality 13 Market Moves

May 30, 2022

Real talk about trading by 13 market moves guys. Today, we have a very special subject that is devoted to in depth study of a psychological and emotional impact of trading on grown man that are trying to be successful in trading. We're gonna use this real life case of a trader that just missed on $987,000 trade. Literally by 12 hours. Guys, if you start with 13 market moves coaching program, you've got to have a mind of a Navy seal. Now you may or may not know much about Navy seals, but this is the toughest program out of any military unit that you could possibly take a challenge on. And most of the Navy seals during their first six months of program training program, they fail 80% will fail as a Navy seal. And the number one thing that they do during their first week of program is they task your commitment.

They task your commitment to the program. They make you so miserable during your first week of training. That naturally a lot of guys wanna quit right there. And then during the, during the first week, and if they don't, ultimately you will face what's called the hell week, where basically you sleep four hours a day and they put you through a challenging endurance test, basically physical activity, 20 hours a day. So by like your second day, okay, you snap four hours. And you're basically 30 hours of physical trading at that point. Most of the people just want to give up. So it really has the level of commitment. Okay. How serious do you want to be in Navy seal? How serious do you want to succeed and trade in weekly options. Want people say, oh, oh, it's impossible to trade weekly options. Well, some people say it's impossible to become a Navy seal because of how difficult it is.

The first six months of trade in most of the people. At some point that thought they were tough as shit. They will fail. They're Olympic athletes that actually attempted to become Navy seal and they fail so trade and weekly options about as challenging of endeavor as you can ever pursue in, in, in your life as a human being. I've had heart surgeons with incredible like you that has failed people that have accomplished many in other businesses that have failed. Guys. This is one of the most challenging things you will ever attempt in your life. So no matter how tough you think you are, but pay close attention to this video. Cause I'm gonna show you some emotional insights that if you are serious about getting successful at trade and weekly options, I'm gonna show you some key components that you should be focusing on. But the question is, why did this trader miss not $187,000 payday by 12 hours?

Well, call be summarized right here on the slide. Number one, it's the lack of commitment to the 13 market move coaching program. Number two is because of the emotional weakness. I'm gonna break it down like this to make it simple. Okay? So many people will dream and attempt to become an Navy seal. Many will try, but only few will make it. Only few will start with 13 market moves program. And we'll get to a point whether you're making a million plus 10 million plus 30 million plus there's only gonna be a few of you guys. So this is not a video for somebody that wants to learn how to make a couple hundred dollars a day. Okay. You can do it with a bunch of other programs. This is a video for those that wanna start with 50 K a hundred K take the account to million dollars, 10 million, 30 million, 50 million plus.

So I just wanna talk to the very few of you that want to understand what does it actually take by showing you why some of people are so close. They're so close they're within hours. They're sometimes they're within minutes from nailing it, the ultimate trade that's gonna allow them to break through and they give up. It's just like a Navy seal. Okay. No, no sleep for days. Sit in in the rain, out there in the field, waiting for the target, no food miserable conditions. All right. And at one point he just says, you know what hell with it, hell with it. He quits 30 minutes before you would've been able to go on for another few days and make it to another part of the training. So no matter how tough you are, guys, this thing as challenging as you can possibly face. And most of the challenges, if you overcome as a trader, when trading weekly options, this is gonna be your ticket to go to the next level in trade.

So let's specifically look into all the details of what has transpired. So the trader signed up to trade with a coach, which happened to be me. So I, this is how I know all the details. Exactly what happened, but he jumped out of a million dollar trade right before it actually happened. So I'm gonna walk you through what you could be expecting. If you're trading with me as a coach, start communication on May 19th. I'm asking you basic question I normally would do with any trader that starts with me. Are you ready to take 50 4k to 500 K can you trade options on futures? Are you actively trading in front of your computer? Are you gonna be unavailable at any point in time for flights or meetings or so on? I need to know that information ahead of time, right? I'm assuming that you know how to place option trades and rely on you.

Fast execution of trades on average, I'm letting him know our whole time on trade is gonna be 24 to 48 hours. Okay. But at sometimes we will take last hour trades with same day options. Expirations. I'm asking you any questions. So his response is this. Now keep in mind these responses. All right, because I mean, these responses are they're important. Okay. So he's answering actively Trav always. He says always in front of my computer. He's like, I'm very fast at executing. He's always in front of his computer. He's very fast at executing. I'm responding. Great. Excellent. Boom. We got that out of the way. We're good to go. Right? Well, just hold and see, trying to full up with a few things. Get him premiered that look, emotions are gonna be running wild. So staying calm is the best way to handle things. Okay. And the best way to do it is to focus on charts on the overall move.

Do not focus on immediate price section, focus on where things could be going overall in the next 24 to 72 hours in which your response guys, which is always a red flag. Okay. Please leave everything you've learned before you come in to trade with 13 market moves. Okay. This is like supply zones, demand zones, guys, all of this. Okay. Just forget it. If you're gonna chase supply demand zones, you're gonna miss on the big move. All right. And look at what he says, guys. 500 K would be a dream. So I'm letting him know. I'm quite confident taking this account, helping him take the account from 50 K to 500 K and taking it to 14 days. He's saying 500 K would be a dream. Like, is this a Navy seal mentality, please don't be showing up. Okay. Doubting that the program will help. You make 500 K numerous, numerous, numerous traders have done it in the last few years.

So the problem is not whether you're gonna make 500 K. The problem is okay, how many attempts is it gonna take first to get there? How tough emotionally are you gonna beat? Are you gonna chicken out? And you're gonna see the first sign that somebody ultimately will chicken out is they're gonna feed you all these bullshit. Uh, they're gonna say, no, I'm never gonna chicken out. This is the number one guy that will actually chicken out. So, um, keep some of these responses in mind because it really, you know, it really communicates a lot. Okay. Whether somebody's mentally ready or not. And so maybe it can apply to you, but the point is, how can you improve on these things? Okay. So I'm also letting him know the worst exit is when you hold puts and market bounce is more than expected and you jump out because you panic.

So his response to that is, yeah. That's where my weakness has been. But Asper videos focus on the bigger move. Let's do this. So, I mean, he's quite, I mean, he sounds like he's ready to go. He sounds like he's ready to make stuff happen. Okay. Then w discuss some other things such as a question I often get like, Hey, should I put the order in limit of market? Like basically answer him very simple. Okay. It depends on what, what instrument we're trading, right? If we're trading spy puts, and the ask is 1 37 and the bid is 1 34. And like, what the hell? We're gonna go ahead and put a market order. Because if the market is moving fast, sometimes magnitude could be 60 points and 45 minutes. Well, you don't wanna miss out on a $28,000 trade because you're trying to get a feel at the mid here at like, let's say dollar 35 and the trade just runs away.

And then you're looking at it and you're like, oh my God, I already dropped 30 points. What am I gonna do now? Well, hell, it's too NA too late. Now you're not gonna be chasing this straight. So if the spread is low, basically guys, right this down somewhere, if you're serious, you should have a note bed here writing some of these things down. Uh, we put market orders when market is moving fast and when the spread is low, uh, now the same is true. Okay. Um, the opposite is true in case, for example, with B G right? If the ask is 44 and the bid is 36 9, which often will be the case in certain strikes, right. Then try 40, uh, try to get a feel at the meet and which his response is also. Yeah, I've been there. So he's basically saying everything. He is on point he's execution is fast.

He's got this. He knows what he's doing. He's been through it. It's not his first rodeo. Right. He knows the supply demand zone for whatever reason. He thinks that shit is important. Okay. Now I'm gonna bring some of these, you know, issues in a little bit supply trading, supply and demand zones. I mean, had this guy actually, as it turns out later, uh, borrow $200,000 from his mom, um, which I didn't know in the beginning, otherwise I wouldn't trade with a guy, but the point is he did as a result though, he did end up paying a entire loan off to his mom. So thanks to 13 market move. We got that done. But bear with the story here. Cause I'm trying to point some things as I'm trying to scroll through the conversation here. So, uh, basically, um, I'm giving him pointers. Once we're already in some trades stay strong, don't panic, uh, positions will start producing by the end of the day.

Um, and so at this point, the account starts to get to go negative, right? From 50 Ks, maybe down 15, 20 K, I'm making sure he's okay. I'm making sure he's not jumping out of any trades. Um, and he's like, no, not panicking. I keep telling myself about your 50 K to 1 million video. Um, and I remember at one point, your account was down 50%. So it sounds like the guy watched my videos. He knows that fluctuations could be huge in the account when you trade weekly options. And it sounds just like he's telling you everything that he's on board, he's 100% prepared, just like a, a tough guy would show up to a Navy seal training and say, Hey, I'm ready. I'm the Olympic champion. Fuck it. I I'm going, I'm gonna definitely make it as a Navy seal. And so this guy is like, yeah, I know this.

I got this. My execution is fast. I watched your videos. Leo, let's go. All right. So let's fast forward a little bit. Okay. So now, uh, he's losing, we're losing some money market basically is going sideways. And so we're switching from puts to calls and so on. So, I mean, he is making some money on some trades, like here on Tesla calls, 4,400 bucks. Um, it doesn't hit our target. The market starts reversing. Boom. We have to switch. We have to switch. So at this point, um, he's down 31. K. All right. So, and at this point, look, look how this is not a mentality of a Navy seal. He's like, Hmm. Okay. Down 31 K for the day. Yikes. So from this superhero, I'm the Olympic champion of the world. I'm gonna pass the Navy trading, no matter what, I understand everything. Right? He's deflating like a balloon.

I mean that we're half day halfway through the day on the 19th, the count is down 31. K. So at this point, this is where this Olympic champion who thought he was gonna make it as a Navy seal is deflating like a balloon and just completely disappears on me guys. You cannot do that. You cannot do that just because your town is down in the morning. Okay. You cannot disappear. All right. Can you imagine if, if, and then heavy seal on an operation would show up and then just decide? Well, I don't know. I'm just gonna, you know, just gonna disappear for a couple hours. Hey guys, you got this over here. I'm I'm just gonna take off. I'm just not filling this right now. You know, I'm just gonna fuck. This is not a Navy seal mentality. What is this shit? Okay. So remember the guy, this is the same guy.

Okay. He's sending me messages. I've gave him, uh, some other traits after he was down 31. K he's sending me message now how he couldn't get filled on GME. So the question, what happened to this guy? That's got arm fasted execution. Now he's saying I couldn't get filled. All right. He's worried. He's starting sending me messages. Like he's worried the market is going down. We're buying calls on some stuff. Okay. I'm telling him, don't worry about what the market is doing right now, guys, if you're serious about making it big, we'll weekly options. Write this down. Don't worry about what the market is doing right now. Be ready for what it will do next. I'm telling him, get, get, get these 1 0 3 calls at the market question, mark. Meaning did you get in the trade? Cause as you know, if you've been trading with me, you take a trade.

You're supposed to send me a picture. I need to know where's your position at what's your actual cost of entry because it's going to differ. Your cost of entry is gonna differ from another person I'm trained with. Because look, the market is changing. Every second one guy can get filled at two 10, the other guy can get filled a dollar 95 and another. Guy's getting filled at 2 41. So I need to know what's your cost of entry. He's supposed to send me a picture question, mark. Nothing. If I don't know whether he took a trade or not. I have no idea. Okay. How to guide this guy from there. Okay. In the Navy seal operation. If one guy doesn't give his location to the commander. Okay? How the fuck is the commander supposed to lead him? Where he supposed to be going next? So look what he does.

He's responding. I'm driving. Hold on a second. Hold on. You drive it. They, this is the guy that says I'm in front of my computer all the damn time. Leo. I'm ready to go. Now he's driving. I'm like pull over. Fuck. You told me in front of your computer all day. I can't like, this is the funniest part right here. Actually. That is the funniest part than this. But guess what he's doing? Motherfucker's down 31 grand. He goes to have lunch. Yeah. I was hungry. Leo. I got out to get some food. I'm like, dude, you're dismissed in a, a full five K gains. I gave you this trade right here. You didn't get filled. He says here's a greater execution. Right? Didn't get filled in the trade that you just made five K on. The dude is going to get lunch. What the fuck?

Okay. So this probably the most expensive lunch the guy has had 5k, 5k lunch. I hope he enjoyed it. All right. Now he's like, look, I'm trying. I'm trying to actually tell him, look, you cannot give up or feel sad and not focus 100% just because of a bad morning, meaning, Hey, you could have some losses in the morning. Okay. But this is the point where you need to focus even more because all right, maybe the entry were off in the morning. Maybe the mark is just going sideways and the options just decay. Okay? Maybe your entry still where you've entered. But because of the option decaying, now you've got some losses and so on. So maybe some things are not cooperate. Maybe you got an OSU in an undershoot type situation on a certain stock. So this is the point. You really gotta focus because look, when you running a Navy seal operation, all right, the decisions need to be made fast and good decisions need to make fast one dangerous decision.

Okay. And you can go from missing 30,000, $50,000 off profits on your P and L for the debt. So I'm telling him, Luke man, you gotta focus. Okay. Just because the account is red in the morning, you can't be okay. You can't go take lunches and shit. Okay. And this is where the shit gets really good. Okay. I mean, I'm telling like, look, chicks and food. Understand this, that shit's gonna have to wait till market close. So at this point he's texting me. Okay. I'm back home too late for me to enter at this point, I'm giving him another trade. I'm like GMA one 10 calls. Question mark. Did you get in? See if you trade me, I shouldn't be having to text you these things. You're supposed to execute. Send me the picture. Okay. Wait for third instructions. But then, then I'm gonna give you the target, the exit, how to split your position.

So when you send me the picture, I need to understand, I need to be able to see how many contracts were you able to get. I need to see, uh, you know, the strikes. Sometimes we're going with different strikes. I need to see the constant news tracks. I need to know this information so we can have a solid exit plan after this. So again, I'm asking him all these questions, cuz this trade is running guys. This trade is running. And at this point the guy is still not responding. He is, he just text me. Is it too late for me to enter? I'm telling him to enter in a different strike. Okay. This is at this point, this is a 20 X trade. I get frustrated. And I'm like, dude, this could be a 300 K trade. Are you serious? And so this is the point.

The guy just completely disappears. I mean, this is the funniest part. Okay. So he doesn't get in. He doesn't get in. This is what I hear from the guy. look at this, look at this shit right here. What the fuck? Finally after I, I, you know, I'm like, dude, Hey, what's going on? He finally responds like an hour and a half later. He's like, oh my God, dude, I'm sorry. I fell asleep whole up, dude. You just stole me. You're in front of your computer all the time. You're fast and executed. You just went to have lunch and now you fucking fell asleep. Are you fucking serious?

I mean, at that point I'm speechless. I'm like, listen, I'm still, I will never give up on a student. Okay. Unless they just completely, completely. And so at this point, I'm still trying to communicate with the guy and say, listen, I'm still trying to show and pinpoint some of these emotional things. All right. Uh I'm like, well number one I'm I'm like BR I can't believe Mike actually let you let you into trade with me. I mean, you go take lunch. Then you fall asleep on your first day of trading. When you're down 31 K that's what you do. You go take lunch and then you fucking fall asleep. But then I'm like, listen, it's his first day. Let me just focus here. All right. For whatever reason, you know, maybe something happened. I don't know. All right. Turns out nothing happened later. But the point is, if you can't handle a 40 K intra day swing, you should be asking yourself this question, okay? When the money gets big, right? When you have an account, a big account, like 10, 20 million, when your daily swings could be one, $2 million in a day, what the fuck are you going to do? Like if you can't handle a $40,000 swing from upside to the downside in any freaking direction, emotionless, how are you ever going to trade a big account?

So you have to get mentally smart. Yeah. I know for some guys say five grand. That's all you got some guys, 50 grand. That's all you got for some guys. A hundred grand. That's all you got. You might have been saving that up for a long, for a long time, but it's not a reason to not stay true to the strategy. 100% of the time. So here's the bigger issue emotionally, right? So the guy is down in the morning. He's just like, hell, I'm having a bad day. Let me go have lunch. Let me go take a nap. The biggest issue I'm telling him is how the hell are you going to stop trading and fighting for your account before the trading day is even over. Like, if you follow 13 market move strategy, stay with the move. You can never give up on the move, stay with the move, understand the move, calculate the move as it progresses.

Okay. Give us that. How you can have a super strong finish. So since the guy left for lunch, he missed a $5,000 trade. So now he' losses. Would've been, um, only like 26 K and then while he was asleep with his steady bear, all right, now he, he lost $30,000 in profits on the trades. I've given him while he was asleep. So technically he would've been finishing like $4,000 positive for the day. All right. But at this point, this I, this trades I've sent him. They're done. They're gone. I understand that things like that are going to happen. Now. I'll be honest with you. I didn't have, I had some guys that fell asleep on me while we were trading together. I had some guys that had to run out through an emergency. I've never actually had a guy that on the same day while he was down 31 grand went to have lunch and fell asleep on the same day.

damn. This is just crazy. Okay. So let me walk you through, uh, here for the mentality part. All right. So I'm staying positive, right? The guys I'm not gonna give up on a student on the first day. I promise you unless you're gonna fuck up later. Big time. You're just not taking the trades again. And again, you're not listening. You're doing your thing. I'm not gonna give up on you. So this is the first day I'm despite all the guy falling asleep and having lunch. I'm like, dude, we can still ha make 500 K in the next 10 to 14 days. Look what he says. But right now I'm only with 16. K, let me make the 50 K back. First. What kind of mentality is this? This is bullshit. This is defeated. This is a lose of fucking mentality. Don't ever show up to trade with me with fucked up mentality like this.

All right. And then he says, then maybe only then I can dream of 500 K. Okay. So I mean, it's not my fault. The guy goes, takes a $5,000 launch and a $30,000 nap that he ends up for the day at 16 K. But like when you see some better reviews and shit like that, stuff like that actually happens. The guys will disappear in the middle of the trading and day, or especially if the day starts on the wrong side or, you know, we're just not, we're a little bit off on entries and an account goes red. I mean, some guys they see the account goes red, like from, you know, 30 K to 25 K oh my God. They're, they're missing an action. Some of these guys that can't handle a $5,000 swing in the, in their account. I can tell you one thing for a fact guys like this, they will never ever make big money in trading guys.

Never. So these guy's mentality, certainly not a Navy seal mentality. When you trade with 13 market moves, guys show up with a Navy seal mentality. The only way you can become a Navy seal, if you don't quit every day, build your emotional toughness, build your emotional strength, because guess what? More than 90% of the people don't make it in the market. Not because they don't have an understanding of charts, which is highly important. Okay? But because when they're actually in this market warfare out there, because there is a war with the market every single day. And if the market is beating you up emotionally and you'll lose the emotional warfare, okay? There's no way for you to get your account back on track. If you let the market beat you emotionally, you will lose. So it's very important. Even it doesn't matter where the account is at now.

Okay? Maybe we, we were off on a few entries and so on. It's important. This is the most important time for you to focus, not do something else or get away and have lunch and just, you know, that's not gonna improve your account. I promise you, this is the time to be on point 100% and be committed. Be committed, catch the right opportunity. And guys, and this is, this is the last trade for the day I give the guy. I'm like, look, dude, let's move on. Forget the bullshit. All right, let's make it happen. I give him this trade to hold overnight. I'm like, dude, buy these Amazon 20, uh, 2190 calls. And this was on May 19th. I think Amazon was around like 21, uh, 40 or so. And so I told him to buy 10 calls. Look again, I give him another trade right here.

Uh, tell him to buy $8,000 worth of contracts. The guy buys two contracts. I'm like, dude, is this the same guy that was texting me in the morning? That he's fast at executing? Like how many times did he not get into a trade already and cost him money today? But I'm like, okay, first day, I know fucking better than this being down 31 grand ain't shipped. I'm like, I know if this guy just starts listening and executing better, I know he will make money with me. All right. So despite of this, all this stuff that's happening at the end of the day. And anybody else would just say, you know what, dude, fuck you. Are you kidding me? You fell asleep. You like, I am not going to give up on you as a student. You keep trying, you keep showing me, you're trying to stay tough.

I will trade with you. They're gonna make shit happen. Okay. So I give this last trade. You bystand contracts. This is the next morning. Oh, look now he's using capital letters. Well, what happened to this? I wonder how many pills of Zoloft did it take for this shit to happen? All right, so he's tax me in the morning. Oh yeah. Now I, Mr. A hundred percent focused. Okay. Any idea how much Amazon contracts would be worth? Well now he's asking questions. No shit. He now he appears out of nowhere. Guess why? Because Amazon is like at 2197, it's getting up like 57 points in the morning. Um, so I tell him to sell it because I'm expecting the reversal in the market, like a move two or a move three. Basically it pops, uh, in Amazon, we had to move two that day. It pops and it started to sell off and notice as soon as he sells it, I'm giving him the same trade.

Right? The, the night before I give him a trade to buy Amazon calls, as soon as we sell him until to change, the strike is slightly, but buy, put, so buy 2170, Amazon puts 10 contracts. Same as the picture. Boom. It's in. Okay. This is how it looks. Uh, this is how the trade looks. Okay. And, and finally he's happy. He's taxing in capital letters. Uh, on this trade, he logged down like $16,000 gain, just holding the position overnight. Um, so basically on the 19th right here, I was having him buy Amazon calls, uh, Amazon, the next day, SOP, uh, uh, right here at the open. This is the open 2190 plus 21 95, 21 97. We sell it right here. And then shortly after that, I tell him to buy puts. Um, but instead of the 2,900 strike, I'm tell him to buy 20, uh, one 70 puts.

And ultimately we sell it right here. So just that day alone, I think he makes about 30 K on Amazon. Okay. But, uh, focus here. Um, the next trade I give him is, um, next trade I give him is to buy some, uh, Tesla puts and Tesla is dropping, Tesla's dropping. Uh, and now he's texting me all kind of bullshit. Tesla and NASDAQ broke out of down trend. Should we be worried? And this is where he's texting me the stuff. Right? So Tesla, the entry on Tesla that was, um, Friday the 20th, the entry on Tesla was right here when Tesla was about 7 15, 7, 18 area. Uh, basically right as the market opens. Okay. We get in, I Haven him buy $13,000 worth of Tesla puts in the six 90 strike in this strike right here. Okay. So he's texting me. He's all happy right here.

Right? Cuz at this point he's making about 50, 60,000 and then it starts bouncing. Right? So when it starts bouncing, remember one of the messages I shown you, I warn him ahead of time. I said, do not panic when stuff is going to bounce. And so man, as if the person just don't fucking listen, you know, so he's like, should we be worried? Oh my God, Tesla, NA it's breaking out of the, the damn trend. Should we be worried? I'm like, no, stay with the trades, uh, buy, uh, more puts. Okay. At that point, GME was at like 95. We bought some 90 strike. GME puts, uh, it dropped all the way to like 90 that day. And he actually made some money on the GME puts, uh, before I gave him a Homer on trade on Jimmy. But right here, basically he was worried here.

He was worried here. He wanted to get out here. He wanted to get out here. He just look, he was trying to make every excuse to get out of this trade. And by a miracle of God, I've managed to just hold him to the trade. And now he's like, oh, oh, you're fucking amazing. Let's go. And then I'm explaining him the exits. And he is like, huh, what do you mean? Like I've explained him, all that stuff guys. And he's just, some guys just don't listen. If you want to be successful with 13 market, most formula guys, you have to listen. You have to understand what these things mean. I mean, you haven't taken all the courses. You probably don't understand what this stuff means, which by the way, in the next video, I'm gonna try to put together, uh, some really helpful tips and why trade and futures are important.

Why following futures is important, uh, for you as a trader overall. So make sure you watch that video. All right. So now, uh, he's up on Tesla, 79,000. Uh, he makes for the day, uh, so far $105,000. Uh, we've got as, uh, Tesla puts, uh, got 30 Tesla puts to bought, as you can see, I get him in and the Tesla contracts at $4. So the six 90 strike, he was buying at $4 right now they're going at $30 and 48 cents. And I mean, he's all over the board. He wants to get out. He wants, I mean, you have no idea guys, how many messages this dude send me trained to get out? You know, all these bounces. He just, he just keeps wanting to get out on the bounce and you have to, I mean, you absolutely have to, uh, just stay with the move, stay with the move.

All right. So on Amazon 2170 puts, uh, now he's making 8,000, so he made 16,000 on the calls. Now he's making 8,300 on the puts. I gave him the de trade, which I'm not sure if I got this, but basically he messed up the de trade again, the de trade when it was like at 360 and he finally got into it at like 3 25. I'm not sure how that happened, but basically this, I mean, this was a late, late entry on his behalf. I mean, he could've bought these for like 30 cents and stayed. He, he paid 95 cents and he finally, I mean, here they're three X, but he should have been at that point at like nine X here. So he's making a little bit of money here regardless of, of the bad entry at this point. So, I mean, we are at this point, uh, we're 219,000 profit.

Um, so Tesla on one strike, we're actually losing, uh, 20,600, uh, in another strike on Tesla. Uh, we're making 81,000. And so this is just some of the other trades, right? We've taken some of the other trades had some, uh, GME, GME. We've had B calls and put, so here on the puts, he's making some money, uh, three grand, three grand, uh, switched the strike on Amazon. He's making 17 K more on Amazon. Alright. So basically, I mean the guys up about 219,000 for the day, roughly. Okay. So had a pretty decent day. Okay. So the next day he sent me the picture. He's like, Hey, I've done the withdrawal from the account. So about 257,000, uh, is what he withdrew now, these, uh, in, uh, Singapore, uh, dollars. So it's about 220 K us, I guess, 225 maybe. And I I'm focused on asking him like, Hey, I told you to get your account approved for futures, cuz it's important.

So he's not ready again. He is like, no, it's still pending. I'm like, eh, you know, he keeps asking me stuff. I've already given him explanations for like, I can trade SPX. Right. But he's just, I'm telling him, dude, you're missing the point. Okay. I don't wanna be trading SPX, SPX, doesn't catch the pre-market and after market hours. All right. And the whole point of trade and futures is to make sure that you're capitalizing on the biggest moves that a retail trader cannot capitalize, which is making money outside of the regular conventional market hours. See it, it just, it shocks me most of the retail traders. They think that the market hours are nine, you know, 9, 9 30 till four, that's it. But the reality of things that the market, the biggest moves in the market actually happen from four when the market closes till nine 30 in the morning, because all the other world markets are fully operational at those times.

Uh, the market in Japan opens at 8:00 PM. Our, uh, time here in the states Eastern time, uh, you know, markets in Australia open up, uh, uh, later in night, Europe starts opening at three, 3:00 AM, uh, 4:00 AM and so on. So these markets are responding. The future's markets are responding to what's going on worldwide. So any sort of, uh, huge catalyst that could be coming out of Europe, U the only way to play that is by utilizing futures, not S SPX. And I've tried to explain to them, but again, like some guys they sign up and they just don't listen. And he's like, well, I actually borrowed money from my mom. So I paid her back. So well check mark for 13 market moves. Uh, we didn't know the guy borrowed 200,000 from his mom, but in two trading days. Okay. Just because so far he's stuck to the moves.

And even though the execution was sloppy as hell, he was still able to make a bunch of money to the point where he was able to return his mom, the entire 200,000 that he borrowed from her apparently. So their maintenance to pay you just, eh, blah, blah, blah. Okay. So I'm telling him, look, forget about it. It's not where the count is right now. It's where it's, it's where it's going and you gotta focus on the right stuff. Okay. So he focused where the account is at. Uh, and now this is, uh, this is May 24th taking us. We're taking some new trades on May 24th, uh, with an account size of about 40 K. So he basically took a bunch of money from the profits, paid. His mom paid himself, and now, um, we are, you know, we're trading again. And this time around he's down, he's down maybe 15, 20 K.

He started with a 39 K and now all of his messages are just like, oh, Leo, my down is in red. And then I'm telling him like, dude, stop crying, like a little girl, locate your balls. Okay. And he's saying, Leo, as I promised I won't chicken out. Right. When somebody starts telling you that, okay, this is psychologically, okay. They've already given up the battle. They are basically, we're not wearing themselves up emotionally to where they can't focus. All right. And so I'm giving them, these is, these are the million dollar trades. I'm giving them with the money head left in the account. Um, I'm giving them zoom calls. Now I'm giving them zoom calls when zoom is actually like $88. So that was the entry on zoom. As you know, um, our zoom target was at 1 0 7 21. Uh, the target was hit, uh, 48 hours later.

So this was a huge trade. Um, but he jumped out of it. Also. I gave him GME calls. Listen on the 24th, early in the day, I'm giving him GME calls in the hundred strike right here. I'm telling him, hurry, hurry, bye GME calls 100 strike, hurry, hurry, hurry. I mean, how can you not understand? This trade is fucking important. I'm telling you, hurry. Get in. Now look what he is doing. He's like what? GME calls. Like he still remembers how we made money on GME puts a a day ago. So now for him to switch to like GME calls, he's like, what are you sure? Like, dude, I don't need you to be asking me questions when I'm sure or not what I said, calls or puts. I, I just need you to get in and execute. That's the agreement that me and you had from the get go.

And you told me you were great at executing instead of executing you sending me questions back. Like what the hell is this? So hurry, hurry, hurry, update again. He's taking his sweet ass time and normal. What happens is the situations is when I'm sending you, Hey, get this, do this now hurry. Okay. Something is about to make a big move. I want you in this trade ahead of the big move. All right. I'm sending him now. So he bought some 100 strike finally, but look how long it took like seven minutes. Come on. These options doubled in price. Since the time I send you the message since you've fucking got in, finally I'm telling him, look, buy 1 0 5 strike. And so he actually the great execution that he is. He didn't listen to me on this 1 0 5 strike. If he did listen to me guys, this guy would've made a million dollars over the next 12 to 48 hours.

So I told him to buy the 1 0 5 strike and I said, fuck, buy it now. All right. And if he listened to me, the 1 0 5 strike at that point, when I gave him the alert to get in, it was going for like 40 cents. So he literally could've bought about 200 contracts in the 1 0 5 strike. Instead he went and bought some in the 95 strike, but if he just stayed with the program, he would've had 200, 1 0 5 strike contracts within the next 48 hours. They were worth as much as $48. Okay. The 100 strike was worth 50 bucks plus at one point, um, and we were buying this for like a dollar $30 40. So these trades, I mean, this was a 90 X trade guys, 90 X. Um, and so if you were holding 200 contracts with me, you know, I actually started scaling out this trade early when it hit 1 0 6, 1 0 10, uh, 1 0 6, 1 10 level.

We started selling some, it wouldn't be entirely 90 X because I wouldn't have him tra uh, hold the entire trade through. Actually it was some traders was taking some after it bounced to like one 15, we were trying to buy some puts, uh, got back into calls, puts. So we were, at that point, we were just day trading the trade. So he probably ended up getting out. If he was trading with me, would've scaled 50 contracts sold 50 contracts, more 50 contracts, more and 50 contracts. But some of the guys that were trading with me that only got like two K in this trade, their little contracts. I mean, we had to get 'em out, um, a little bit earlier. So the point is, if he would've just stayed with the trade, followed the program 100%. If he just had the Navy seal mentality on this trade right here, guys, he would've made over a million bucks.

Uh, that's not getting all the way out at the top 987,000. Exactly. I've calculated. That's what he would've made. Okay. And this is how it looks okay. I give him this trade right here on the 24th when GME actually drop it. Now not so long ago, you know, I've been a, a big advocate based on the chart, uh, that GME was gonna drop substantially. Now, since then, the chart has modified. There's a lot of things that has progressed in the market. I'll post a separate video on that. But at that point as a trader, you know, you gotta make these decisions as a Navy seal. You gotta make these decisions fast. When you're on the mission, when you're on the operation, you gotta make this decision fast. So when this time it was dropping, we were actually buying calls. And you would've known that if you're an alert group, I send this message loud and clear, like 20 times that day on the 24th, advising you to buy calls on GME in the 100 strike in the 1 0 5 strike.

I even, uh, suggested some of you get the one 10 and the one 15 strikes. Now what ends up being happening guys, is this, you see how it was dropping and looked like it hit a bottom right here. Well, it didn't, it hit the very bottom at the end of the day. And this is where he actually jumped out. So he jumps out at the lows. Doesn't say a word to me until the next day. And so he completely fucked up this tray guys, all he had to do was just follow simple instructions. So if you're going into training with Navy seals for six months, one criteria for you to be successful is you follow the instructions that you're given. Okay? So you can't even do that. If you can't listen, there's no way you're gonna become an Navy seal. There's no way you're gonna become a million dollar plus option trader.

The choice is yours. And again, this program is not for everybody. Just like becoming the Navy seal is not for everybody. You have to be emotionally strong and tough. So I ask him like, Hey dude, what what's going on? What's the deal with you? You don't listen. Um, at that point I was sure it was gonna be at least 150 K trade. Now, listen, this is on the 24th. When this stock is like dropping, I'm sending him messages right here. When the stockers crashing, I'm confident, this is gonna be at least 150 K trade, but going the wrong strike. He didn't listen to me. He bought some 90 fives, right? Who cares later, he jumped out of them, turns out anyway, but I'm like, I'm giving you these strikes for a reason. Look right here, send them a I'm giving you these strikes for these guys.

When you trade with me, sometimes we're gonna go in the money. Sometimes we're gonna go at the money. Sometimes we're gonna go out the money. The reason I was going outta the money, because I had everything calculated. If it was gonna break above 1 0 5, it had high probability should another 20 points at list. Okay? So, and that's the strike that once it was gonna move past that strike, it had a high probability of acceleration to the moon. And that was the cheapest strike. Based on how much you put in the trade. It was the cheapest priced auction in relation to the game that was still somewhat close to the current trading price at the time, which was about 89 bucks. So he didn't listen on the strike. It completely jumped out right before. Y'all know what happened. I mean, y'all know what happened, right? Y'all right.

Be so he jumps out right here, right before this happens. And again, I'm not gonna try to claim that we got out right here, uh, with the entire position. I mean, we started selling right here. I mean, the stock was up at one point 30% right here from where we were getting in. I mean, it's reasonable to start collecting some gains. So I send a message. Hey, sell some, if you have a small position, sell the whole thing. I mean, if you got a big position, like a few hundred contracts, I mean start selling some, uh, we actually had a profitable trade right here. When it shot up here made the triple top. You can't really see too well on this chart. Had a good, good trade on the foot size. You know? I mean, this was a beautiful trade guys. We've studied the charts.

We've stayed with the trade and we got paid. Now some of you guys maybe were getting in a little too late if you were new on Friday. So Friday trading wasn't as good, right? Because it shoots up, this is the time to collect some gains and immediately it reverses. And the whole day is just basically side trends, right. Friday right here. So when it goes sideways, the options are gonna decay very tough environment at that point to make the money. But we saw the trade right here. We saw the trade before anybody else talked about it on any other freaking channel we told you to get in N GMA calls while the price was actually dropping. We're three bucks off, off the lows of the day when we actually pulled the trigger on the trade. All right. So the guy disappears. All right. And, and this is, he admits, this is the real, um, we took a trade on CRMT.

It was an earning display and he was all completely just, I mean, he couldn't deal with it. Uh, the loss on that trade was big. It was about 10 20 K. So he went from like 40 K down to maybe, uh, 20 K, just because of that trade. But I'm telling him if you would've taken the zoom calls. When I told him to initially not only this CRMT, uh, loss, would've been wiped out, but he would've been highly profitable. There would be no losses. He would've forgotten about the CRMT, but see you not sit and dwell. Oh my God, I just lost 10 20 grand in this trade. Oh, I don't know what's gonna be next. Uh, I need to fuck focus. Alright. I just gave you a trade that would've covered all of these fucking bullshit losses. 10 20 K. All right. If you can't handle the 10 20 K loss guys, if it's wearing you out emotionally, all you cannot trade. You should not be trading.

So he basically ends up, didn't buy the 95 zoom calls, which were like 13 bucks in the money. Uh, 48 hours later, uh, you know, I'm, I'm seeing the guy has a trade, right? He, you know, he says he never chickened out, but he what happened really? He's never taken the trade. Um, and he's saying, I'm doing my best here. Like it's day after day trade after trade, the guys keeps missing entries. He doesn't get filled in trades. He fills with a delay. All right. He falls goes to lunch, falls asleep. Like the truth is if he didn't go to lunch that day. And if he didn't fall asleep the next day on Tesla, he would've made 800 K. So instead of maybe wiring $200,000 out of his account that you've seen this dude, would've been wiring like six, 700,000 out. Okay. So at this point I'm fed up with a guy I'm like, dude, get yourself together. I said, focus, dammit. Like he can't keep doing this sort of shit. Okay. He keeps not taking trade modifying strikes. Uh, he keeps trading this bullshit supply demand zones. Okay. You can't like, listen, there is a reason, okay. You borrow $200,000 from your mom. It's because trade and supply and demand zones don't make you any fucking money. That's the only explanation why you go to your mom and you borrow $200,000.

And yeah, this guy, I mean, like if I was to insert every, uh, little piece, a screenshot here, guys would be sitting here for hours. But the point is, uh, he was 12 hours away from home run trade and his emotions. The fact he, he just couldn't take, seen his account in the red as a Navy seal. You gotta be able to endure pain or you will never get to greatness. You will never finish your six months program. All right. So here's the reason he quits. That's what he explains. Like, well, at least I'm not stressed out. Oh, the amount of stress you put me through Leo. Oh, I would rather earn a bit then to get stressed out by you. Well, that's all I have to say to him right here. Okay.

Find your balls before you sign up to trade with 13 market moves. Alright. Now this is the sort of guy, even though he made pretty big money for a trader, uh, just on the second day alone, he missed on a million dollar trade. Um, in, in the fulling couple of days, uh, he still finished highly profitable. More than any other program would've made you in a year or two or three years, we've done it in four days with this guy completely fucking up, going to lunch, falling asleep, not taking certain trades, changing strikes, um, missing, good fills and so on. And this is the guy that portrayed himself as a rockstar. Oh guys, you wanna be the rockstar of trading. Okay. You show it by your actions. All right. Don't end up being this guy like this guy. It's probably gonna go post a bunch of reviews.

Is he gonna tell the whole story? Of course not. Of course not. He's not gonna say how he fucking fell asleep. And he went and fucked off and had lunch and he didn't follow exactly all the instructions. Okay. He's not gonna say any of this. So next time you see some bullshit review of us or something, guys, think twice there is a lot that's going on. And the reality is okay, you're not seeing the whole side of the story because a guy like this, he will never admit the truth. A guy like this, he'll never admit the truth that he emotionally fell apart. So guys have some news for you. If you think trade in is not gonna be stressful. You are a hundred percent wrong. If you think trade in weekly options is not gonna challenge you emotionally to the max. You are 100% wrong.

If you think that you cannot handle stress, multitasking and being on point and focus 100% of the time, you should not trade. You should not sign up with 13 market moves. Okay? As a matter of fact, you shouldn't even be in the fucking stock market. If you want something, that's stress free, go work at McDonald's okay. Go fucking be a yoga instructor. Uh, you know, do something that has like zero stress do find something and be a fucking politician. I don't give a shit. All I know is this shit ain't for you. If you can't handle stress. So before you sign up, think twice, if this is really for you, okay? If you don't have the Navy seal, trade in mentality, don't bother showing up. Now, if you admit like, Hey, I need some help. All right, I'm willing to listen. I'm gonna be coachable.

I will execute. Uh, you know, I'll study all the courses, right? This guy bought the courses, turns out. I don't have to, like, he didn't even study them. Like I'm telling the guy to focus on this movie. He's like, uh, Ooh, I like guys, if this shit was easy, everybody would be doing it. There is a great amount of work to be done on your side. If you want to succeed in this endeavor. And there's still gonna be days when you do everything perfect, you calculate everything right. And you could still be in the red. If you can't handle it. This is not for you. I'll summarize a couple of things all overall. I mean, this is how pathetic this is, right? The guy actually gets, I get him into the trade right here. And this is what he misses out in the next 48 hours.

This is how you miss out on a million dollar trade that was delivered to you on a silver platter PLA. So don't be that guy locate your balls. If you wanna make money with 13 market moves or don't bother showing up, there's a few pointers. I'm just gonna leave you with, for those of you that are serious about being the Navy seal of trading options. Okay? Number one, make sure you locate your balls. If you're not emotionally strong depth, strong trading with a coach can help you get strong, but you gotta be willing to be coachable. You gotta be willing to do things. You gotta be willing to endure the pain. You gotta be able to goof through all of it. And don't think just trading in one day automatically is gonna fix all your issues. Or you just should not sign up unless you're willing to commit for six to 12 months.

Okay. Don't overthink trades. Okay. Focus on fast execution. In other words, when we're a trading, don't be sending me a hundred message. Oh, why this? Why that I'll answer the questions after the market closed. Okay. Let's focus on execution. Let's get you in this trades. Let's get you at 98 cents before you think and send me questions and all this kind of shit questioning. Oh, calls puts all that shit. Oh, now the same trade is a 2 58 now I'm taking some guys out at 5.5 on a 500% trade now to get the same percentage you need this option value to go to, you know, 11, 12 bucks. Huge difference. Okay. Li and fast execution matters. So follow the strategy 100% of the time, right? So when he did follow the strategy, 100% of the time, what happened to him on, on Friday, uh, may the 20th, he was able to wire out 257,000.

Okay. What happened when he didn't follow the strategy? And he jumped out of the trade on the 24th of May. Well, he missed out on the million dollar trade in the fallen 48 hours. Now don't panic. When the trade goes against you. As a matter of fact, you should expect that the trade will go against you. I mean, what trade at high volatile instruments, the trading and weekly options. Guys, the values will change rapidly. Okay. Don't trade with the money. Okay. You cannot afford to lose. All right. If you can't afford to lose $2,000 in the stock market, fucking don't be in the stock market. Go find something else to do, go an open a business, go, go do something. Besides the stock market stock market is gonna be one of the most riskiest things you will pursue. And especially if you trading options. Okay? So if you ain't cut out, if you can't par with a 2000, okay, don't fucking do it.

All right. Learn to recognize your emotional responses and use them to your advantage. So if you are working with me over a lengthy amount of time, I'm gonna help you. This I'm gonna help you recognize the way your emotions are telling you what to do in order to be profitable. And once you get that skill guys, once you get that skill, dis Skye is the limit. It doesn't mean you're gonna get every trained ride, but you will persevere the pain and you will be in the position to beat the market. Now here's some things to help you avoid losing money. Number one, emotions will kill your trading account. That's a fact he wanted to jump out on the bounce each and every time. Okay. You cannot be jumping out on bounces when you trading in put options. All right. So emotions will kill your trading account.

Uh, change in mind based on P and L. Oh my God. I'm down 31,000. I can't take this shit no more. It will result in the loss 100% of your time. So basically you're down. Let's say we're trading puts you're down 31. K uh, you change your mind. You go into calls. Oh shit. I mean that's and then the market may be bounces 10 20 points, and then it drops 60. Okay. That's done. Your account is done. Okay. You cannot do these sort of things. So change your mind based on your P and L based on what is it doing? Remember multiple messages from him. Oh, yikes. My account is down. Oh, yikes. I'm down 31. K. Oh, yikes. I'm down 20, whatever. Right? It's he's focusing on the wrong shit. Don't be focusing on your P and L focus on the move in order to focus on the move first, you gotta understand what the hell the move is.

What move are we trading? What are the components of the move? What are the timeframes of the move? You gotta understand this. So focus on the charts and the move instead of the P and L, if you don't do that, guys, it's gonna result in a loss, changing your mind based on today's price section. Oh my God. You open your, uh, account and all your positions are read because the market bounced on weak volume, 20, 30 points. And you're saying, oh my God, I'm going into calls now. Well, shit, top lock. And it tough luck in the next two hours, the market is down a hundred points. What are you gonna do? You've lost money on puts, which would've made you a killing, but now you also lost money on calls, which is now worthless. Okay? So can't, you cannot be changing your mind based on today's price section or especially the price section in the beginning of the day.

It doesn't tell you exactly what's gonna happen through the rest of the day. But by understanding 13 market moves, you actually have a chance to figure it out. Precisely, especially on certain days, you're not gonna be able to do it on every day. Not following your strategy. 100% of the time will result in a fucking loss. Okay? But what's more important in this particular case. And in a lot of other cases that you will never hear about because this guys will never actually admit what the fuck happened. They're just gonna bitch. And wh in this case, it wasn't just the loss for this guy, but it was an opportunity to go from a guy who borrows $200,000 from his mom to be in a millionaire. We've just trading four or five days with 13 market moves. See when he stayed with the strategy, 100% of the time when he was down on May 19th, he stayed with the strategy.

Uh, 100% on Friday, he ended up wiring 257,000 out. Now, when he didn't stay with the strategy on May 24th, not only did he lose money, but he also missed the opportunity cost. The opportunity cost was huge. The opportunity cost was valued at a million dollars on the positions I gave this guy. So I invite you not to be the guy. I invite you to address the skeleton in the closet. If you have some emotional challenges, when you trade, they need to be addressed. The faster you address the emotional challenges of trading, the faster your account is gonna start growing. I promise you that. So in order to do that, sign [email protected]. So you can beat the market with me with another 13 market moves coach here in the next 30 days. Guys, Navy seal mentality is what's required. Many will try. Few will make it. Do you think you have what it takes? Talk to [email protected]. Schedule a call with a coach today. Let's roll. I'll see you in the next video soon.


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