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Nov 23, 2020

Hey traders. This is Jay. I am a new gold club member at the 13 market moves trading with the senior trader, Chris and, uh, today is 18th, November.

It's about a week and a half from the election date. And though the markets have been super, super volatile. I'm happy to share two of my praise with you today. So the first trade was on particular, Y Y and this particular trade was an earning strategy that initiated yesterday at seven 30, we had bought right around seven 30.

We bought about 29 puts and sold those putts to her today at 11 and 3:00 PM, uh, 11 at 6:00 PM Pacific standard time. The initial investment and Austrade, was just $1,855. And it yielded an 800% profit and turn into 1500 grand, right? Almost $14,800. Um, a super, super sweet trade, uh, highly profitable. So they said that this wasn't an earnings play.

We entered into this, right, right around this time, over here, um, and saw, you know, saw some profits, but then, you know, quickly vanished as, uh, as the day progress. So bit of a painful period. Uh, Chris was right there and keeping me levelheaded, uh, staying strong with the trade until today, the market open. And then, uh, the trade showed profit right out, uh, out of the bad. And then it was trading sideways.

Again, Chris was, uh, uh, was there, you know, keeping me strong with the trade and Hill. Um, it's dropped like a falling star and yielded, uh, these nice, nice profits for me. So, um, all in all, um, great trader added, uh, added about 15 grand to my total, um, uh, for the account, the second, uh, trade was on spy, and this was a bit of a different strategy. This was basically, uh, adding quick.

This was a day trader and adding a quick liquidity to, uh, to my account. Um, that said it was a 330% trade. My initial investment, uh, in this trade was four $2,900 actually. And, um, that turned into pretty much, uh, $9,800.

So about 337% profit. Uh, again, a very awesome grade. The beauty of this particular trade was the timing of the end, the execution. So we entered the trade right around this time. Um, we saw some, uh, some losses in the beginning, but then the trade came through as expected, um, beautifully and resulted into, um, great, great profits.

So all in all, as I said, my account is now up $31,592. I started off at about 12,000 hours, so right around $19,000 in, just in just one day. So I'm quite happy. I wanted to thank Chris for, um, for his, uh, continued guidance and, you know, helping me through this process.

And two 13 market moves team for having put in place this whole system, um, the 13 market moves that worked so, so well, um, uh, for me, so, um, you know, uh, you know, looking forward to these kinds of trades, uh, in future and, uh, let's roll.


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