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Nov 30, 2020

Hi, my name is Clement and, I started trading with the 13 market moves, this week, specifically with Chris. And, uh, it has been an amazing experience, especially on Wednesday. I got a message from Chris around 9:29 AM and, uh, it was to buy calls for 2K and I went ahead and bought the MRNA calls for $2,000.

And, later on he sent me a message and said that, not to sell it Wednesday, but to hold onto it. And at that point it was around at this point it was going for around $105.

And, when this morning, we woke up and looked at it. It had jumped up from 105 to like 115 and it kept going higher and higher.

And at some point, Chris asked me to sell 50% of the trade. I went ahead and sold and then, uh, went ahead again and, sold when the time was complete for the treat and, having put in $2,000, I ended up with 850% profits. And so pretty much I had a $15,000 in that trade.

Thank you so much, Chris.

Thank you, Mike.

Thank you. Leo and 13 market moves.

This thing works.

And if you're listening to this, you may need to subscribe because it is one of the best investments I've ever made.

Thank you so much.


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