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New Trader $3k to $26.2k details his first week of 13marketmoves daytrading

Nov 30, 2020

Hey, uh, Hey, what's up trader sound filming this on November 27, 2020. Um, after going through a rough year trading and, basically just executing the wrong strategies. Um, I decided, uh, some weeks ago, to give a shot to my, uh, 13 market moves guys and, um, schedule my 20 minute coaching call, went through all the courses and decided to join that whole members club.

This is my first week trading with them. very fortunate, for me to have my coach, Chris, that, he guided me through all the trades this week. please take a look at the Emma Renee position as well as the last four digits on the account. So you can see that it remains the same throughout the video. Um, this is real, this ain't no fake news. Uh, my friends is ain't no fake news.

So, um, just bear with me while I change the tabs. Um, look, this is my conversation starting this past Wednesday with my coach, Chris AKA, the lion. He alerted me at 10:29 AM on those MRNs one 10 calls instructing me to, um, invest $2,000 in it. Um, at the end of the day, I had acquired 40 contracts of those calls with a total investment of around $3,000. As you can see here, the end of the profit was $4,200. You can see the last four digits of the account, which are the same two green trades and one on the red side. Um, if you want to check the, uh, power of, uh, 13 market formula, hold them tight because I'm going to show them to you. Here we go. Um, that is, this conversation is today started, um, at eight 47. Thanks for my coach, Chris and emphasizing the exit levels.

Okay. And then at nine 33, I get an alert. Um, you'll sell 50% of the position. Um, and here we go, my friends, this was my PNL after selling half of the as you can see it here, $21,000, my friend, beautiful profit only on those $3,000 as an investment. Um, so let's see what comes up next.

This is just an amazing, amazing trade. The profit margin is it's, it's crazy the final result, and I just get it as a good, welcome gift. Um, this is, um, the order of just selling the rest of the position at nine 43. Look at that total profit, my friends, 27,485 on dose $3,000 as investment, my friends. Um, this is the last, the last screenshot that I took. If you can see the last four digits, which remained the same, the MRNA, um, profit and loss only had one small loss, but that's okay.

You know, you cannot compare this number to the green numbers. So, um, just a beautiful trade. When my coach Chris, he was there all the way with me. And if you want to grow your account exponentially, just don't be shy and call these guys, uh, to schedule your 20 minute coaching call and start grading like a rock star. So the next video, my friends see around happy trading.


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